son of a biscuit
over on this side we have a towel bar and just as I started to talk about it
I realized I put it on the wrong end of the cart let me move it real quick there
we go I have a towel bar on the correct side now huh
thankfully this thing apparently is correct Domitian’s on both sides so this
tau bar is made out of some scrap aluminum pipe that I’ve had in my
workshop for a while I don’t know where it came from but I set it aside some
time in my past saying hmm I must say that I could use that for something ha
finally did I decided to Danish all the oak boards that flanked this tell bar
because I wanted to kind of tie into the top which I have yet to put the Danish
oil on and I really like the contrast of the oak with the white paint and then
the little aluminum bar looks nice too it’s not a very large tile bar but it is
something here to put small towels on I didn’t want anything to stick out where
you might run into it or hit yourself on it and also didn’t want to try and make
some big handle lever to move this cart around with because honestly this is
perfectly fine for what it is the carts not super-heavy then the
wheels on the other end really helped to make it very mobile I’m not trying to brag or anything like
that but man that looks good I really like how the countertop in the oak and
the white painted wood all work together to make this look in my opinion real
nice but my opinion matters little in such matters what matters is what Angela
thinks and I think and do you think she’s gonna like it I think we’re right
let’s go take it up there and find out all right close your eyes no peeking okay wow it looks awesome Wow and you
make this it it it looks professional honey Thanks look at it look at it and
they had the towel rack and it’s big enough that we can put our mixer on the
bottom you didn’t get it off the counters that look so nice
chose that drawer action there the drawer I think this will be a nice
addition to the kitchen all right see how it looks
not that we plan to put it over there but see how it looks over there at the
island part a little close but it’s still very much
usable you can use it for chopping vegetables and stuff like that as well welcome to cooking with salmon no we’re
not cooking nothing today we just got the kitchen clean to show you this in
video not joking how long do we clean I don’t know probably 20 minutes that’s
what goes well I think it looks great and it’ll be a wonderful addition to the
kitchen I’m glad you like it it’s not perfect but I didn’t buy any of this
wood it’s all stuff well okay I already bought in the past so the only thing I
had to buy for this where the drawer slides the handle for the drawer and the
two wheels that’s pretty awesome otherwise this is
all stuff from the hoard now none of it I know you saw me taking the crib down
the workshop none of this is crib wood because has kind of beat up and didn’t
really work out but I’ve got it it’s still down there so I’m gonna make
something from it not okay so it’s pretty stable
did the two Castor’s and then on this side it’s got some non-skid pads on the
bottom the legs and really keeps it from I mean you’ll knock it very dirty yeah
you’ll knock the car over before it actually slides and I really like that
cuz that’ll be good for oh the real Phil here yeah Wow thanks
you getting the piece in a bowl I can be a kitchen cart salesmen no not a Salesman the maker yeah look I
don’t know that I want to make another were these this is good
I did it I can cross it off my list four things to make before I die it’s kind of
more good bit better than have a list of things after I die yeah so a lot of you
have been waiting for the new soaps to come out and it is time we have coming
into our floral category we have rose garden lilac and honeysuckle in addition
to our gardenia that’s already on our website we also have cedar wood and the
charcoal tea tree which I know has been asked about a few times and then a
leather it’s great for men and it surprisingly does kind of smell like
leather so if you guys are interested in it and or any of the others that we have
check out our website or there’ll be some links below so we’re going to try
something new this year that we’ve not done before and that is a limited
edition soap with Saint Patty’s Day coming up in the next couple of weeks we
are going to do a special Irish spring scented soap so we’re going to add this
as a pre-order item so we can get it shipped out on the 13th so you should be
able to get it before the 17th unless this is a outpouring of people wanting
it it is a limited edition and so we’re only gonna have a small number of bars
available as always you can check out our website for more information
well everyone hopefully you enjoyed this little build video and if you got any
questions or comments leave them down below you’re not sure yet what’s gonna
go in the drawer or did you decide I know I’ll probably put my rolling pin in
there good idea and maybe some spatulas other than Adam
cool very cool well thanks guys for watching and we’ll see you next time it’s just you know grown legs just
because I need it right now and that’s the only reason what are you doing
there’s like a little piece of glue on there so it’s like one of those things
that you liked it yeah take care of him so as many of you have
been waiting for we wait for that yeah for a pre-order you can check out our
yeah I totally just forgot everything you