– Yelloww Productions presents The First 11 Things You Should Do When You Check Into Any Hotel Room. I’m Chris, this is Topher. We are YouTube’s number one
human/panda traveling duo and with over a thousand nights in hotels, we’re going to tell
you the first 11 things we do when we check-in to any hotel room. We’re at the Hilton Hawaiian Village today which is why Topher is
wearing this lei here, aloha. Here we’re going to be going through our checklist of 11 things. The first thing we do when
we come into a hotel room is a general cleanliness check. How clean does it look?
Does the carpet look clean? Do the beds look clean?
In addition to the beds look clean, well you
should flip the sheets to make sure there’s
nothing under the sheets, make sure there’s no bedbugs, make sure there’s no black spots, flip under the pillows,
flip under everywhere. The one time we stayed at a hotel in Maui and we found a gecko when
we flipped the sheets. You never know what
you’ll find under there. Another cleanliness spot to check is, of course, the bathroom
and the spot in the bathroom that we always check to
see how well cleaned it is is the bathtub, the dreaded bathtub. Nobody wants hair from
somebody else in the bathtub. How does the toilet look? How does the floor around the toilet look? How does the sink look? If that all looks clean, then
move on to item number two. The second thing to do when you check into a hotel room is a safety check. Do the safety features work? In particular, does the door lock work? When the door closes, does it latch? Does this work so that we try to open it, does it actually stop it? Can you read Japanese instructions? Well, this is pretty simple,
I guess we don’t need to read the Japanese instructions. If you need to use the safe,
does the room have a safe? Does the safe work?
If the room has a balcony, does the balcony lock
and I guess this room’s on the 29th floor, so it’s not a big deal, but if you’re on like a ground floor facing a parking lot, you’d
want to make sure that works. And if you’re staying
in a hotel in Hawaii, you should definitely admire the view. Wow. The third thing to do when
you check into your hotel room is to make sure everything
works that you’re going to use. Does the television work
if you watch the TV? Do the lights work?
Does the power work? Do you know how to turn on the lights? But the most important thing and the thing that I do religiously is make sure the air conditioner works. Nothing is worse than being in a room with air conditioning or
heat that doesn’t work, only figuring that out when
you’re about ready to go to bed and all the maintenance
people are gone for the night. Check that right now.
If it doesn’t work, call the front desk and have them come up and fix your air conditioning. The fourth thing to do
is a general noise check. How noisy is the room? Are you on a noisy part of the hotel? Are you on a quiet street? Luckily my room here is pretty quiet. There’s another big building back there. Twenty-nine floors up, there’s the beach. But always inside when I check-in, the first thing I do at the check-in desk is ask for a quiet room and so, you know, I look at the room map when I walk in to see how close am I to the elevator. How close is it to the ice machine? Are there any adjoining doors? Is there anything that’s
going to disturb my sleep? And by the way, this isn’t
just about hearing things. One time I was in a hotel that was next to the elevator shaft and I could actually feel
the elevator in my room about every 30 seconds
as it went up and down. So if anything about your
room- too noisy, too vibratey- go down to the front desk and
say that you want another one. Most hotels are happy
to oblige a room change, so don’t be stuck with a
room that you can’t sleep in. The fifth thing to do: check the clock. A: does the clock have the right time? And B-:is the alarm not
set from a previous guest? This one was set to 4:45 in the morning. Not the time I want to wake up. Make sure you turn off any
alarms set by previous guests. Number six- do a quick
unpack of your suitcase. Unpack anything that you’re going to need for the next morning. Make sure you have socks,
underwear, shirts, a belt, anything you’re going to
need for tomorrow morning that you might not be
able to get in the morning because shops are closed, make
sure you check that out now. Toothpaste, toiletries,
all that sort of stuff. Seventh thing to do when you
check into your hotel room, if you like ice, is to
figure out the ice situation. Is the ice something like here
where there’s an ice bucket and you can go and get it
or is the ice something you have to call for and
request them to bring you ice? If you like ice, you want
to know what you have to do because in the next step, if
there’s anything that we need, we’re going to call the front desk for toiletries and all that sort of stuff and that’d be a good time to call for ice if it’s one of those hotels. The eighth thing to do when
you check-in your hotel, well I just gave it away,
but it’s to check and see if there’s anything extra you need from the hotel front desk. Do you need extra sheets?
Do you need extra pillows? Do you need a phone charger?
Did you forget something? One of the ones that’s
also really important is to check the bathroom stock of towels. Does the bathroom have enough towels? Does the bathroom have enough soap? Does the bathroom have
enough Kleenex tissue? This is one where I always kind of do like a little weight check of this and sometimes I take this
off to see what’s down there to make sure there’s more than just one piece of Kleenex in there. And if anything’s missing,
call the front desk, tell them you need it,
they’ll bring it up for you. The ninth thing to do when
you check into your hotel room is after you’ve got your
stuff that you asked for, or if you don’t need any stuff, take that Do Not Disturb sign
from the inside of the door and put it on the outside of your door. If you do decide to sleep
in tomorrow morning, you will appreciate not being woken up by the housekeeping knock. Just make sure that when
you do leave your room the next day for the day
and you want it cleaned, you take this sign off. The tenth thing to do when
you check into your hotel room is rearrange things to your liking. For example, I don’t need
all these things here on the nightstand, I
typically take these things on the nightstand and
toss them in a drawer or they just get in my way. Sometimes I move around some
of the furniture for my liking. One thing I almost always do too, because Topher’s a neat freak
I’m going to blame it him, but is typically put a bath
towel down on the desk chair because I sort of, you know,
like I mean, this desk chair, there’s some, it’s just like discolored and it doesn’t look at that lovely and so Topher, everybody
asks how he stays so clean, we like to keep him so he gets
a nice, clean place to sit. And the eleventh and final thing to do when you check-in your hotel room is do a video review and
post it up onto YouTube. If you’re curious of seeing a video review for the Hilton Hawaiian Village, well I’ve got one of those. Link’s down in the description or you’ll find a link right up here that you can click too.
Check that out. Well we hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you over there in the Hilton Hawaiian Village review. Alright, til next time, aloha!