What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? The answer, is making a movie. For beginner filmmakers a lot of time is spent
watching YouTube videos like these. It may seem like you are doing a lot but in
reality you aren’t doing much. Like anything in life, practice practice practice
is the best way to get better. “We talkin bout practice” Even for those
more professional, it is always good to practice the fundamentals.”Practice” So here’s a tangible practice idea you can
film tomorrow in just 30 minutes doing something we are going to be doing, eating. You don’t have to use your fancy camera. A phone will suffice, remember this is practice,
“Not the game!” and more artsy & social media-ey not professional, Now go to your favorite restaurant, alone
or with a friend, and film the experience. Tell the story from when you arrive to when
you eat to when you leave using video. There are no set rules. You can film sequentially and make it an easy
edit or you can experiment try new things, try new angles and have fun. Now put the clips together to form a story. It doesn’t have to be amazing. This is just another practice “I mean How
silly is that” Try new transitions add some new music add some titles and come up with
a less than 1 minute video. The important part was you learned some new
things, you found out some mistakes you can fix next time and you had just gotten out
there and practiced “we talking bout practice man” If you didn’t get enough clips, if you missed
something if your video was shaky, thats ok. Just learn from your mistakes. And now go back to another restaurant and
try it again and do better. “I dare you to do better”. Here’s an example that I came up with my
phone when I just went out to a sushi buffet. I told a story, I put it together, and I had
FUN! “edited” “We ain’t talkin bout the game!” If you go out and try this make sure to share
your link in the comments. Let me know what you thought about this video
and if you want to see more. And don’t forget to like and subscribeeeee!