From now on, Dan Oh is the only woman for me. – No, Kyung! – Kyung, you’re awesome! – Dan Oh, get away from him! – All right! – Dan Oh! – Really? Come on, Dan Oh. – All right! – Yes! – Hey, Dan Oh! – All right! – Are you serious? – Looking great! – Come on, get closer. – No way. – This is amazing. – This is insane. What is it? Dan Oh, I’ll accept… your sincere love. If this is some kind of a joke, you need to stop. I’m not joking. I’m going to try to like you… as of now. – You’re awesome! – My gosh. – This is huge. – Goodness. – My gosh. – Come on, Dan Oh. This is insane. Let me go. You’re looking at me, but why does it feel like you’re talking to someone else? You. Don’t you dare toy with people’s feelings. “Toy”? Isn’t that what you’re doing to me? You used to cry because of me and now… How could I not be upset by what you have just said? That wasn’t me. It was what the writer wanted. – What? – I’ve never liked you willingly. Say it again. Repeat what you just said. Kyung, I’ve never liked you. The pain will slowly get worse and worse… if you make a mess of the stage in order to find your answer. Stop Dan Oh. Haru! The stage changed. Once the story begins, everything needs to fall into place. So why weren’t Nam Ju and Ju Da present? Why? Why? I’m sure there’s something between Do Hwa and Ju Da. That’s why the story changed, and Kyung and I became the main characters. You and I changed the story! Stop Dan Oh. That’s the reason why you exist. The stage has changed. Soon… No. Ju Da. I need to tell you something. What is it? I like you. Me too. I like you. We’re friends. “Friends”? That’s what the writer intends. But I chose to like you. This can’t happen. Why not? I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. Think carefully about how you feel. About how I feel? Ju Da. Please remember… this moment. (Yeo Ju Da) Ju Da. Nam Ju. You’re late. I was about to go. There’s no need. The party is over. Nam Ju! Ju Da! Are you okay? What happened? What is it? – What’s going on? – What is it? – Nam Ju! – What? – Are you okay? – Yes! It was a mistake. Well… Let me escort you. – This way. – I’ll see you next time. I’m sorry. Nam Ju. Why don’t you brag… in front of everyone about how disrespectful you are? Mother. If your father was here, he would’ve gone ballistic. Do you think this is a joke? Until when… am I supposed to manage all of this singlehandedly? You’re just afraid of getting kicked out. – What? – Don’t use… your son’s birthday party for your fame. – How dare you? – I am sick… of everything. You… Everything’s changed, right? Right? (Nam Ju.) (Slapping) Stop Dan Oh. That’s the reason why you exist. (Your love for me never mattered and never will!) Isn’t it basic etiquette to make sure the book… you borrowed is given back in good quality? I guess you were surprised while reading. But then again, I was startled as well. It’s a cliche romance comic, but I can no longer predict the ending. Just like you said, the pain worsens every time the story changes. I told you so. So why are you enduring the pain and helping her? Because Dan Oh knew my name… when I didn’t. I keep seeing these flowers that I’ve never seen before. What’s strange is, they always appear when she’s there. What’s even stranger is, both the flowers and she… seem familiar to me. I believed she’d tell me… why I felt that way… and where I began. She won’t be able to tell you anything. She’s just an extra who’s running out of time. The writer created this world. And you guys are just two of the countless extras. There are neither answers nor meanings. The writer will get rid… of any extras who will interfere with the story. Then… – will Dan Oh… – She has a name and a role. She’s different from you. There are levels for extras. You’re the only one… who’ll disappear. – Haru. – It’s pretty. Dan Oh! Congratulations. Kyung was so amazing. Is your love finally coming true after 10 years? Are you two really getting married? Did he say that you are truly the only girl for him? Tell us how you seduced him. “Seduced”? It only worked because she was sincere. It’s just like my feelings for Nam Ju. – Lucky you. – You are amazing. – Tell us. – How did you do it? She has a name and a role. – Did you guys