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interview questions. Without further ado, let’s get started. The first one is tell me about yourself. I know that this one can be kind of
tricky because students are usually told to introduce themselves on the first day
of school, and most people do not like to do that. But you have to realize that you
are in an interview, and you are just talking to the employer. You are not
telling the entire class about yourself, so be humble and tell the hiring manager
a little bit about yourself. You can include interests, hobbies, and
some fun facts about you. If the employer asked me, “Tell me about yourself”. I would tell them that I’m a YouTuber, a photographer, and I like to read
non-fiction books for fun. You can keep it short and simple. Just
please tell them something about yourself. Just don’t put yourself down,
and tell the employer that you have no interests, hobbies, or talents because
everyone has all of that. Employers are looking for people who are
self-confident, so answer that question with confidence. The next question is
what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? When they ask you, “What are your strengths?”, you should usually tell them something that is related to
the job. If they asked me, “Christian, what are your strengths?” I would tell them
that I have communication skills. If you were to be asked this question, one of your strengths could be that you enjoy working with people. Say you were an
athlete and you were always a part of a team, you could tell your employer that
you don’t mind working with people because you were on a sports team. Or you can tell the employer that you are goal driven, and you are motivated to meet goals in
the workplace. What are your weaknesses? When you are asked this question, please
do not say something that makes it seem that your weakness is a strength. For
example, saying, “Oh, I work too hard.” or “I’m a perfectionist”. Employers don’t want to hear that. Say you are shy, you can
tell the employer that you are shy, but you want to work here, so that you can
work on interacting with people. Tell your employer a weakness that you would
like to improve if you were hired. The next question is give me an example
of a time that you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty at work. This
relates to someone who has job experience. I would say that at my first job, I was a leader for the Walk for Kids Foundation. I would say that I
designed the shirts, and I would also mention that I motivated employees to
join my team. If you do not have work experience and you are asked this, say
something that you went above and beyond at school. For example, say there was a
group project and you decided to be the group leader. The next question is how do
you handle working with people who annoy you. For example, say there is an employee
who is constantly talking to you while you are working.
I would kindly tell that person that “Hey I need to get to work. Do you mind
talking after work?” The next question is what kind of goals would you have in
mind if you got this job? This is where your research on the company really
comes in handy. I work at Taco Bell, but before the interview, I did some research
on the website. If I were to be asked this question, I would say that I saw
that Taco Bell offers scholarships, so if I were to be hired, one of my goals would
be to apply for those scholarships. This question also relates to your weaknesses.
Say you’re shy, one of your goals if you were to be hired is to interact with
people more. So you can say if you were hired, you would want to work on your
weaknesses. The final question that everybody wants
to know how to answer is why should we hire you? This question is very important,
and it is usually asked at the end of the interview. This is your chance to
really make an impression and make that hiring manager remember who you are. My journalism instructor at my school taught me how to answer this. If I were
to be asked this question, I would say that I am someone who is mostly on time,
so no matter the burden, I will get to work on time. Even if it means waking up
early and getting on that bus to get to work. I could also say that throughout
school I had a perfect attendance, so the days that I am scheduled, I will be here.
Employers want potential employees who are going to be
responsible, so saying something that shows your responsibility, will really
make an impression on the employer. And that is it. Please like this video if
you feel less stressed out about answering fast-food interview questions.
Remember that these are my suggestions. They are not the exact answers. Now that
you have finished watching this video, go back and try to answer the questions
that I asked you because the reason why I challenge you to do this is to
practice and all of the questions that I asked you are from a Taco Bell hiring
manager. So as you re-watch this video, pause after I ask the question, try to answer it to the best of your ability. If you would like to continue learning
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