We do wish you, wear a, warm welcome to the fairmont Lu mantra palace, also known, as the pearl of the swiss riviera, my name is stefan scott And i’d like to take you on a tour to explore our venue and to make your event an unforgettable experience Our property itself consists of three different buildings the palace hosting all of our? 236 rooms and suites the petit palais and the sparc garden area all easily connected by a tunnel So let’s get in and discover the famous fairmont element hoteles We’ve just, walked, through the main entrance and here we are in the lobby, where you find the reception concierge and designer shops So let’s grab, some keys and discover a few of our 236 magnificent rooms and suites This is one of our stunning lakeview? Rooms offering, exceptional comfort and the view that is simply in a class of its own for groups We are able to offer up to 200 rooms per night Here, we have a signature suite featuring two balconies and the separate living and sleeping room area This is our quincy? Jones suite where he himself stays every, year during the famous, montreux jazz festival Now come and join me on a tour of our function rooms Welcome to the grand hall the heart of the palace and main access point to all our meeting and breakout rooms This, fantastic space can Hold pre-dinner cocktails and networking receptions for up to 350 guests prior to a magnificent dinner in one of our two belle epoque ballrooms This is our first beautiful belle epoque ballroom the salavat whether used for a classic or? With its built-in stage funny funny funny 21