kiss? – Did you? – She’s different from you. – Did he confess his love? There are levels for extras. – Where did you kiss? – Tell us. You’re the only one… who’ll disappear. – My gosh! – Seriously? – You kissed? – They did? Hey, Haru! – Haru. – Dan Oh! I didn’t know such a handsome guy went to our school. Who is he? You’re making my heart flutter by staring at me like that. I thought Nam Ju was your only love. The slot for my second love is still available. Hey, look at how many likes I’m getting! – I’ll take care of this. – But the cake is ruined. – From now on, – Your video is very popular. – No way. – Dan Oh is the only woman for me. Oh, my. Dan Oh, look at this. Gosh, his lines and actions were totally Nam Ju’s style. Look at him hugging her! My gosh. I can’t believe how close you guys have gotten. Gosh, Kyung is quite direct. The entire school is going crazy. All the kids in my class ask me… if Kyung has really set his mind on you. Only men know how other men feel. In my opinion, this is a done deal. – See? Look at his eyes. – But… wasn’t this too sudden? I mean, I’m happy because Dan Oh isn’t in one-sided love anymore. Up until a while ago, he was seeing other girls. Did something happen between you two? – Something did happen! – Oh, my! We really did it this time. Ju Da. Nam Ju. – Nam Ju. – Hi, Nam Ju. No way. He and I have matching bracelets. – Stop lying. – What’s wrong with you? I’m serious. I have the same one at home. – Where did you buy it? – You don’t know anything. Where did I buy it? Why do you ask? You’re not going to talk to Ju Da? Why do I feel bad for those two? You’ve been hassled by everyone today because of me. Hey, that’s not your fault. I changed it because I wanted to change it. I’d feel better once I told her about my feelings, but… Anyway, where is Haru? I don’t know. He’s been acting weird since this morning. Was the changed story too shocking for him?[VIU Ver] MBC E11 ‘Extra-ordinary You’
“Haru’s Decision”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-– Just tell us. – What happened? – Everyone, I don’t even know. – You tell us. – Dan Oh. – Go away. Stop. – Dan Oh. – Hey, go away. Get lost! – Hey, stop it. That’s enough. – What happened? – We have a problem! – What is it? We don’t have a goalkeeper. – I can do it. I’ll do it. – Let me do it. Me, me. What about him? – Who is he? – I don’t know. – Is he in our class? – Hey, you! – You startled me. – Do you want to play soccer? – My goodness. – I guess he can’t hear us. – He can’t hear us. – Don’t even try. – I’ll go get him. – Kyung. – Do you know him? – Do you know him? – Hey. – Get him to join us. – Get him to join us. – Let’s go. The guys want you to play soccer with us. Do you not have friends? – I do. – I see. Is that so? But why are you alone then? You don’t hang out with A3 all the time. I’m not that close with them. I’m really close with someone else. The girl I’m engaged to. You know her too, right? Yes. Dan Oh. I see. You knew? Right. The whole school knows she had a crush on me. Should I let you in on a secret? I’m just toying with her. Are you serious? She’d even die for me if I’m a bit nicer to her. But who on earth are you? You won’t know even if I tell you. I see. Is that so? Dan Oh! You’re quite the trickster. How dare you pull that stunt at Nam Ju’s birthday party? Have you gone mad? I guess faking your condition worked on him. What are you doing? What is this? – Where are you going? Hey. – Stop her. This is pathetic, Dan Oh. You should just keep having a crush on him. That kind of role suits you perfectly. That kind of role suits me? – Yes. – Aren’t you embarrassed at all? You begged him for love. What? – Look at her. – She’s pretending to be sick. Hey, Dan Oh. Dan Oh, you little… What are you doing? Who are you? Are you all right? Move. Dan Oh, come with me to the nurse’s office. – Kyung. – Kyung. Oh, no. What’s your problem? No, I’ll take her. Let’s stop for a second. Are you sure you’re okay? I think you have a fever too. No. I’m… I’ll be fine once I get some fresh air. I promise. I’m in it too. Can you let me keep this? You acted as if you didn’t know me this morning. What was that earlier? You made my heart pound. I just had something to think about. I