– Oh my God, I’m in AvGeek heaven. Yeah, that’s real. (upbeat instrumental music) Hey guys, Wallace from TPG here, and I’m here at JFK in my
Catch Me If You Can garb, to check out the brand new TWA Hotel. So there are three things
I’m really interested in seeing about this hotel. One, how much do they really go for this golden age of travel theme? Two, is this even a good hotel? And then three is, is
this an AvGeek heaven? Because they say this is the place to be if you like planes and
you wanted to be at JFK. Okay AirTrain is here, time
to hop on and check it out. We made it, we are here! So this is the original
1962 structure still. It really is an incredible structure, like airports don’t
look like this anymore, so to have something
like this have new life is just so cool. Going inside! (funky instrumental music) Guys, we made it, we are here right now in the TWA terminal building
in the famous sunken lounge, probably the most iconic
space in this building. This is also currently
the largest hotel lobby in the entire world, ’cause after all, it was a terminal building. Real excited to take a
tour of the entire space. Before we do that, I want to
show you something really cool, and that is this board right here. They don’t really make these anymore, and it’s got this famous clacking sound. They actually wanted
to recreate the feeling of this building here, and they had to go all the
way to a small town in Italy north of Venice to get this created again. So, a little bit about the
history of this building. It was commissioned in 1955
to be built by Eero Saarinen, a famous Finnish-American architect. Same guy who designed the
St. Louis Gateway Arch, as well as the International
Arrivals building at Dulles. When it opened in 1962, it
pretty quickly became obsolete. It was too small for the
jets that became so prevalent in aviation like a 747, for example. But the building itself was
one of the first to have a P.A. system, jetways, electronic boards, so it’s really innovative
across the board. (samba music) Oh, I’d like to have a
first-class flight, please. Booked on points, obviously. Here we go! Hello.
– Hi! – Wow, cool to be here.
– Welcome! – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – So this will be what I imagine
a bar with seats, chairs, other seats and the bar
is in the back I bet. If this is economy, I wish I was flying economy in the 1960’s. We made it to the coolest
place in this entire hotel, the cockpit of Connie. Let’s check out the
other parts of the hotel like the room and the roof. – That’s a million dollar view for you. – [Wallace] Really, this
costs a million dollars? – Yeah so, this is just a
standard room that we booked. You know the first thing I really noticed was the attention to detail and the fact that you really feel like you’ve stepped back into 1962. – And it still has that
like modern feel to it. I mean, the flat screen TV, even this seems like a
modernized version of a 1960’s era design feel, you know? – Totally, it feels like
you’re back in time, but it doesn’t feel like the technology is actually going back in time. – Exactly, except…
– Other than the phone. – Even that, yeah. Oh I love this, TWA Hotel. – Yeah so, bathrobe.
– Bathrobe. – Again, the attention
to detail, the branding, this hotel has got it down so
well with all the TWA stuff. You’ve got the old logo.
– Totally, even this. – The glasses here, they’ve
got TWA Connie’s on here. – Room occupied, I mean, look at that. – It’s beautiful. So the TWA branding as you
see is still everywhere, which is just amazing,
I’m absolutely a huge fan. Over here we’ve got the
shower which is really nice. I think it will probably even
pass the TPG shower test. – Three, two, one. – (grunts) Okay, this is 6’7″. And for those at home who don’t know, TPG shower test, TPG Brian Kelly is 6’7″ so if the shower is over his head, (clicks tongue) it’s a pass. If not, then (clicks tongue) it fails. So, how do you book this? Is this just a points hotel or are some on like hotels.com maybe? – Great question. So unfortunately, it’s not
part of any major chain, so you won’t be able to use Marriott or Hyatt points to book it.
– That’s sad. – And right now they’re
not putting the hotel on any OTA so you won’t be able to book it through Hotels.com for 10x points with the Capital One Venture,
none of that great stuff. – And an OTA is Online Travel– – Online Travel Agency
– Okay. – Think Expedia, you
know, Hotels.com, Orbitz, – Wow, so you have to book
directly with the hotel. – You have to book directly TWAHotel.com – Well, what card should I
use to pay for the hotel? – Probably you’re gonna wanna use a card that gets bonus points
on travel purchases, so that’s like a Chase Sapphire Reserve, – Got it, got it.
– Citi Premier, Sapphire Preferred, one of those guys. – Cool.
– Yeah. – Smart guy right there!
(laughs) – How’d you do it, Frank? – How’d you do it, Wallace? – How’d you pass the bar in Louisiana? – Listen… – [Frank] I’m sorry I
put you through all this. – I’m sorry I put you through all this. – You know, I’m gonna let you fly tonight. – Nobody’s chasin’ you. (both laughing) – Heading to the roof now. The roof is probably the coolest thing about this entire place. It’s over 10,000 square feet, and it’s an observation deck
to the rest of the airport. There’s also a bar, an infinity pool, and lots of TWA-branded stuff. (energetic instrumental music) Looking at 22s and runway fours, they’re currently departures, but in a couple weeks when it’s done you can sit by the pool, grab
a drink, check out the view. So, this is really a one-of-a-kind place. Okay guys, so, checking back
in on those three things that we talked about initially. Does this hotel pay attention to detail or is it just a sham?
The fact is, it does. I mean, I think everything here is pretty meticulously
designed, well thought through, and you know, it’s not finished,
there are missing pieces, but overall they do a good job about not making this a sterile
airport hotel at all. Two, is this a good hotel? Well, I haven’t stayed the
night and it’s clearly not done, but first impressions are
yeah, it’s a nice hotel. I mean, look, the service was kind of all over the place today, the bars weren’t functioning,
the restaurants weren’t open, but it looks like it’s gonna
be a pretty nice hotel. We’ve yet to find out and
we’re gonna find out more. Some of our fellow TPGers
are staying here tonight. And then thirdly, is this AvGeek heaven
and really a destination? Honestly, yeah, I think so! I mean, the roof again,
hasn’t been finished, but the rooms, everywhere else, the fact this is such a TWA historic site is something I think people will flock to, and especially if you
like watching planes, you gotta check it out,
especially if you live in New York or are just stopping by New
York, you gotta check it out. And if you really like watching planes, subscribe to our YouTube channel
and watch all that there. (upbeat electronic music)