Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen well Finally here the philippines manila and i’m starving because I got it yesterday afternoon And I haven’t ate anything since because I wasn’t my first bites of food in the Philippines to be traditional Filipino dishes And I’ll be honest with you guys. I really don’t know much about Filipino food I’ve maybe ate at one single Filipino restaurant in my whole life But with over 7,000 islands of indigenous cooking influences from Malaysia, China and Spain I think I’m gonna like what I find here anyway before I came here I asked you guys to give me suggestions on where to go. What dishes to try so today I’m going on a traditional Filipino food tour My first stop is a restaurant called manam a lot of you guys told me to come here. I’m gonna go get myself some laing and crispy Sisig First thing let’s start out with some drinks This is the mango sago And the ube sago, the sago are all this little transparent pearls you see on the bottom here And the mango one looks like has some grape fruit on top That’s refreshing, oh this is blissful. I just closed my eyes I feel like I’m sucking Paradise through a straw right now mango flavor is so nice pearls beautifully gentle and the flavor changes from top to bottom On top is more icy and then you get to the bottom. It’s more creamy this is fantastic drink All my food is here. I’ve been waiting for this bite for a long time. Let’s start off with a soup this is. This is called Sinigang na baboy is a traditional soup with Tamarind I can see it has eggplants spinach lots of huge chunks of pork look at the pork on this bad boy, beautiful succulent And I mean succulent pork Wow this this thing is so soft it probably cries at home our commercials Mmm. That’s gonna Parker you up a little bit and although you know There’s a lot of oil here the beautiful tamarind flavor supersedes all of it, and this is really interesting This is a sigarillas it’s it’s a winged bean as a native Filipino vegetable This thing even though it’s been boiled in this soup it still retains a lot of the crunch I’m so looking forward to my first bite at this pork oh That’s fatty goodness check out this piece. This is the piece I was kind of playing with take some pork green beans little wingbean little crunch little fat The genius of this it’s the perfect balance of sour and fat, it’s like a perfect balance It’s like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in a bowl because the soup is so sour We need something fatty a substantial to balance that out. Enter these beautiful pieces of melting pork and all the crunchy vegetables and the eggplant they’re almost like backup singers just Harmonizes everything fantastic starts to my Filipino food experience next up. I gotta I gotta get my hands on this This is a very popular Filipino. Dish. It’s one of the dishes. I actually tried it in, New York This is a Sisig And Sisig is comprised of like the face of the pig so yeah the face of the pig is sitting on my plate Right now it also has some pork liver and on top is chicharrón Or crispy pork skin as well as fried garlic and they said to put some calamansi on there some chilies and soy sauce oh Man like six seeds pop out of this to you You are a really overachiever aren’t you take a nice big fork full look at that hello Philippines! Oh my God, did you guys hear that massive crunch you are so amazing as a must-have if you’re ever in the Philippines I’m still like mind blown by this dish right now I’m gonna try a little bit on the side where it doesn’t have any of the Condiments. Just try as is There’s so much crispy pork skin in here. It’s just like little bits of pork crackers and as soon as you bite them They deliver that musically delicious crunch And it just renders so much delicious or fat in Your mouth and the flavor of this dish goes beyond just a fatty element you also get a deliciously subtle organy flavor It’s not bad guys organy sometimes have a bad connotation to it That’s not here because there is the liver element in this so you get that nice creamy organ a flavor on top of the crunch On top of the garlic and by adding a little citrus. It’s like seeing your dream Girl in a wedding gown on a day you’re getting married it Just it’s you. You’re just filled with so much complicated emotion, but you know it’s all good That’s just a symphony in my mouth full arm Symphony can’t say enough About how good this is this is another traditional Filipino dish the Laing there’s a lot of variations of this sometimes it securely Vegetarian I think mine has that pork belly in there that makes me happy, but one thing is always consistent with this dish is There’s always three essential ingredients coconut milk dried taro leaf and chilies There’s already coconut mixed into the cooking process of this dish, and there’s also the coconut cream on top So I’m just gonna give this a nice mix Oh Yeah, ooo you need to eat that with some rice mmm the overpowering element of this dish is for sure the Taro leaf I mean that flavor is just so explosive. I’m gonna get another pie here with some rice This is a great dish with rice. It’s perfect the leaves They’re slightly slightly bitter, but so so aromatic the coconut flavor. I wasn’t able to really detect until Until umm I’ve been chewing this dish in my mouth a little bit because when you first take a bite the taro Leaves kick you in the face And then as you chew everything everything’s just kind of settles down it becomes more and more smooth than the coconutty flavors start coming out