– Hey Sharers, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, I’m Grace, and today we’re about to do a sister versus bro lava challenge. So let’s go find Stephen
and tell him what we’re about to do today, woo! (knocking) Room service! Room service! – I did not order any food. Oh, hey Grace.
– Hey Steve. – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? Grace, I’m ready for the
floor is lava challenge, come on in. – You’re ready? – Yeah, check out my hotel room, it’s a lot bigger than yours. – [Grace] Whoa, yeah, yours
is a lot bigger than mine. – Let’s check it out, I’ve
started like laying some of those cushions out that we can do, to jump from like place to
place, and check it out Grace, we also, come over here, have this. We also have a balcony we can use. How cool is that? – Oh, whoah! Let’s get this floor is
lava challenge started. Steve, what’s level one? – Level one Grace, flip!
– Whoa! – Okay Grace, and this is my hotel room, I’m gonna start first,
I’ll pick up three items, this cushion, this chair,
and then this pillow thing. – [Grace] Whoa. – You’ve got to touch this
window here, when you say go, I’m gonna start, I have
to make it all the way to the door over there. – [Grace] Okay, and you’ll be timed. – Okay, you ready? – [Grace] I’m ready. Level one, the floor is
lava, in three, two, one, go! – Go go go, I’m going to
throw this way over here. – [Grace] Oh, ooh, okay!
Not bad. – I’ll throw this one right here. – [Grace] ‘Kay. – Then all I have to do is
get on this chair, push off, – [Grace] Whoa.
Don’t touch the ground! – Make it all the way to here. – [Grace] Okay. – Oh I gotta make it over there. – [Grace] Okay, the time is ticking! – Here we go, three, two, one, jump. – [Grace] Oh, you did it! – I did it. – [Grace] Nice.
– Oh yeah Okay Sharers, not bad, not bad. – [Grace] Not bad. – Did it pretty quick
with only three items. Um Grace, you’re up next. – Oh boy, I hope I can get it across, and I hope I can get
across faster than you. – [Stephen] Okay Grace,
grab your three items. – Okay three items, three items. Uh, oh I’ll just get
this blanket, number one. – [Stephen] Grace, that’s a towel. – Uh okay, this towel number one. – [Stephen] Okay. – Let me think, let me
think, I need two more items. – Grace you can do anything in the room, anything in the room, just grab any– – Okay, I’ve got this cushion,
and a, this, this basket. – [Stephen] That’s a trash can. – Oh yuck, not that. I’ll grab this tin, cover food thing. – [Stephen] Oh Grace, that
covered up my room service from earlier. – Oopsie, well I’ve got it now! – [Stephen] Okay. Well, Sharers let’s go
ahead and clear the way, my chair will be out of the way, this pillow out of the way. This pillow out of the way. Oh, and by the way Sharers,
all glass is off limits. You never want to step
on glass, very dangerous, never do that at home. Okay Grace, all the stuff
is cleared out of the way. Now, it’s your turn to do
the floor is lava challenge. – Okay, get the countdown going! – [Stephen] All right,
level one, here we go. In three, two, one, go. – First, lay the towel as far as I can. – [Stephen] Okay. – Perfect! – [Stephen] Oh. – Okay, now I just need to jump, and leap! Okay, so far so good. – [Stephen] Okay. – Now, let me just get
that a little farther to get a little more inches in. – [Stephen] All right,
you’ve got to go quick, that lava is hot. – You’re right, quick. Put that down. – [Stephen] Okay– – Oh no, that was a little far. – [Stephen] Uh oh, you’ve
got to put that there. Step on that tray, food service tray, and. – Touched it!
Whoa! – [Stephen] Whoa! – Oh yeah!
I made it. – Okay, level one was
complete, Stephen versus Grace, and I think the winner of that
one was clearly me, Grace. – What?! – You were a little slow that time. – Okay, well I’ve got
it next time, Sharers. I can do it now. – Okay, so now its time
for round number two of the floor is lava. That was level one, make it
from one side of the room to the other grid, now it’s
gonna get a little bit longer. We have to make it from
this side of the room all the way to that side of the room. – Oh, boy, okay. And you have to start out with a flip. – Perfect. I think I can do that. Oh, and Grace, you still
only get three items to make it all the way across. – Three items, but the length is longer! – Length is longer, but
the level gets harder, so good luck Grace. Let’s see who goes first,
rock paper scissors. Ready? (in unison) Rock paper scissors shoot! – Best out of three. (in unison) Rock paper scissors shoot! – Uh oh. – Uh oh, one more time. (in unison) Rock paper scissors shoot! – Oh my gosh! I know your pattern. – Maybe we do a twin
telepathy challenge, Grace. – Maybe. – Sharers, if we should do
the twin telepathy challenge, comment down below. Okay Grace, hurry hurry.
