Hey, thanks for joining us once again in the
RAM Enterprises shop. We are going to take a look at the beginning stages of what you
do when you have had a little vandalism in your restaurant. Somebody’s cut up one of
your seat covers. Easiest way, pull the seat out and get it up on top of the table. Turn
it upside down so you can measure it. Stretch it all the way across the other end and get
your measurement. You got the length of your cover, we are going to measure the width,
or the depth of the end panel. You can see on this one, we are getting it pushed tight,
nice into the frame and we are 18 1/2 inches deep on the end panel. The next step, is you
want to measure the height of the end panel. That’s the third measurement that we will
need. If you have the cover sitting like this on the table you don’t want to measure from
the seam down, you want to actually measure it from the table all the way down. That will
make sure you have plenty of material. And this one, we are going to call that 8 inches.
So once you have those three measurements, go to RAMseatcovers.com. Click on the Do-it-Yourself
page and choose your seat style from the options shown. Then fill in the fields using your
measurements. Follow the easy to use steps to order your new seat covers. Thanks for
joining us today at RAMseatcovers.com.