Hey guys, I’m at JFK airport on my way to Taiwan finally my Mecca of food Usually when I fly I’ll buy the cheapest ticket imaginable … like I’ll do two layovers just to save ten bucks But I always wanted to see it was like to fly first-class at least once in my life and after much self convincing, I finally pulled the trigger so on my trip to Taiwan I’m actually flying first-class with Korean airlines So far the experience has been pretty nice, didn’t have to wait to check in at the counter The counter person even offered to wrap my luggage with that saran-wrap looking thing which I don’t really think it does much good. I mean just some layers of thin plastic What does that really do for you? So now I’m on my way to the lounge to check that out and of course I didn’t eat anything for a good portion of the day Because I’m expecting good food in there This looks just pretty normal just a regular lounge doesn’t look that impressive. I’m still searching for my food This one might be it. Cool coffeemaker — although, I don’t drink coffee. Oh look at this bunch of Shin noodle. Ah sunchips! Oooooh ~~ Milano cookies, I love those! Some Oreos Some Newtons … Oh look at that! Little cold cut sandwiches! [Disappointedly] Those do not look that appetizing … fruit … eh. Ah, some pastries — that looks good and I guess this must be the good stuff … um I don’t know because I actually don’t drink. Oooh Cheese is in the refrigerator. Let’s see what kind of cheese ah I’m not very knowledgeable about cheese either, but I’ll take some of that. This is so stupid — I’m looking through a first class lounge’s bathroom. Oh cool alright. You get a lot of space In case you need to do your business here, and there’s some kind of spray for you in case you need it. You know You know what’s kind of disappointing is that you figure the first-class lounge you’re gonna get some work space or some more plugs? And where’s the plugs? I mean there’s no outlets I didn’t see this before but here are some beers and check this out — this is really interesting Huh! Water in a pudding cup. And some sort of — I like this This is a good rice drink *chuckles* “first-class meal.” some sun ships, a uh roast beef sandwiches and two cup noodles and an awesome Korean rice drink You know what? I’m gonna get some cheese. Alright — for some reason I was kind of expecting like steaks and lobster, but that wasn’t the case and Guess cup noodles would have to do but I got two of them. So I’m starving and my first class experience so far I’ve got to say the lounges … you know, it was a typical lounge if you’ve ever been to an airport lounge they really don’t have any outlets the table check this out is Made out of glass, so I need to do some work, and my mouse is not going to work on this The only workstation, I see is here That’s like two kindergarten workstations, and they shame you by somehow putting these two things in the corner It’s kinda like getting a timeout over here. We can’t really go wrong with Shin Ramyun, I mean the stuff is good You know what this case like? This tastes like I spent a lot of money on airplane tickets and all I got was a cup of Ramen noodle. Time has come to try this pudding snack water. I mean, maybe this is really common and I’m just stupid, but I actually never drink water out of this little plastic pudding cup before Alright… Tastes like water … So I was really looking forward to having a good meal here. I didn’t know what to expect and so far it’s just ramen noodles and cold sandwiches. I’m hoping that on the flight I could get some better food. Alright, so now I’m gonna go look for a work space to do some work, and then I’ll see you guys when I actually get on the plane This is my little seat TV All these windows to myself, and there’s the chair and there’s a closet here for my jacket and bag They just brought over some goodies, these headsets … Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed … I don’t get to keep these so … “Removing these from the aircraft strictly prohibited.” Bose headsets. A little amenity kit … This should be fun, and a little spray bottle for my face. This controls my seat I guess and this is little storage space Looks like a little PSP looking thing here. Oh cool Yeah, I could definitely get used to this. I asked for my usual seltzer water, and they brought over like this fancy can thing. Let’s see what’s in here [Whistles] We got some Hand and body cream. I mean I’m not familiar with this kind of stuff, so I don’t know if this is a good brand or not probably is “Davi Napa.” Sounds fancy We got some aftershave lotion Oh cool, lip balm I kinda need that because after aspen(?) my lips are completely chapped Cooling eye gel … I’m not sure what this is and I’m not really sure how to use it… but… good to have Face cream, interesting A little eye mask, I never used this because I don’t like things on my face when I’m sleeping Alright this is really cool. All right It looks like a pretty nice toothbrush and probably the cutest little tube of toothpaste you have ever seen. And a really small shoe horn. You know this is really nice this bag I think I can use this just for like future travels now. This bag is really nice. I mean has slots for everything it’s a nice looking bag. They’ve brought over pajamas so yeah I’m going to change into these because yeah, why not. Let’s look inside this little booklet here. This is it, jackpot This is a menu of the food items they have here, which I’m glad I did not eat that much in the lounge so supper here Look at that. That’s my supper menu. Tuna loin tartare with chive and seared scallops. I don’t like eating anything raw. Main course: Korean bibimbap roasted cod fillet with herb cumbles served with dill cream sauce, mashed sweet pumpkin and vegetables. Sounds ok. Shrimp dumpling noodle soup Seasonal fresh fruit, bread selection, alright Omija punch, I don’t know what that is Refreshments: ramen with side dishes, fresh cookie. Breakfast: it’s yogurt Korean oxtail soup accompanied by side… can you guys see that, that’s my breakfast items here Scrambled eggs on potato. Okay, so it looks like for supper I’m probably going to get the bibimbap, or roasted cod, or bowl of the ramen Again, I was hoping for like a steak or something and this is pretty good. This is a lot of wine and it’s totally wasted on me because I don’t drink but If I did I would abuse this. I just got to say their service here has been top notch, okay you guys don’t see a lot of this because I don’t wanna film like the flight attendants and the other personnel, but As soon as I