Hey guys, I’m Emile AKA Space Elephant
one of your community developers in the For Honor team I got the opportunity to discuss with
Jason Vanderberghe our creative director right after E3 about the process of
announcing something, he and the team here at Ubisoft Montreal
have been cooking up for a long time. Check it out. How are you Jason ?
I’m ready to chill out. It’s been a long day but it’s been amazing seeing
everyone playing the game. Oh my god !
Oh yeah and my first question was actually : How does it feel to reveal, to unveil your new baby, to the world. It’s astounding. I think, it’s the word I would use It has been… So in the moments
before the reveal in the weeks coming up to it, right ! we knew we had
something good but we just didn’t know how people would respond to it,
right. And so… you know… Turn on the switch announce the game and the response when we came out on stage when we did
that presentation was just astonishing. The way that people were screaming and really show their appreciation and then on the floor at E3 we just had you know… group after group after group were
coming out with big smiles on their face telling us about how they had a great time, how they totally get it.
It was easy to learn but it still got a lot to depth. So that’s turn into this… It’s really, right, it’s really like “Oh good, it’s working
it’s working” but really it’s the outreach from the fans
it’s been so amazing that it’s that relief is moving up into as I say its astonishment
I can’t believe it’s going this well A more personal question…
Oh god, that was pretty personal already man! They’re all personal.
Oh god!
What were you thinking before entering the stage at the Ubisoft media briefing Oh man! At this stage, “don’t screw up my lines, don’t screw up my lines, don’t screw up my lines,” Uh, Terror! I think it’s really that
Was it some kind of relief for you and for the team When we came down after the stage show everybody was so excited. We were, we were hooting and
hollering and on the stage the show was still going on out there and we were
just like Yes! Yes! Because it went really well, right? And we had done all these rehearsals and we knew our stuff really well but when the crowd was there, and you know when I walked out and people were
screaming about and you know applauding after the trailer and then when I said “Bring a friend
with you” and the team came out on stage and everyone saw that it was going to be
a live demo with the team game and monster shit. Right? And then all the
appreciation and the applause it was just overwhelming it was just
amazing I guess the team at Ubisoft Montreal was
very proud at that moment and… I haven’t been back there to see it right So I’m hoping that they’re still, you know,
alive and well back there but when I logged into my email that night
and took a look at it there was just this
huge list is you know people who are “wooh, good job” everyone was so excited then
they took those those amazing team pictures, right? Those around me and I
need to get those from you because I want wanna put my facebook wall that was incredible and everyone is so
enthusiastic I know that we are so relieved that the
the fans have really embrace the game and getting you know, people seem to
really understand what this game is about and everyone is talking about how excited about it
So yeah, there is a huge relief also it’s just a kind of amazement that this is happening. They were in the middle of this and we know it’s not over. And how long does the team at Ubisoft Montreal has been working on this project It’s a couple of years now… it’s been a… It’s been a while actually.
The team started out very small we sorted out with twelve people and twenty people
working on this tiny little in you know this and iterating and iterating and iterating you know they grew to seventy and bigger
and bigger Really our focus at whole time
was always just an iteration and fighting that core gameplay right? As a conclusion any final word for our community in our future
community members to come ? I gotta tell you honestly it’s just great
to finally be talking to you guys that’s, thats the thing that I’ve
been wanting to talk about this game and to show what we’ve been doing for so long and the way that these ideas have seemed to caught everyone’s
imagination and how excited everyone is We got a lot more coming, we got
a lot more we will be showing you in this game in the months to come right so welcome welcome to For Honor if you haven’t registered the
website forhonorgame.com and go there and do it because we want you to be in our among first to play the game and thank you so much for all the warm responses we’ve gotten from you and from
all your feedback all the feedback that we know you’re gonna get are you going to give us the in the future so we’re really looking forward to this journey taking this journey
with you guys so stay tuned we’ll see on the Internet