– I’m not sure this
is completely done. And they’re freezing cold. – [Man] Oh my God, yeah. – Yeah, I mean these are cold. – Hi, guys. – [Man] Hey, how are you? – [Michael] I’m Michael. – [Man] Hi, Michael. – [Michael] Jon
wanted to send me in to make sure that you
guys didn’t have any of that ready-to-eat food. – Excuse me, folks. They just said it was cold. – The kids are
back there cooking, no gloves being used whatsoever, and then I watched them going from the cross
contamination of raw chicken, the dirty door and then garnish all this food. That is really, really,
really dangerous. – Well, the first of
all, I didn’t know what was going on. So I can send out another
order, if you like. – Absolutely not,
they’re gonna pass on it. – All right. – Get rid of that out of your… – [Woman] Take it. – [Man] Do not eat it. – [Woman] Don’t eat it. Wow. – Damn it, now
I’m (beep) pissed. Damn it, Joey. Why aren’t your gloves on? – (beep) leave me alone. – [Owner] Why? – This kid is ready to lose it. (breaking) – Oh (beep). – Did he cut himself? – Richie, you should
know better, man. You grew up in the business. You know, you
understood how it works. Let me tell you right now
for the last time. (beep) – Uh oh. – You’re supposed to
check these (beep) before you serve it. (hand slaps)
– Oh! – You hear me? (beep) handle it
for a change. (beep) – He just slapped
him in the face! – Oh my God! – Oh man, that’s not gonna
happen while I’m here. – No.