Good morning guys! It’s Monday morning. I’m going to my Spanish class right now. Just got my grammar book. I should be needing it for the next 2 months. The 2 group classes that I enrolled turn out
to be a private because there is only me there. Just finish my classes and orientation. So now I’m heading for lunch. Going to get a notebook for my class and also
some groceries So the school they arranged me for two classes
per day one is grammar, The other one is communication and vocabulary. I’m so glad I only have two classes per day
because there is a lot of information. So, I don’t know how people can take like
this for six hours per day intensive course It’s just a lots of information Just somehow when they ask me something in
Spanish, I try to reply them in Spanish, and I don’t know the word and I just pop up some
French. Because I thought it’s more less the same
but actually they’re not. Before you start your meal. They will serve you a bolilo,
and some nachos and some sauce. Carbonara pasta. I just need some comfort food for my stomach. The other day, I was really crave for noodle
with soup. And saw a Vietnamese restaurant, so I ran
straight into it. It was quite an interesting fusion Mexican
Vietnamese noodle shop. I think I would try another restaurant if
I crave for noodle with soup for the next time. Now is around 5 o’clock so I just did my laundry and I also start my homework. I got this from the stationery shop earlier. Actually is quite an interesting shop They put everything in their display boxes
or behind the counter So I’m able to touch anything. So I just asked them like do you have a notebook? So they just give me one and then I asked
do you have one more? So they give me the other one in green. Yes, that’s whatI need No complaint just I fond that it’s quite a interesting shopping experience. I can’t believe I found this today