In 2008, Frank Theriault
bought the Freaki Tiki bar,
letting longtime friend,
Shawn Trimpe
invest in exchange for a
2.5% stake in the business.
Me and Frank,
we used to work in a
nightclub together. Shawn and I thought
we could do it better. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. Well,
I’m the majority owner.Combined, we’ve have an access
over $500,000 invested.
Welcome to Freaki Tiki.
It’s like “Cheers.” At first,
it was very exciting.We were
the talk of the town.
It was the hot spot.
We grossed over
one million dollars during
our fifth year. Narrator:
With so much sudden success…
– Here you go.
– Thank you.Narrator:
…Frank and Shawn brought on
friend Woody Krueger
to manage the bar.The bartenders
were making great money. Everything
was going positive. –( glasses breaking )
– ( all cheering ) Narrator:
High on their own success,
the owners started
joining in on the party
to keep
their loyal customers happy.
( man yelling )
– Woody:Frank, he’s moreworried about
being friends with people. – ( all cheering )
– Let’s get freaki at the Tiki! You’re drinking that beer
and not paying for it. We’re losing the three bucks
that we should be making on it. Can you buy them
a couple shots?Take care of ’em,
take good care of ’em.
Shawn has a lack
of professionalism. Can I say the word
“pussy” on TV? I’d come in here to open up,there’d be
broken beer bottles
whipped cream on the bar
from him bringing
some skanks in here
after hours,
and that kind of thing. Which you’re not
supposed to do, legality-wise. I’ve heard
some customer complaints as far as Shawn not giving full attention
to the non-attractive females. – I’ve never heard that once.
– Don’t take it personally. – Well, I don’t believe it.
– ( clears throat ) Narrator:
With the bar being treated
like a frat house,
maintenance fell
by the wayside.
Our kitchen
is MacGyver-rigged. Our pipes are
being held together
by duct tape. We didn’t have
a hood system,so we couldn’t have a fryer
inside the kitchen.
Our drains in the sink
just leak out. Narrator:
And soon, the bar
was in such disrepair
that no amount of free booze
could keep the customers
from calling it quits
on the Freaki Tiki.
All three toilets overflow
and make a river
out the door. I mean, it happens
two to three times a week. And then it bubbles up
from right here. This thing,
next thing, you know,
water, sewage.There’s not
enough of you here.
That’s the problem.
That’s why
we’re in a pickle. Narrator:
Now, with the business losing
$6,500 a month,
and in the hole $500,000,Frank is struggling
to dig himself out.
I maxed out credit cards,
lost my savings.What would hurt
the most is my family
being in trouble.
We’d have to file
for bankruptcy. There’s no way
that I can recover from it. It would be devastating. ( clears throat )
I’m sorry. Narrator:
In a desperate attempt
to save the business,
Frank, Shawn, and Woody
have agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”
( theme music playing )