(upbeat circus music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and today I’m going to be pulling some pranks. So, I came up with a bunch of pranks, I’m going to be pranking my family with. I hope you guys enjoy,
and let’s get started. I found the perfect prank I’m going to do. I have some gum right here,
and I’m going to chew it and then I’m going to take
it and put it on the door so when someone touches the handle they get sticky gum. (laughs) I hope this comes off
the door handle easily, but I feel like this will
be super funny to do. So I’m going to stick it on,
like, right here of the door. Okay, let’s start chewing, oh no. I’m going to grab two
because we want a lot of gum. (giggles) Oh this is going to be good. – I need to get tweezers
for Jordan, what did you do? – [Audrey] Don’t look in the bathroom. (Mom yelps) (Audrey laughs) – What is that? Ew, that’s disgusting, is that gum? Okay, I’m going to wash my hands. That’s gross, you get it off. – [Audrey] Success. Got ’em! Let’s go get Dad. – It’s spring and it’s snowing. – [Audrey] (cackles) ABC gum! (screaming) – That’s gross. – Alright, my next prank,
Jordan’s trapped in her room, and I’m going to be
putting water in these cups and putting them all over the floor so that she can’t get out
without spilling the cups. This is going to be good. Oh my gosh, this is going
to take such a long time. I’m going to start laying
out the cups first. Alright, so I think this
is a good amount of cups that she can’t get out,
so now what I’m doing, I’m going to fill them up with water so that when she steps on them it will spill everywhere
and she’ll be trapped. So, yeah, look how many cups this is. This took me a while. (sighs) Okay, alright, it’s complete. Let’s knock on Jordan’s door. (giggles) – Oh no! Um… – Pranked you! – I’m getting pranked left and right. First the googly eyes
in my room, now this. What the… – Who did the googly eyes, by the way? – Ty. – (gasps) Ty-ty. – How do I get out? Um… – Bye! – No! (yelping) Oh my gosh, that’s cold water. Why, this is trapped. – Okay you guys, that prank was a success. For my next prank, I’m going
to get someone really messy. So I have some scotch tape here, and what I’m going to do is I’m
going to put a piece of tape on the faucet so it
will splurt out at them when they turn on the water. Okay, let’s stick some on. (laughs) Guys, look. That’s going to be so good. Alright, let’s do this. Oh, oh, looks like you got mustard on you! – What are you doing? – [Audrey] I think you’re
going to have to go use the bathroom downstairs. Okay, Dad. – What a mess, you’re a messy kid. (gasps) – [Audrey] (laughs) Pranked you! – You’re in a good silly thing. – [Audrey] Gotcha. – So funny, your little tape trick, huh? – That was a good one. Alright guys, so for my
next prank I have this and it’s a fart in a can. This is kind of like an airhorn, kind of, but it’s like a fart horn. So I’ll press the button
and hide it behind my back and everyone will think I’m
farting when I’m really not. Jokes on them, let’s go! – That’s nasty, Audrey. – [Audrey] That’s not me, that’s Jake. – [Dad] Boys?
– I saw that. – It wasn’t me. – [Ty] That doesn’t sound like a fart! – You’re gross. – [Audrey] That’s not me, I didn’t do it! – Did you eat lots of
salad tonight, Audrey? – [Audrey] No… – Sounds like you did, sorry about it. (farting sounds) – Ha ha, pranked you! Alright guys, the next prank I have is this drink spill prank. So it looks like I spilled
water when I really didn’t so I’m going to grab a cup
and I’m going to put it in the office ’cause Dad
just got a new computer and if he sees that this,
it got ruined by water, he’s going to be so mad,
so let’s go prank him. Alright, here we go. Oh, it looks so real. Ah, yes. Okay guys, this is what it looks like. It’s so close to the computer,
he’s going to freak out. Let’s go get him. Mom, Mom. – [Mom] No, quit it!
