(upbeat electronic music) – If you’re wanting to get into cycling, then you may be wondering what
kind of bike you should get and what is gonna best suit your needs. In particular, a drop
bar bike like I’m riding or a flat bar bike like
James has got there. – So in this video, we are
gonna go through the differences between the two, and we’re
also gonna go through some experiments so you can
make an informed decision about which one to get. – Yeah, so to do this we’ve got two bikes from our partner Orbea. They’re both nice Vector models. And the first thing we’re gonna highlight is the difference in position
between a drop bar bike and a flat bar bike. So to do this, we’re
gonna do some extremely high-tech special effects
to show you the difference in position. As you can see the flat bar bike puts you in a more upright position. And this can be more
comfortable for beginners, because it requires less flexibility. It can also be more conducive
to riding with a backpack. The drop bar bike allows
you to get longer and lower at the front, and this
is more aerodynamic, meaning that you should
be able to go faster for the same amount of effort. It does require more flexibility though, but it also helps lower
your center of gravity to help cornering. – Right, so we’re gonna do it, mate. (upbeat electronic music) – The drop bar offers three
different hand positions. The hoods, the drops, and the tops. – So most riders spend most of their time on the hoods, but the drops
are used for getting more low and more aerodynamic. And it’s also good for
sprinting and descending as your hands feel more secure
and tend not to bounce out. Whereas the tops, I use as a
kind of change of hand position as it can be more
comfortable and more upright. – To assess the relative
merits of the two bar types, we’ve devised some incredibly high-tech and sophisticated experiments. – We have. – Right, experiment one. (mellow beats electronic music) So for this experiment we’re going to try and asses the difference in aerodynamics, and therefore speed, you can
travel for the same effort on the two different handlebar types. To do this, we’re gonna ride down this two kilometer section
of road as fast as we can on both bikes and then we’ll see which one we did it in the quickest timing. So… – Sounds like a good experiment, mate. I reckon let’s do it. – Let’s do it. (both make whooshing sound) – Here we go. – Three, two, one. Go!
– (grunts) Yeah! (upbeat rock music) – 2K’s a lot longer than I thought! Already I can feel… Much wider, much less aero! All I wanna do is get low! – Three… Two… One. (upbeat rock music) Yeah, it was fine, yeah. (both laughing) How about you? – I mean all efforts
are hard, aren’t they? – Yeah. – But what did you find the position? How did you find the bike? – Yeah, I mean this has got
a four centimeter bar on it. And I can get nice and aero and narrow. – I struggled, I… My body was just telling me
just to try and get lower. Going quick didn’t feel
nice to be quite honest. Let me try that bike and– – Yeah, let’s swap. – See how we get on. – Let’s swap. – Go! (bike whooshing) (upbeat rock music) – Straightaway, feels more
comfortable at high speeds. Can get in this low, narrow,
aerodynamic position. (upbeat rock music) (grunts) – Oh, God! Yeah I got the results here on my phone. So I did the drop bar bike
in two minutes, 49 seconds, an average speed of 43 kilometers an hour. – That’s not bad. – Your drop bar run. – Ah, you’ve beaten me. (laughs) – You did it in 2:41 with an
average 45 kilometers an hour. – Alright mate, that’s good. – And then on the flat
bar bike, I did that in three minutes, 10. So about 20 seconds slower almost. – Yeah. – And that was an average
of 37 kilometers an hour. You did it in 3:04, which was an average of 39 kilometers an hour. So you’ve beaten me again,
quite like 6 seconds. – Okay. – But that’s ’cause I held you up at the– – I think, yeah, I think that starting– – Yeah, that’s why. That’s definitely why. – But as you can see from the results, that the drop bar was definitely
fastest for both of us. But that’s to be expected as the drop bar allows the user to be in a much more lower and more aerodynamic position. But going fast might not
be the priority for you, but if it is, then drop bar’s the winner. – The drop bar’s the winner. (mellow beats electronic music) The drop bar bike’s great,
because the three different hand positions are for
really awesome versatility. So if you’re thinking
about doing longer rides or perhaps even your first sport eve, then if your wrists, hands or arms start to get a little bit
tired, you can get relief and comfortable again by just
changing your hand position. – It’s funny you say
that, because the flat bar does only offer one hand position. But it’s actually really
good for kind of short, more urban rides. It’s because it’s kind of shorter, wider, so it’s kind of more comfortable,
and it’s more stable. So it’s really good for
weaving in and out of traffic. So it’s pretty good for
nimble riding, really. – Yeah, do you know what, right? I think we need to do another experiment to assess the nimble
steering of the flat bar versus the drop bar. – Ollie, I think that’s
a really good idea. I think we should call
it the agility challenge. – Yeah, the agility test. It’s like crufts on bikes. (dog barks) – [Man On Bike] Yikes. – Experiment two. (mellow beats electronic music) Experiment two is the agility test. So me and James are
both gonna ride at speed through this slalom of cones. And fitted to each cone is a high-tech and highly sophisticated
hit detection mechanism. (chicken squawks) We really have spared no expense in creating this experiment. (mellow beats electronic music) We’re both gonna ride
through the slalom course, round that mini roundabout,
and back through. So the start and finish is here. We’re gonna time each
other on both of the bikes, and the fastest time is the winner. But you incur a five-second
penalty for every egg, or I mean hit detection
device, that you hit. (huffs) Right. – Let’s get on with it. – I’ll time you. You ready to go? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Flat bar bike, James. Three… Two– – I’m nervous. – One… Go! – Right, I’m clipped in. Should’ve taken it slow. Little slow. Through, I’m through. Round the roundabout. Oh no, off balance! There we go. (grunts and pants) – Ooh, clean run. 17 seconds. – So now it’s Ollie’s turn. He’s adopted the drop bar bike. You all ready, Ollie? – Yeah. – Alright, four… Three… Two… One, go! (mellow beats electronic music) 14, 15, 16, 17… 18. Oh, egg down! Oh, he missed that one! (laughs) And stop! With a time of 22 seconds. – James up now on the drop bars. Give you a countdown.
