So much for depending on a good guy with a gun to prevent school shootings.  A Tampa, Fla , area policeman was fired Wednesday as a result of an April incident where his gun accidentally went off in a middle school cafeteria, firing a bullet into a wall Advertisement  Pasco County Cpl. Jonathan Cross was relieved of his duties due to conduct unbecoming of a deputy and for mishandling his service weapon, according to the Associated Press  An investigation reportedly determined Cross had been repeatedly removing and replacing his service pistol, which was functioning properly when it discharged Cross allegedly confessed he had an itchy trigger-finger.  “He admitted he had a bad habit and he fidgets, he was playing with his gun,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a press conference covered by WUSF news  No one was injured when the shot went off inside Weightman Middle School around 12:40 p m. “There was approximately 10 kids there,” Nocco said. “It’s sad what we have to do today It would’ve been tragic if a child was harmed.”  He also stated Cross’ actions “were nothing we trained ”  Bay News 9 reported Cross had been with the police department since 2005 and carried a Sig Sauer 9 MM P320 handgun The 45-year-old cop had spent the past two years as the school’s safety officer.