– [Audrey] Where are you? Mom, Mom, Dad’s going to be so mad. – Why. – Look what happened in his office. It’s everywhere and I
don’t wanna tell him, I don’t wanna tell him. – What is that, is that 7up? – [Audrey] I spilled. – You need to wipe it up ’cause it might ruin the
keyboard and the desk. – [Audrey] You, you, I… (laughs) – You’re lazy. – [Audrey] I accidentally spilled it. You go clean it. – Go clean it! – [Audrey] I tried,
it’s stuck, it’s sticky. It’s spilling really fast. – What the heck, what? – [Audrey] I know right,
it doesn’t come off! It’s like oil. – What is that? Oh, ha, good job. – [Audrey] Should we prank Dad? – I wonder if we could
have it go on the keyboard. – [Audrey] I know. – Just going to have it really
near, like, threatening it? – [Audrey] Yes. – Audrey, that’s brand new, move it! Are you serious? You are such a dork. You scared me! I just barely bought this computer. – [Audrey] I know! (giggles) Gotcha! – (groans) And here’s
a coaster, by the way. Use a coaster next time. (applause) – Alright, so we’re about to eat dinner and I’m going to prank my grandpa. I have some hand sanitizer
that we actually replaced. We took out the hand sanitizer
and put clear glue in so it looks like clear hand sanitizer. So let’s see if this works. I really hope it does
’cause it’d be super funny. We’re looking at the menu to
see what we want to order. – Do you have hand sanitizer? – Before we order, though, we have to put some hand sanny on, so everyone take some. Take some hand sanny,
hand sanny, hand sanny. Safety! – This is gooey. (laughing) It’s not hand sanitizer. – [Audrey] Pull your hands apart! – And wipe it all over you? – [Audrey] No! – [Jordan] I’m just letting
mine sit in a puddle. – It’s glue! – It’s glue? – [Jordan] It’s glue, clear glue. Pranked you, we got you guys! – Woo, success! – I even have it in mine now, but I did it all for the prank. I had to get some. – I was trying so hard
not to, like, smile. – I was like, go Audrey, go for it, and I didn’t want to rub it so I was just going like this, I was like. – [Mom] Do you think Grandpa’s happy? – Grandpa’s like “Are you kidding me?” – [Dad] Okay, is everybody’s hands clean? – Oh yeah. – [Dad] Yeah, hands are clean? All ready to eat? – All sticky. – [Dad] All sticky? Those stinky girls, huh? – I still got it.
– [Dad] What did you guys do? Did you guys start a war? – High five! – [Nana] No. – [Dad] Ooh, you almost got her. – Alright, so my nana and grandpa are over and we have some fig nuts
with like a snake thing inside that will pop out when
you open up the lid, and so we’re going to try to prank them again without them knowing. I’m so nervous I’m going to, like, fail. Okaay, let’s go. – What you got there? – These are actually Brazilian
nuts, and we tried them… – It’s a thing that pops out. – No, but they’re known as like,
the most sweetest nuts, so. – You know, I can see the
curve right inside there, – Open it. – No. – [Mom] You can hear them! – You open it. – [Mom] You hear it? Have Dad open them. – [Nana] Are they the
Mexican jumping beans? – [Mom] No, they’re nuts. – That scared me and I
didn’t even hear them coming! – [Audrey] You ruined it, Grandpa! – [Mom] Grandpa! – You’re not supposed to know! So my next dare is going to be
actually pranking my friends. So they’re going to come
over in a few minutes for a white elephant Christmas party. We made a video on that,
so be sure to check it out, but while we’re there
I’m going to have, like, a minute to win it
challenge with candy canes, and since we have a lot of
weird and gross candy canes, I’m going to have them try
to lick their candy cane down as fast as possible
and, like, not tell them that it’s all these
different flavors and so, so we’ll see how they react. I think it’s going to be funny
and they’ll never guess it. Let’s go. Here are the candy canes. (evil laughing) Okay, before we eat pizza, we’re going to do a quick
minute to win it game. So I have one minute on the timer and a bunch of candy canes. – [Girl] Go! Licking, yeah. – Oh, what flavor is this? – Oh this is disgusting! – [Girl 2] Pretty sure you got wasabi. – Pranked you! (laughs) You got bacon. Yeah, you got wasabi. – [Girl] Why don’t you
have normal candy canes? – I got col, oh you got gravy. So that is it for prank week for me. If you guys like this video
give it a big thumbs up. Also, subscribe if you haven’t already, turn from red to gray
and comment down below what was your favorite
prank and if I should pull more future pranks and
what pranks I should pull. Don’t let anyone else in
my family see it though, ’cause I need to pull it on them. And I’ll see you guys next time, bye! (peppy classical music)