Bouldering is a specific discipline in the world of rock climbing Usually it’s done on a lot smaller holds typically more gymnastics-style movement The big difference between this and what you’ll see out on TV or YouTube or anything like that is there are absolutely no ropes involved but we do have nice big pads at the bottom of the 16 foot wall to mitigate any type of possible injury I’m Mark Warchol I’m the manager at Transcend Bouldering Lounge and try to make sure people are being safe and having an awesome time There’s absolutely no experience necessary to start climbing bouldering especially is probably the best way to see if you enjoy it because there’s minimal equipment involved So the first time there’s a little onboarding process we have them jump on our orientation video it lets them know everything about the gym and then I’m going to be here to answer any questions if anybody has any at the end of the video We get you sized up for climbing shoes and then turn you loose on the gym A lot of gyms I’ve been to around the country tend to be a little intimidating for people that are brand new to it You know just getting off the ground even on a ladder is something uncomfortable for people to do let alone trying to physically exert yourself on something that may be very difficult and then you have the added element of maybe doing it in front of other people and then there’s some self conciousness involved there but we try to make people feel as welcome as possible make sure they understand what’s going on Our number 1 concern is that people are safe but after that we want to make sure people are having a good time We’re trying to make a community of people that are psyched on climbing and try and have as much fun as we can