This depot of the Flemish transport company has been abandoned since 2016 because there was too little space at this location to expand. The infrastructure on this site is also outdated and it would cost more to renew this than the cost of a new depot. Exactly what will happen to this location is not clear, but I suspect that this part of the industrial park is waiting for a total renovation. Almost all companies in this part give a deserted impression and have a sign of a building permit in the front yard. Welcome to this wonderful day, finally the weather gods have answered our prayers. We are here today for a deserted depot of city buses. This is obviously a top location for our friend Tommy the bus driver. We are only 2 out of step today, Kurt had a birthday party and Tatti had to work. The window is just open, so we will take a look inside. The workplace! What do I hear here? What do I hear? We are looking for the beep! Could not that be from a bird? That is not a bird. Is that coming here, or is that coming out of the hall? That comes from the right. You see, that does not come from here! Trust me, it comes from here. There are 2 and this is now going to beep. Fire alarms! The fire alarm in this old boiler room. These were warehouses for products. Such as oil and petrol and all the dangerous products they use in a garage. It is fortunately no alarm, only the battery of the smoke alarm that is empty. Then we can explore further with confidence. It is similar to what they use at work. This bridge can be rolled over the entire length. There is a hydraulic pump that could lift the cans to replace a wheel. those snakes that you see here were used to collect exhaust fumes. Guns with oil are hanging from the ceiling. Do you still work? If he can jump and climb. Can we get into the offices? The door has ever been there. We will see if we can get into the offices. What’s in there? Is the door open? I was going to do that smoothly, but that did not work out. I will turn on the light for a moment. What is this? A part of a bus? Text and explanation! Here you push the right button to choose the bus number and line. That is for the display that hangs above the windshield. Yes, it’s true where the bus goes. Fortunately, we brought along an experienced guide. Gel to disinfect the hands. Here were probably the documents from the garage. Furthermore, there is little to see here, so we will only go outside again. That went a bit easier. On to the office buildings. We are going to see if we can enter the office buildings. Would that be locked, or would it be climbing? Here it is locked, but we do not even know if we can enter, we first go around. The stabilizer does not get through here, but I have crawled through that small hole here. There is still something to see here. The washing line of the buses. Now we are going to try to get out again. This depot was inaugurated in August sometime in the 80s. So that has been here for some time. We will not enter the offices, It was fun to see and Tommy will see that too. Where is he? He’s in the woods. There is a window open on it .. Then you still have to do something broken and we will not do that. We do not do that. Look at this! That is a badge reader for security, so it is checked here. We have come to the depot and we have seen them. There is a lot of noise from the highway here. Constant murmur! We have seen it here and we go to the next location, we see you in the next movie. I will use a little bit of blur until the next one.