And at the end we’re just left with this blissful fragrance that just suits you all over This is definitely one of the most unique dishes. I’ve had in terms of flavor, but I can already tell I’m gonna miss this especially when I’m eating rice because this is seriously a great rice companion. alright well I guess I’m gonna start eating because after this there’s more food coming up Whoa What did I just order look at this crispy pata Thank you, all right the Filipino feast continues And I am at Gerry’s grill for a lot of grilled stuff and some fried stuff and well just a lot of stuff in General this I’ve been dying to try ever since I stepped off the plane. This is crispy pata It’s a whole pigs feet I have this love obsession with pigs feet and pork knuckles in anything that the pigs used to run with this dish is similar in Spices and their refrigerator overnight and then deep-fried the next day till it is perfectly Crispy on the outside look at this guys. That’s all crispy skin on the outside right here This is my favorite part of a pig’s feet see all that cartilage and tendon this Besides the skin it’s probably gonna be my favorite bites. Well. I want to try a piece of this crispy skin right now Deliciousness in my mouth music to my ear so this piece right here that Is just so fatty and chewy I think knowing on the pigs knuckle is like half the fun of eating this thing nice You gotta be very detail in this because there are a lot of good eating in like every little space of the bones here You got to get to all of it Every little bite, is crunchy. I’m biting some of the skin There’s gelatinous there’s some biting into the cartilage and tendon, and is it ever pork in delicious despite This is gonna be a really good bite right here I’m gonna remove all the bones here if I can and then just dip all that into my sauce Oh Yeah, that’s satisfying a little vinegar a little soy really helps to balance all the fat, that’s on this knuckle It’s all good the closer the meat and tendon that’s to the bone the more flavorful it is I gotta get myself into the like a piece of this lean meat right over here Every pipe the porky flavor is so immense I love switching between The gelatinous side and the lean side of the pork the texture is so incredibly different all right this piece here look at that. Oh Got some lean meat. Got some crispy skin I mean heating this is kinda like eating the biggest guilty pleasure in the world, but once you do You’re gonna pay for it look at all the fat right below the skin look at that oh Oh, that’s gonna be good As much as I would love to keep digging into this I gotta set it aside for the For the sake of other food. That’s on this table. I gotta jump into this look at this beautiful creature This is a fried Pla-Pla and this fish like thrives and really hot humid environments And it grows very quickly and this whole thing is just. look at it. It’s filleted It’s fried with the scales all on the outside as well. Oh. Oh my god. You just tear off a piece here look at this flaky white flesh Looks like some garlic pepper inside The meat is Flaky its seasoned really nicely on the outside is that getting just the freshest fish chip this I think I’m gonna love see this that layer of meat. That’s right above the ribs look at this This is awesome. I love the dipping sauce I feel like anything fried we need some vinegar And I love how you guys in the Philippines used so much vinegar I’m feeling right at home here because of our shared love of vinegar and also I think I think it rains a lot here Yeah This is their best seller here Inihaw na pusit, and I love the fact that I could hunt Frankenstein with the fork gave me its char grilled squid with some like, looks like pickled Morning Glory a little sweet A lot of smoky flavor from the grill this might be the best thing I got here today I mean, I love the pork. I love the fish, but the flavor of the squid It’s sweet, but not overwhelmingly so and I just love the smoke That’s filling up my mouth as I’m chewing this thing and holy cow this pickle veggie hmm wow that’s clever I think this part. I think this is gonna be a lot more tender No, oh, man Yeah, this is my favorite dish here mm-hmm one more thing. I have no idea with this dish I saw on the menu it look cool Because I like any foods that’s kind of wrapped up in a mystery package. This rice is wrapped in banana leaf whoo that smells great Just want to keep smelling you It’s something else you should only say to food in that to somebody you’re on a date with okay I also love performing surgery on my food check this out. Oh That’s beautiful hands again That’s smell fantastic all that great banana leaf aroma it just steeped into the rice the rice It’s not sticky rice look at the pork fat. Oohhh see all that break apart forged just crumpled It is so much pork in here by the way. I’m keeping this fork I mean all fork should be this big because it is you know we’ll just get more food this way Best thing here, hands down Best thing I ate at this restaurant incredible doesn’t even begin to describe this thing fantastic adobo flavor throughout This is actually my first taste of anything adobo in this country The pork, just completly bliss erasing your mouth. It’s so freakin fragrant Not only from the umami of the soy sauce but the banana leaf is a stroke of genius Just beautiful aroma is just everywhere in the rice And every time you chew, it releases more and more until just begging for mercy and the pork Thats is here the fatty parts like I said this withers down to a heavenly mist