– I’m ready. – Three, two–
– Yeah! – One.
– Yeah! – Go! And go! – Oh no, he’s not clipped in. Oh! (grunts) Oh, oh, oh! (laughs) (mellow beats electronic music) Oh, I’ve lost a few eggs there. So it’s made it a little easier. Ouch! – Get in, get in the gate! – Oh, hit that one as well. – Right, 20 seconds of time penalties. So 43 seconds. – Go! (bike clicking) (laughs) Nice! Oh, oh! (gasps and laughs) (mellow beats electronic music) Through the first corner. Through it, nice and clean. Nice little balance there
through the tight one, like through, and he stops
in a time of 23 seconds. – I think next time I
have to race through eggs I’m gonna go flat bar. – Yeah, there you have it. Agility challenge, done. – Completed it, mate. (mellow beats electronic music) So now time for experiment three. – Finally, we’re gonna look at stability and the balance of each bike. Now this is actually how NASA tests bikes. It’s that accurate. – Seriously accurate. – So we’re gonna try, on these beams, to ride across them without falling off. – That’s right the Wooden Beams of Death. (person yelping) (playful instrumental music) (exclaiming) (laughing) (deep laughter) – He’s over it cleanly now
where the difficult bit, lining up the bike. – Oh! (grunts) – Oh! (grunting) No! Just bails on that second beam. One more try, mate. Here we go, last up. The first beam, done. Cleanly. (groaning) – Lousy Williams up next
on the wide flat bar bike. (bike clicking) – Oh! (beep) – Failed it! Tough, man. It’s tough. (laughing) (drum roll) – Oh!
(audience cheering) – Oh man, that was… – That was hard.
– Yeah? – I was rubbish. – All that’s proven to me so
far is that my bike handling needs some work.
(laughs) So now, we’ve swapped bikes,
and we are going to… I mean you’re gonna have
a go on the flat bar, and I’m gonna have a go on the drop bar. – Yeah, hopefully that’ll be easier than what I just did. (laughing) – Well, let’s see how you get on. Do you want to go first? – No. (playful instrumental music) – Right, he’s over the first beam. It’s the second one
that’s the difficult one. He’s balancing the bike,
tryin’ to straighten up for the second beam. (Ollie sighs) (James sighs deeply) Second attempt, over the
first beam nice and easy, on to the difficult part. (playful instrumental music) Last attempt, over the first beam, straighten out the bike. He’s going quick! Oh, so close! Right, now it’s my turn to
have a go on the drop bar. – Yeah. – Not really looking forward to this one. – Good. – Let’s see how we get on. (playful instrumental music) (audience talking and cheering) – He’s up the first beam. (audience cheering and exclaiming) (Ollie exclaiming) – How do you feel? – I think it’s pretty
clear that we could both, especially myself, work on
our bike handling skills a bit more. But even so, I wasn’t able to
complete the beams properly. Definitely was more
stable on the flat bar. And I’m not just sayin’ that. It was, I’ve definitely found that easier. – And I mean, I completed it
just about on my third run on the flat bar, and on that… It was very difficult. So.. – I managed to shin myself
on the pedal as well. – Yeah, so definitely– (laughing) If you’re getting a bike
for weaving through traffic then this is definitely the bike for you. – Or if you want a bike to ride over beams then you’ve got a choice
between either this bike and this bike, and
they’re your only options then that one’s better. (mellow beats electronic music) There you have it. Our experiments are complete. – Yes, but it is worth factoring in that if you are coming from
a mountain bike background then the flat bar might
seem a lot more familiar. Don’t you think? – Yeah, yeah, and also some
people can be intimidated by the look of a drop
bar bike, but we’d say absolutely don’t be
intimidated by the look of it. If you fancy of getting one, get one. And the other thing we should stress is that there’s no right
or wrong answer here. We’re not saying one’s
better than the other. Both are great. They’re just different, and
they have different advantages and disadvantages. – And that’s it. So if you have enjoyed this video, then please give us a thumbs up. And if you have got some
friends that are new to cycling, then why don’t you share it with them? – Yeah, and if you’re looking
for another video to watch, then why not click here for a video on how to use clip-less pedals.