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Today is a very special video, ’cause lately I’ve been making a lot of speed and training challenges videos So, today is a video for me to appreciate the food, eat a lot, and leave this place rolling ‘Cause today is the episode 6 of Breaking Restaurants You’ll even notice that I’m keeping my voice down ’cause there’s lots of people here and I don’t want to draw attention Apart from the amount of food that we’ll have here Today I’m at Sumô Sushi Lounge, in Brasília, which, in my opinion, is one of the best sushi places here I had my birthday here sometime ago and the service and the food are excelent So, as usual, the place’s information is on the description so you guys can come check it out Anyone that likes japanese food knows that if you take the food by weight it’ll always be very expensive So today I’m on the buffet, it’s a fixed price, so I’ll eat as much as I want and try to break the restaurant So let’s start. Here there’s a good thing for people that eat a lot like me, apart from you being able to ask what you want and they preparing everything as you ask They also have the buffet, which I’ll serve myself, it’s right here, smelling good. So I’ll take many things and also ask them more things So there’ll be food arriving, and me serving myself… ok? Things will be this way But first, if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram And let’s do this ’cause I’m hungry So guys, the menu has all of these included on the all-you-can-eat-buffet So, apart from everything I can get myself over there I can also ask anything from here They even have dessert. I want to try them Starter: I want 1 shimeji, 2 cheese harumaki, 2 vegetables harumaki, and… 4 gyoza. And that’s all. And 20 salmon sashimi, and 20 blowtorched salmon sashimi. Also, bring me a salmon temaki 6 of each: sushi, shrimp, hot philadelphia and hot cream. That’s it for now This one Give me It’s another table’s? Oh, sorry If you want some… No, no, no… So, I got 2 plates and more things arrived, I think there’s even more to arrive yet and I’m starving! To be honest japanese food is my favorite type of food I’ll start with the starters, it’s better, right? Shimeji… it’s mushroom on butter When I started eating japanese food I didn’t like shimeji But, if you start from the right things, specially the hot ones, you’ll get addicted Also the rolls… I think I’ll start with the vegetables ones This is the gyoza. There’s even a big gyoza championship on the USA, very famous there I think the record is almost 400 Sweet and sour sauce The variety of things is enormous… and I never remember all the names… depending on the restaurant the names change, so I never memorize This is a grilled shrimp, teriaki and cream cheese sushi Damn… I’m trying to avoid drinking anything so I have more space This is salmon and cheese Oh, not cheese… this is salmon and rice There’s one more here Sashimi Really good… Ah! Many people ask me “don’t you use shoyu?”. No, I don’t like shoyu I learned to eat without shoyu… I like teriyaki But teriyaki is pure sugar There’s ice here, to preserve even more the salmon This one is fried. If you’ve never eaten sushi before, this one is for you, ’cause it’s now raw, as the others I thought about putting a counter, but there are smaller and bigger things, it wouldn’t make much sense (The editor thanks you for this) I don’t know what this is Oh f*** You can cut this scenes out I don’t know what this is but it’s good The Breaking Restaurants, as you can see, don’t have a timer ‘Cause here I won’t eat fast, but it usually don’t go over 40 minutes or 1 hour I really want to try this one, it’s shrimp and teriyaki This one is good I think I’ll want 100 of this I could eat this the whole day The gyosa has pig meat, it’s really good This one is the blowtorched sashimi, can you see it? It’s not raw on the top ‘Cause they use a blowtorch, and it has sesame and teriyaki sauce Good I think this one is the blowtorched nigiri, it’s rice and salmon Salmon with citric sauce Sweet potatoe straws Very good White fish grilled on the citric butter Very good Garlic and oil shrimp Great I love shrimp This is Sumô’s most famous shrimp Shrimp with a Jack Daniels based sauce Really good I’m really enjoying this, they’re bringing me more food I’m not even asking This is a more soft pasta shrimp Great, thank This is fried pasta, to decorate So it’s pasta and shrimp, I’m feeling like Goku here This one is a shrimp with caramelized garlic, it’s called koshaki This other one is a shrimp with truffled olive oil, salt flower and sicilian lemon It’s called usuzuku I’ll have to eat faster ’cause there more things coming It’s really good, it has a kind of jam on top of it… he explained but I forgot Let me empty this plate Dude, just so you know, there are some places that the kilo costs R$99,00 I think the amount of food I’ve eaten already would’ve cost me a lot of money Shrimp and teriyaki I’ll get another plate there So guys, the food here is gone for now. I’ll get some more, ask some more And I’ve already asked for the dessert, ’cause I still want to have enough space to ask each of them The one that had rice, shrimp, teriyaki sauce… I want 8 of them And… And the desserts… one of each Ok, so I’ll get some more things So, let me organize everything here I got some more things that I like more and the shrimp one is coming And one of each dessert Let me see… I’m fine, I feel as if I’d eaten 2kg The hunger is ok, I can eat more This one is the shrimp one, my favorite of all of them I’ll leave it to eat lastly Oh my god… This one is delicious I’m thinking about getting more I hope they don’t throw me out So, I got some more, just with strawberry and other stuff Already migrating to the dessert And there are some more things yet to arrive This one is banana with nutella, condensed milk, coconut and pineapple They told me about a dish they have, it is buckled, they’ll buckle it here, I wasn’t planning on it but now it’s a challenge This is squid, shrimp, shimeji, broccoli and cheese, all these cooked on the citric juice The place’s oldest dish It’s burning! Ok, so I’ll keep eating Nice It should be good Shrimp is like this: the more the merrier Thank you very much I’ll wait a bit ’cause it must be boiling In the meantime I’ll eat these shrimp ones It’s a really pretty pineapple So, there’s still these ones that were done now and the rest is dessert Let’s do this It’s still hot Now, the strawberry sushis and the desserts I’m not a big fan of coconut, but… It’s good Banana and nutella I’ll use the rest on the pineapple This is good… Damn this is good! It caramelizes because of the blowtorch Chocolate Real chocolate Ok, I’m fine already I could keep eating, but… The food is very good Two things: if you like japanese food come check it out, if you don’t like it come try anyway, ’cause I’m sure you’ll like it Dude… what a meal… I’m really happy, I’m very satisfied Just one thing that I didn’t say on the beginning of the video They have here an exclusive vegetarian menu, for both the buffet and the a la carte So, if you don’t eat fish and meats you can still come here ’cause they’ll have something for you And I want to know… If you didn’t know the Breaking Restaurants series comment down below What did you think? Did you like it? Do you want more? There’ll be one more this month And I’ll probably redo the pizza all-you-can-eat buffet, which I ate 60 slices of pizza but I want to eat even more Ok? It’s good ’cause there I can count the amount properly. I’ll try to weight myself before and after And that’s it everyone Leave suggestions of where you want me to go, ok? And I hope you all enjoyed it Stay tuned on my Instagram ’cause I’m announcing where I’m having my practice sessions for Nathan’s And they are happening here on Brasília, on The Famous BD. Stay tuned, ok? I want to thank everyone And if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram, and thanks! Subscribe And activate the notifications