[both humming] Well, we are finally going to be
where we belong, hobnobbing with the fancy people
at the Change the Children charity gala. I don’t know why I have to go.
You’re the mayor, not me. Well, this party is a huge opportunity
to meet important people -and show off our inventions.
-But what if I don’t fit in? What if I eat wrong
then they throw little pickles at me? -Oh!
-[gasps] [Tom] Wow! Angela, you look like
a French Christmas present. Thanks! I didn’t have anything formal,
so I just put bows on an old dress. I’m Mayor Tom,
and I approve of those bows. Just look at us!
We have come so far. So, you guys got dressed up, too? Yep. This baby is from back in the day
when I was working as a bow-tie model. Funny story. I went in thinking
they were looking for a glow-tie model– Hank! I just don’t know. You guys probably won’t be comfortable
brushing elbows with fancy people. Yes, we would. Look!
We’re already wearing elbow brushes. Not to be mean, but you guys are
too immature and silly for a fancy party. You’ll embarrass us. You’re immature and silly, Tom,
and your butt will embarrass us! -Mm-hm!
-Why aren’t they going? -Can they take my spot?
-No. Now, keep this thing on. You look like a common garage person
without it. Fancy parties really change people. Looks like I wore my glow tie for nothing. ♪ Wa-oah ♪ -[hum of conversation, lounge music]
-Wow! Look at this place! -Time to mingle with the fancy folk.
-I’m great at mingling. And I’m good at standing perfectly still
and just hoping that nobody notices me. No, Ben. You’re at this charity event
for one reason. Everyone,
go find a rich person to impress. You know, for the children! Hey! Do I look like I work here? And the answer is yes. Yes, I do. Serving girl,
direct me to the cheese plates. [gasps] Autumn Summers? My old nemesis. -It’s a neck-tacula.
-I know what I said! Autumn Summers, you know what?
We don’t want to sell our scarves here. You’ll never warm a neck again! All right, Angela. Snap back into it. I am here to mingle, small-talk, and not– No, but– You– Huh. Well, hello, there. I’m Tom – Mayor Tom. -I’m Rich.
-Ha-ha! Yes, I can tell you are! No, Rich is my name. Rich Guy. Wha– What are you doing? -You’ve never seen a wishing shredder?
-Oh, I get it. -It’s like an expensive wishing well.
-Aw. First time using one? Of course not! No, no. I-I completely fit in here. Are you
impressed? Because you should be. [clears throat]
Uh, it seems I only have a one. Care to get more money
to make a proper wish? No, no, no. A onesie wish will have to do. [laughs nervously] Um, remind me,
how exactly does this help the charity? If you have to ask,
you probably don’t belong at this party. Uh… He– Agh! Uh. Tom wants me to mingle, but how? All I know is facts, and that never helps
anyone in any social situation. Oh! So many cheeses! But which do I eat first? Hehe. Looks like she could use
some cheese facts, actually. No, Ben. Cheese facts are not for parties! -I suppose I’ll choose at random.
-Random? No, no, no. Wait! The white cheese is the Geschmack
Krieg and the other is the Dag Schkol. For the proper experience you have to eat
the Krieg after the Schkol. -What did you just say to me?
-Oh, boy. I shouldn’t have spoken. I’ll let myself out through the back,
so I don’t cause a scene. -[sobbing]
-[whispers] You… are… fantastic! Just as I suspect– What? What culture! What class!
What is your name? Hansel? Chretien? -It’s… Ben.
-Ah, short for Bentucius! Well, Bentucius, you must accompany me
to the Expensive Room. Only the best people are allowed in there. -Because it’s expensive, you see.
-Ha! Yeah! They think they’re so cool,
going to that gala! I bet if we had a gala,
it’d be way more fancy than theirs! I agree 102%!
The 2% is extra fanciness. Everyone at our party
would have fine golden spaghetti. And hotdogs wrapped in silk buns. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? -Fancy party!
-Yeah! -Let’s get fancy!
-Woohoo! Yeah! Wow! Everything looks so expensive. Enjoy!
This place is yours, because you fit in. Helmut? Ha-ha-ha!
