What’s going on in Adam here. This
is a what’s going on Riverside. Food blog number three? We’re at the Rain cross pub and kitchen
like I call it the old Romanos down in downtown Riverside. Check out what we think of this
place and we’ll do more of these [inaudible] So it’s used to be Romanos and then
the owner of Romanos has a location in Mission Grove, Canyon Crest and then one in Redlands
and they opened this place and then like maybe like six months ago they switched
it to rain cross club. Same owner, same everything. They changed,
the ah, they changed it. They changed the owner of it.
So this place used to be called. And it used to be, ahhhh what
was it called as a hot dog bar? Hot dog restaurant. And they
serve hot dogs. That’s it. And that place never worked
out cause the services so slow, it was always packed and you’d come in
but you’d wait 45 minutes and then the fryer would break. Like it was just poor
service. Poor service, poor manager. But dude, it was like, where can
you go get like a bad ass hot dog? Like it was so good idea. Like
you had to craziest hotdog. I was like really upset that place lost. [inaudible] Just got done having the rain cross
burger with Todd actually really good. Never had the burger. I always get the grilled cheese but a
really impressive the chipotle sauce on the side and not that spicy. I
wish were a little bit hotter, but tots are always solid.
Burger was really good. Actually have the barbecue sauce
on my onion rings I’m a fan of it. I’ll probably come back and get and have
that. Oh yeah. The pizza was delicious. The tots were really good and it
surprised me coz the pizza is $10 I got full, it was delicious Yo One to
ten on the pizza. 1 to 10 on the pizza? Probably got 9. 9 Really?
Wow that’s a first. Tots, tots here versus the
tots here or tots on Fire Oh really? Why can you
crispier? Yeah. Yeah. They are crispy like the tot’s
on fire or like they offer they, they seem to like break apart. Yeah.
These are like crispy. Yeah, like these. I think these are just pride. Yeah. Let me get Dalton gamma. Cool. I got the salad. Lame. That’s
good. Tots good. That’s a little, well, I contradicted my diet toss
and I give it a good lunch. That’s a good looking beard.
Do some work. We should. We should work. Yeah. Turn
that down a little bit.