Ready? The next person that wins– – I already know what
you are about to say. – Okay, you ready? (in unison) Rock paper scissors shoot! – Ah, I won! Okay Sharers, that means
I’m first this time, level two, floor is lava. Three items to make it
from one side of the room all the way to the other. Grace, let’s do this–
– With a flip. – With a flip. Oh and also Grace, for level two, um.. – [Grace] Wait wait wait,
you can’t move the couches, only the cushions. – Right, so the couch has to stay put, couches have to stay where
they originally were, you can only move the
cushions and stuff like that. – Okay, yeah. We’re leaving the couches,
and bed and like furniture where they are, we’ll make
it a little bit harder, but it will make it way more fun. – Okay, for my items,
first item is going to be the room service tray,
I’m gonna use this chair, I like the chair a lot. Maybe we have something in here, oh you know what Grace? – [Grace] What? – Then I’m gonna use… – [Grace] Snacks?
You’ll squish them. – Yeah. I’m going to use the snack tray. – [Grace] ‘Kay. – Boom, using the snack tray, this room service plate and the chair. These are my three items. – [Grace] Okay. – All right, I’m ready
to start this thing. – [Grace] Okay, get your flip on. – Okay, you ready? – Floor is lava challenge,
level two, with a flip, let’s do it. – Okay you ready? – [Grace] Ready! – Count me down Grace. – [Grace] Three, two, one. – Go! – [Grace] Oh my.
Okay. – Here we go. – [Grace] Shay, time is ticking. Starting with the chair? – One, go! – [Grace] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – I’m going with the chair,
then I put the plate down. – [Grace] Plate down, that was loud. – Turn the chair around. – [Grace] Okay, what did your foot hit? Okay, no you’re good. – Put that down here. – [Grace] Okay, one more
basket, that’s your last item! – And boom! – [Grace] Made it. – I did it, easy as pie.
Whoa, whoa! – [Grace] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Okay, well I made that one
Grace, now it’s your turn. Oh, what are your three items Grace? – Okay, three items. Oh, I’ve got an idea. – [Stephen] Magazine. – Okay. One, two, and three. That’s my three items. – [Stephen] That’s it, three magazines? – That’s all. – Uh, okay, lets see if
Grace can make it across with three items, they’re all
the same, they’re magazines. Okay. Good luck Grace, let me clear the level. Grace, we’re ready to go. Level number two, you ready? – ‘Cause the first problem, I
don’t know how to do a flip. – [Stephen] Uh, uh-oh,
you better learn quick. ‘Kay, floor is lava, level
two, here we go Grace in thee, two, one, go. Flip, whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa!
Whoa, that was close. – Okay, I’m good. – [Stephen] Okay. – I’ve got the hard part done, the flip. – [Stephen] Okay. Magazine one. – First magazine. – [Stephen] Oh you’re not gonna make it, there’s no way you’re gonna make it. I don’t think Grace is going to make it. – Second magazine. – [Stephen] Uh oh. – I’m ice-skating! – [Stephen] Grace! (shrieks) – [Stephen] Careful, careful! – Whoa, whoa! – [Stephen] Uh oh, whoa
whoa whoa, careful! Whoa, Grace, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Uh oh! – [Stephen] You better make it back up, you better make it back up. – Okay, got to make it back up. – [Stephen] Will you make it? Quick quick quick! Uh oh, uh oh. You’re slipping. Gotta reach it. – Got it!
Got it, I did it. – [Stephen] Okay okay, not bad, not bad. – That was awesome. – Whoa, okay Grace, not bad, not bad. You made it across in 42 seconds, I made it across in 31 seconds, so I still beat you that round, but we have one more level
left, and that’s level three. And level three is the most intense level, so whoever wins level three, wins it all. Yeah. Okay, so Grace, level three,
explain the Sharers what it is. – So Sharers, for level
three we’re starting outside, then we have to come inside,
and all the way to the door. With only three items, but
you can use the furniture, but the furniture has to stay in place. The spot where we’re starting
outside will be tricky. All the way over there in the corner. So we have to go from
the corner all the way down the hallway, back inside,
through the living room, all the way to the door. But first, before we get
started, rock paper scissors to see who goes first. – Okay, you ready? – Ready. (in unison) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (in unison) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Oh best of three, best of three. (in unison) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (in unison) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Uh oh. – Uh oh, one more. – One more. (in unison) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Oh I am going first this time! – Grace is going first,
okay Grace, you’re up first. – Okay, let me get outside. – [Stephen] Wait, you have
to grab your three items. – My three items. Oh this is tricky because, there’s such a long path
and only three items? – [Stephen] Yeah. – I am going to do cushion? – [Stephen] Okay? – Big cushion because
this is a lot of space. Magazine. – [Stephen] Okay. – Oh, and a chair. – [Stephen] Okay.
