Hi, I am Omran. Welcome to Urdu Academy Jakarta in this lesson, we will learn general food items in Urdu language let’s start the lesson Bread is=Roti
This type of bread mostly use in India and Pakistan, made with wheat flour and can easily cook at home Bread is=Roti or Chapati
(both same but ” Roti” is more common) Bread=Bread
This kind of bread has same name in Urdu and Hindi language next we have tea Tea is=chaay Tea is very famous in Pakistan and India, mostly people take tea in Breakfast and several times a day Tea is ” Chaay” Milk=Doodh
(both ” D” are soft like in Arabic language) Oil is=Tail
with soft sound of ” T” like in Arabic and Spanish Language Meat is=Gosht
say ” Ghost” and add “Sh” sound in the last with ending it soft “T” sound like in Spanish or Arabic language Butter is=makhan
say ” Ma” and then “kha” and finish it with “n” sound” Cheese is=paneer
say “Pa” and then “Neer” (like as “Nir” but with long sound) Grain is=Anaaj
say “Aan” and then ” Naaj” Curry is=Saalan
“Saalan” is very famous in India and Pakistan, people eat wheat bread with “Saalan”. Pickle is=Achar
pickle is another famous food item in both countries (India and Pakistan). people use pickle in their daily routine life specially in lunch Ice is ” Braf” Syrup is ” Sharbat”
the common drinks or traditional drinks in Pakistan and India are called ” Sharbat” Sorry for wrong spelling of Syrup (x-Syurpx) Water is=Paani Do you want to Learn More?
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