I thought you were at sea! Mm-hm. Ah, yes. Mm-hm– CEO? I should’ve known
this was too good to be true. What brings you here? Hoping to steal
one of my inventions again? What? Ben, please –
this is a children’s charity gala. Ha, I’m… Sorry. I guess I don’t know
all the fancy rules yet. Still new to the fancy party scene.
So, hi. Ben, this event is neutral ground. In here, we’re both just fancy people. I don’t even want to know
what your new inventions are. Well, that’s a relief. Plus, I really
only brought my De-Raisiner. -It turns raisins back into grapes.
-Interesting. Two foods that have nothing to do
with each other. Uh, you do know a raisin is a grape
that’s been dried up in the sun, right? Um, uh… Of course I do!
Please, no more shop talk. Let’s put our devices and inventions
in the neutral ground security box so we won’t be tempted to talk about them. What a great idea! Well, I’m starting to fit in here,
just like Tom and Angela must be. -Ha-ha-ha.
-Ha-ha! Yes! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Quite. Ha-ha. Hey. Ugh! Finally, I meet someone at this party
who knows how to listen! So, I was saying– -Oh.
-Oh. Ahhh. I say, old bean,
fresh coins for your money soup? Thanks, my dear fellow.
I like my soup extra rich. [affected laughs] You know, if this event were
any exclusiver, you wouldn’t be here. It would just be me,
cause I’m the fanciest. Don’t be so certain! I own
the Eiffel Tower, the fanciest monument. And my underwear is made of pure gold. Oh, yeah?
Well I have a ski cabin under the ocean! And my underwear
is made of golden diamonds! This is an outrage! I challenge you to a duel,
because even my fights are fancy. Name a time and a place! -Very well! Soon and here.
-It is on. Well, I find that the facts often do aid
in certain social situations. According to
the Wilkinson mingling coefficient, it actually is beneficial 84% of the time. [laughter] Something to chew on. Speaking of chewing, where’s that waitress
who keeps saying she’s not a waitress? I’m not a waitress!
See what I’m dealing with? Yeah. I’m sorry you’re having
such a bad time. I’m fitting in really well
with the rich people, but if it makes you happy,
we can get Ben and go. Psst! Ben, let’s go. What are you talking about, Tom? This is
going really well. I’m in my element. -One of which is barium.
-[laughter] Yeah, well, Angela’s not having
the awesome time that both of us are, so maybe we should bounce. I don’t want to leave.
I’m meeting people I like. Maybe it’ll be good for the company.
The CEO and I even had a nice chat. -I think we’re buddies now.
-All right! -Introducing the De-Raisiner!
-What? It’s a big game-changer, and all my idea. Uh-oh. This baby will end
all your raisin-related troubles -by turning them back into grapes!
-[gasps] -Which, did you know, they used to be?
-But, neutral ground. -Hey! That’s our invention!
-[gasps] Oh, yeah? Then why did I just pull it out
from my CEO Inventions Box? The neutral ground security box!
Everything at this party is a lie! I’m so hurt that you would accuse me
of stealing my own invention. I guess you’ll have to choose. Do you believe me, the rich CEO, or the new, not rich guy? -[murmuring]
-We, the rich, believe you, Carl. You’re rich, like us. Bentucius, you leave us no choice. -Security!
-I got this, Ben. -[clamor of voices]
-People, calm down! As your Mayor,
I just want to say one thing. -Run!
-That’s mine! That’s my De-Raisiner! Come back! My idea! My invention! [Ginger laughing] -Ha-ha-ha!
-No! I have a mechanical chicken!
And it lays fancy omelets. Grr! Duel! Well, I have a golden monster truck
that has its own pancake chef! -It’s a monster food truck! Duel!
-Aagh! Hey, what is going on?
-We’re having a fancy party of our own! Without you! -Oh, hey, Tom. How was your gala?
-Ugh! -It was amazing.
-It was awful. -Awfully amazing.
-Amazingly awful. Yeah, okay, fine. It was horrible. Turns out “fancy” just means snobby. And the CEO tried to steal
my De-Raisiner – on neutral ground. -So, our party is better?
-Way better. -Can we, uh, join your party?
-Well, I guess. As long as you remember I am the fanciest! [English accent] Oi, how can that be,
when ’tis I who is the fanciest? -[Ginger] Agh!
-As am I. Hiyaaaa!