that engulfs all the other ingredients that that that’s that’s working its magic inside your mouth and We just don’t want the sensation to stop. I got more food coming up after this. I don’t even care You meet the food love of your life. You just know it you know I’m saying let me know if I’m crazy how many of you guys have tried this dish and love it as much as I do right now I just Can’t stop smelling it okay. You know what I don’t I don’t want you guys to see me like this So I’ll see you the next place, okay Oh Thanks a lot of rice my Filipino food tour Continues at Cafe Via Mare. this is a really popular place people go for traditional Filipino food And I’m super shot up with this interesting appetizer This is called Tokwa’t Baboy and it’s crispy fried tofu right now I can see that the tofu skin is fry beautifully crunchy and also it has pig ears in it all in a bed of soy sauce and vinegar Again, I love the liberal use of vinegar in this country one of my favorite ingredients I’m gonna try just a piece of the tofu that hasn’t touched the sauce Wow even without the sauce here, This tofu is excellent Outside it’s fried perfectly inside beautifully tender, and it has already a lot of flavor, but the ones soaked in the sauce I’m gonna give that a few squeezes so that the tofu can soak up all that delicious sauce The tofu like I’ve mentioned on its own has already superb I just love the dual texture on here and when you just squeeze it inside the sauce it soaks that up so nicely and Pig ear that’s one of my favorite foods because I love the fattiness of it And I love the crunchiness of it so really got a bunch of different textures here a bunch of different flavors Another nice porky flavor the beautiful soy sauce and vinegar flavor that soak into the tofu the multitude texture of the tofu and they put garlic and onions on top absolute fantastic next up and this is basically the national dish of the Philippines adobo and in this case chicken and pork adobo In my understanding Adobo is kinda like a mix of vinegar soy sauce in a way It’s stewed and this thing comes with a side of tomatoes and eggs. That’s interesting one of my favorite dishes ever to go with rice a Little saltier did I like I wish there was more on tomatoes in here, but the eggs are done superbly I just smooth and luxurious. It looks like it’s fried on the outside got a nice crunchy outer shell at the inside It’s just a beautiful mix of wing meat and fat looks like also. It’s slightly battered I felt like I just Truly had a taste of the Philippine not exaggerating even a little bit in the sauce. How could you see rice in the sauce? And that’s chicken Like a perfectly fried piece of chicken lightly battered But again the winner for me is the sauce I feel like you can put this sauce on broccoli it’ll taste good I gotta say though I do like the adobo pork much better than the chicken I feel like with this vinegary sauce it just goes so much better with something. That’s fatty I could eat that all day long all day long all night long then the next day for breakfast Hands down one of the best pork dishes. I’ve ever had this is another treat This is called stuffed milk fish basically they told me the way they make this is they have to take the meat out of The fish without disturbing the skin then they cook the fish meat with some veggies and and stuff it back into the fish That’s some culinary surgery right there Wow you don’t need a knife for this you see the minced fish meat I see some raisins some peas The flavor is really interesting It’s a little sweet little Spicy again a little vinegary the fish meat is a little dry almost like a fish Meatloaf if that makes sense they have a little tomato sauce that you’re supposed to dip it with yeah You’ve got a year with the sauce the sauce provides that moisture that I feel like this dish really needs. I like it it’s really interesting the way they prepare it, but I just keep thinking about that port you know, it’s Can’t get out of my mind. All right. I’ve had a lot of food so far today finally I got to move on to some dessert. This is called a puto bumbong It’s made with ube and purple yam sitting on a banana leaf, and I think that’s some coconut shavings right here Oh look at that. This is a sticky rice dessert. I did some sugar Very sticky very chewy very mochi ish and on its own There’s no sweet flavor to it at all. That’s why the coconut and the sugar is I feel like this is really vital because Go with it this dish becomes transformative, and this is definitely something I love to wow I don’t taste a lot of that ube flavor. I feel like here. It’s just more about the texture Well that texture is off so out of all the dishes I had today the savory ones definitely love the crispy tofu and then pork and the adobo I think these two are my absolute favorites and for a guy who’s really never had any contact with Filipino cuisine except for once in New York City in my whole life these meals so far has just been a revelation Personally what I’m feeling right now is that Filipino cuisine is one of the most underrated One of most unique delicious vinegary cuisines in the world and guys. I am so happy to be here eating this This is getting me so excited for the rest of my trip here all the places I go to in these videos are mostly your suggestions So thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction on where to go and what to eat of course all the places I went to is listed in my description box below. Thank you all so much for watching this video. I’ll see you later