came in they let into my seat and they hung my coat up for me in that little closet you saw asked me if I want to drink anything, I got a seltzer Brought me the pajamas and just now the captain personally came and greeted me Also they brought over a selection of today’s newspaper in case I wanted to read the news you know one thing I’ve always been curious about was what does the first-class bathroom look like and here it is automated sink Little flowers, this is really cool you got mouthwash razors, shaving cream, lotions Toilet’s bigger, and you got like a little seat here in case you don’t want to sit in your own seat It’s probably double the size of a regular airplane bathroom. This is really cool right here You guys see that? You see how it’s floating like a little triangle? Now the reason why this is cool is that Every time I come in here You know people use this all the time, but every time I come in here, every time someone comes in here and uses the toilet paper, the flight attendants come and fold this into a little triangle because you know just Having regular toilet paper shaped like that, that’s just not civilized you can’t have that This is the pajamas they feel really good. They’re very soft, very cottony, they’re long sleeved. These remind me of like Japanese school uniforms where you button the top I don’t know how this works but I think that’s a door. I think I can actually close that when I’m going to sleep Checked it out, here’s my appetizer That looks really pretty. Just the tiniest little bottle of olive oil plus vinegar Beef stew, some pickled radish, and some pickled cucumbers for kimchi, and then little slices of seaweed So this is seaweed soup It’s nice and light. Deconstructed beef stew, big chunks of beef, carrots Try my bibimbap I mean Is it the best bibimbap I’ve ever had? No. It’s not bad for bibimbap served on a plane I get a feeling this is going to be really tasty because this is very saucy, and the sauce is very good here Whoa, that was really good. Wow, I can eat like 20 pieces of that. This is really cool. They’re making my thing into a bed So there it is, there’s a blanket a little mattress all right there goes my door, doors closing All right, this is my little room now I’m gonna get some sleep and I’ll see you guys in the morning. Good night. Hey guys good morning. Just woke up. I think I slept about six seven hours and It’s definitely the best sleep I ever got on an airplane Usually I won’t be able to sleep, but I was super comfortable the bed was super comfortable Just like being in a hotel or being at home. Got up, gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste I brush my teeth, and then they just drop me warm cookies. Breakfast time, I have some cereal, some croissants and banchan I don’t have banchan with cereal before so that’s interesting Also I ordered some oxtail soup, never had that for breakfast either. Looks like a little hot sauce and onions Get in there. The oxtail soup don’t have any salt in there You got to add your own salts to kind of flavor it the way you like it It’s pretty good. The spice is spicier than I though it was going to be, which is awesome. It’s like a nice kick in the morning Seoul, South Korea. It’s really cool Wish I had time to go look around But I only got a couple hours before my transfer. This airport is beautiful, so clean and nice It’s also like five o’clock in the morning here. So there’s nobody here I’m at the first-class lounge in Seoul, South Korea. Let’s check this place out. See if it’s better than the one at JFK I see plugs right away, that’s a plus Check this out. Wow. This is nice, Haagen-Dazs ice cream and Check this, did you guys know Haagen-Dazs makes green tea ice cream? Massage facility shower room guess I’ll check it out Let’s take a look. You got your set of towels. Look at that aftershave razors Nice toilet. Wow, this is a really nice looking shower. What? All right, I think I’m gonna be spending some time here I’m in a men’s room, and I just discovered this, check it out. That is by far the fanciest toilet I’ve ever seen in my life. What am I supposed to do here what better way to spend a couple hours in the lounge than just like sit in a massage chair and then eat some Haagen-Dazs green tea ice cream. You know I feel like these machines can easily kill you Because if they malfunction [they] just squeeze really tight and you’re kind of just, dead. I think the machine is trying to kill me That’s enough This looks really good. This is a multi-level steamer, and it looks like it has kimchi mandu Maybe that’s kimchi buns. Seafood shaomai and pork mandu. Also, we have some mushroom porridge here Think I’m gonna skip out on that one. I’m about to board my flight to Taiwan, so that wraps up my first class experience and overall It was really nice obviously it’s first class, who doesn’t like that? In terms of comfort, the bed was super comfortable. In terms of food it was good. It wasn’t like you know a spectacular food It wasn’t like something that I would be thinking about. I think what stands out is really the service like when I was on that flight the flight attendant checked on me, maybe every five minutes, she will walk by just kinda I can see her kind of glance over see if I need anything. It was almost too much for me because I’m still not used to that kind of stuff I’m not used to people waiting on me And you know checking up on me the lounge was nice, especially this one here in Seoul I mean the New York one, the JFK one, was just mediocre But this one’s really nice, got the massage machines, got the crazy toilet seat chairs I’m not gonna go into detail about it, but it was a very comfortable experience. I always wanted to try what first class was like Would I ever do it again? Probably not because just this one time, I had to use basically all my points And I had to pay extra money on top of that, so it’s definitely for people who have a lot of money And I’ll tell you guys this it’s gonna be really tough to fly economy again, because after a 16-hour flight, I’m completely rested I’m ready to go, so when I go to Taiwan I might even just hit up a night market tonight and film a night market video tonight Because I literally feel like I slept in my bed where I slept in a hotel room I’m completely ready to go And I felt even better after getting that massage in that massage chair up until that thing try to kill me. So that was my first class experience with Korean airlines and hopefully it was interesting and fun to watch for you guys Alright, I’ll see you guys in Taipei. Later