>>Today we’re going to test 4802, the high-foam
expansion system. Today’s test consists of: the foam will mix with the water, it will
go through the generators and it will dissipate through the floor. It has to cover under the
wing, within 60 seconds, about 90%, and then it has to get up to 3 feet of the hangar within 4 minutes.>>Pull! [alarm beeping] [fire alarm buzzing] [foam/water falling] [background conversation]>>We’re good!>>The high-expansion foam system, it would be for a fairly rare scenario, some sort of large
fuel leak from an aircraft, and it ignited in fire. The test was a success, it was a
pass, they hit criteria for both of the time marks that we were looking for. We’re still
waiting for the readings on the foam concentrate levels, they will test the concentration of
the foam to make sure that we had proper mixing, but it looks like, based on the foam, that
that won’t be a problem. So, it was a successful test today. [foam dripping]>>Pretty good, huh?