– Okay – [Stephen] Not bad. – I’m going to put the chair right here. – [Stephen] Okay. – And then the cushion right here. And then the magazine right there. – [Stephen] Okay. – I’ve got to start back here. – Okay sure, level three
actually looks pretty hard. I don’t know if this can be done, but we’re about to find out. Okay Grace, you ready for this? – Yeah, let me get off the lava. – [Stephen] Okay you ready? – Hand is on the wall, I’m ready. – [Stephen] Level three
floor is lava begin in three, two one, go! Okay, go go go. – I am going fast this time
because that’s why I lost. – [Stephen] And go. – Chair, chair, chair. – [Stephen] Okay and, – Chair. – [Stephen] Okay, okay, that works. – Okay. – [Stephen] Be careful, be careful. Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay. Chair. – Now the magazine. – [Stephen] Okay. Uh be
careful Grace, okay, okay. – Oh, got it. – [Stephen] You got it,
okay okay okay Grace got it. Now, now what? – Now I am going to jump
to the bed, hopefully. – [Stephen] Okay, good luck. You ready? Three, two, one, jump. Go go go go go, and go! Oh whoa, nice! Okay, Grace made it in. Sharers, Grace made it inside,
you made it inside, okay. – Okay.
Now the chair. – [Stephen] You ready?
Now the chair. Okay, use your chair to your benefit. Let’s see if you can slide
all the way across the room. Ready? – First I’ll put myself
on it and then push. – [Stephen] And go. Okay okay. – Now the cushions. – [Stephen] Make it to the cushions. Okay. Now will you make it to the door? You can’t use the other cushion though. – I know. – [Stephen] Uh oh. – Ready? – [Stephen] Yeah. Moment of truth, will Grace make it, only one way to find out, here we go! Three, two, one, go! – Got it! – [Stephen] Oh nice, you did it! – Oh yeah, I did it! That was hard. – Yeah, Sharers that
actually was really hard. Grace, that was awesome. – Yeah, hopefully I won. – Now I’ve got to go, Okay, wish me luck. – Okay, pick your three items. – Okay, for my three
items I am going to use the room service tray, I’m
going to use this pillow and then I am going to use… the towel. – [Grace] Oh, okay. – Okay, let’ see. I’m gonna put the towel right like this. – [Grace] ‘kay. – Okay, then– – [Grace] Like a little bridge. – Yeah, then I’m going to
put this pillow right here. – [Grace] Okay. – Boom, boom and then I’m going to use this
tray and put it right, um, right like that. – [Grace] Okay. – Okay. Let’s do this Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Ready! – Ready for level three. – [Grace] Okay, go all the way back there. – Ready to start this? – Sharers, this is the ultimate test, because if Stephen wins, he will be the Lava
Challenge Sisversus Bro, Hotel Edition Challenge winner. – Oh yeah Grace let’s do this, you ready? – [Grace] Yeah! – Okay. – [Grace] Put your hand on the wall. – Hand on the wall. – [Grace] Okay, off the lava?
Okay? – Off the lava, here we go. – Final round, in three, two, one, go! – Okay, go go go. – [Grace] Okay. – Going to the chair just like this. – [Grace] No flip. – Okay, over here just like this. – [Grace] Okay. – One, two, three. – [Grace] Okay. So far, so good. – Oh gosh, okay, right here. On the hotel tray just like that. – [Grace] ‘Kay. – And just gotta make the leap. Okay, here we go.
You ready Grace? – [Grace] The leap for what? – The leap to the bed. – [Grace] Okay, you’re going to the bed? – Sharers wish me luck! Okay, here we go in three, two, one, go. – [Grace] Oh oh oh, you made it! – I made it, okay. Now I’m going to jump onto here. – [Grace] Okay.
The couch. – Onto this couch– – [Grace] The next couch. Okay. – Now I’ve got to make it onto this towel. Ready Grace? Three, two, one, go. – [Grace] Okay. – Finish this towel I– – [Grace] All you have to do
is beat my time and you’ll win. – Okay, no promises, I’ve got
to make the leap over here. Three, two, one, go. – [Grace] Whoa, whoa whoa. Oh, oh oh! – Oh no. – [Grace] Oh no!
Oh no. – You need to replay that Grace. I might have slipped and fell before I made it to the door. – [Grace] I think so. Sharers, did Stephen’s foot hit the lava? When you replay that and comment
down below what you think. – Uh whoa whoa, oh, oh! Well Grace, I think I made it. It was close, but I’m
pretty sure I made it. – Nu uh, there sure is
comments down below that I won! – Grace, I think I won that. Sharers, I’m pretty sure
that I won all three rounds. – No no no no no, I won the
last one and I’m the champion. – Well Sharers, what do you think? Comment #Stephen if you think I won. – Wait no, comment Grace
if you think I won. Well Stephen, there is
only one way to find out and that’s for you Sharers
to figure out who won and comment that down below, and whoever got the most
comments is the winner. So Sharers, it’s up to
you to tell who won, and until next time, you know what to do. (in unison) Stay awesome
and share the love, peace! Whoa! ♪ Share the love ♪ ♪ Share the love ♪