Hey guys! Welcome to my FMA in Santorini 🙂 We are in the really wonderful Grace Hotel We have just arrived and honestly we can hardly believe we’re here because it’s so extremely heavenly here We have arrived and it’s a bit windy here Besides that, everything is so incredibly beautiful For instance they provides us with a fruit platter, which of course is really awesome for people like myself also a bit Champagne, which is not really my thing but still, everything is just perfect As you can see, we even have an own whirlpool Honestly, I would’ve never believed something like this existed and at the moment there is this stunning sunset in Santorini I’m showing you that as well now In moments like this you can just thank God how beautiful the world is It’s really unbelieveable, as you can see: such a panorama and then such a stunning sunset You really gotta pinch yourself 😛 We have just gotten back from breakfast and we are feeling a bit full, because breakfast was so great We had different courses with pancakes, greek yogurt and so forth It was super yummy, and now we are planning to go hiking in a bit But before that I wanted to show you our room we have a whirlpool by ourselves which is really unbelievable for us We’ve never experienced something like that And the interior is also really beautiful And I’m showing you that now, so just come along When you enter the room you see this beautiful bed They have even embroidered our initials into the pillows… have a look! Super cute And here is a rock wall at one side, which is quite cool because you there’s always a bit shade And still it is really bright in this room, which is awesome And now I’m going to show you something really awesome, what I would like to have in my own apartment or house later A rainfall shower So just come along First of all a big mirror over here And now this amazing thing A walkin rainfall shower And what’s also awesome is the view that you have showering here You really need to see this And now we’re off hiking and of course I will take you along… so see you in a bit! So lovelies, now we had a great breakfast and are feeling strong enough to go hiking for a bit Over there you can see a castle… well you cannot see it that well but it was a castle back in the days And there is also a great hiking trail so we now just wanna explore Santorini a bit so just follow me Here you can see a really gorgeous panorama I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now because it’s like a dream here And we also just experinced live how a guy proposed to a girl It was really cute: he kneeled down before her and asked her whether she wanted to be his wife But I believe with such a panorama it could hardly be any more beautiful so just have a look around Now we’ve almost reached the top It was quite a tough hike… it will probably be even worse when we have to hike back 😛 But… this view and this panorama make it definitely worth it It really is priceless Now we’ve reached the top And… this view really is beyond words You really gotta have a look at it Over there there is also a big cruise ship with many people on board And we have peace here There is no one here, it is quite hot so we are probably the only crazy ones that hiked up here 😛 But it was definitely worth it I also believe it’s great to stay active on vacation And I’m also going to show you our gym later, which is also super great But hiking a bit in free nature is just perfect You really need to take advantage of that So lovelies, now we are in this beautiful and really famous infinity pool I believe I’ve seen thousand pics or so on Instagram And this was one of the reasons why I’ve always dreamed about this hotel, because I’ve seen this gorgeous pool And I can’t really believe it that I’m swimming in it right now And there is no one else here so I can just enjoy this stunning view So enjoy it too 😀 Have a look at this panorama or this beautiful small café with an absolutely gorgeous ocean view this is really… incredibly beautiful Unfortunately today is already our last day in wonderful Santorini We are a bit sad because we had such a wonderful time here But I hope you enjoyed watching our little FMA And like always: I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback and many thumbs up 🙂 See you soon! Your Madeleine ♡