get it. Changing a scene on the stage happens rarely. I can understand how confused you must be now. But I still think I’m creating my own moments… to my heart’s content. What was that? Why did you smile? You are right. I’ll just follow my heart too. I’ll keep going… regardless of the price I have to pay. Right? Trust me and follow my lead just like you’ve been doing so far. Okay? Hey, wait up. (“Flower”) What about Dan Oh? Why are you here alone? I guess you are scared. You told me that I would disappear. Everyone would be scared then. Exactly. It would’ve been nice if you listened to me. Your hand wouldn’t have hurt. And the story wouldn’t have changed either. An extra in a romance comic isn’t that bad. There’s a lot to observe too. Anyway, I’m glad. You won’t play along with Dan Oh’s plan, right? It wasn’t something I could stop. I couldn’t keep my distance… from her. I will stay on Dan Oh’s side. What? I started to want a different fate for my character too. – You… – I don’t want to be an extra… that can vanish whenever, wherever, and however the writer wants. I decided to be the only person who can change… someone’s fate. If there’s no answer as to how I came to this world, I will… make my own answer… with Dan Oh. (If there’s no answer as to how I came to this world, ) (I will make my own answer.) – I’m home. – Dan Oh. Come here. What? What is it? You forgot to tell me something. I forgot something? No way. I don’t forget things. Baek Kyung. Go ahead. Brag all you want to me. I don’t know. I’m so tired. My gosh, you’re shy. From now on, – Dan Oh is the only woman for me. – I can’t watch this. (Baek Kyung is too good for her.) “Baek Kyung is too good for her.” “Eun Dan Oh chased after him for a decade.” “She’s almost a stalker.” My gosh, these comments are infuriating! The story has changed, but is my set-up, my crush of 10 years, still the same? “Baek Kyung can do so much better than her.” “Eun Dan Oh is too good for him.” My gosh. Goodness. What’s wrong with this? It’s broken. It’s definitely broken. It’s totally busted. It’s so noisy. Be quiet. Leaving without saying goodbye? It’s me. I want more information on one of the students. Nam Ju. Why? Do you have something to say to me? Well, you know, on your birthday… Oh, before you go on, I have something to say to you. You can stop running errands for me. It got annoying. Hey, you need to be quiet today. Try to take a hint. Hi. (Heart rate: 123, Normal heart rate: 65) I’m sorry. Did I surprise you? Yes. No. No, it’s… I think this is broken. It’s broken. Yes, it’s broken. Are you sure you’re okay? Yes, of course. Of course, I’m okay. Let’s go. Oh, no. Dan Oh, you must be broken. Are you okay? Hey, Do Hwa. I wish I wasn’t aware of myself like you. Then I wouldn’t have to be in so much pain right now. Do Hwa. – Going to see Ju Da? – No. You don’t need to be conscious of me anymore. – What? – Use her as your errand girl. I don’t need her anymore. Hey. She’s not a thing. Why are you overreacting? You said she’s just a friend. I can’t stand the way you talk about Ju Da. – Who do you think you are… – Because I like Ju Da! I told you to stop crossing over the line. You said she’s just a friend. Answer me! How many times do I have to tell you that I like her? I let you slide a few times even though you were cheeky… only because you’re my friend. I’m only holding myself back because you’re a friend. (Going to see Ju Da?) (I told you to stop crossing over the line.) – Are you thinking about Kyung? – What? No. You can’t fool me. You look like you’re thinking of someone you like. Me? No way. Okay, let’s say you weren’t. Sae Mi, this is what happened to a friend of mine. She keeps thinking of this guy, and her heart races whenever she’s with him. Does this mean she likes him? And your friend must be Eun Dan Oh. No, it’s not! – He’s coming. – Haru? Hey, Kyung, let me make an official announcement. Here’s your only woman, Dan Oh! – Over here! – Let me go. This is getting on my nerves. Dan Oh. Are you asleep? Darn it. Just leave already. Dan Oh. Why do I keep getting concerned about you? What? What? This isn’t even the stage. It makes no sense. Me, with someone like her? What’s with him? (Episode 12 will air shortly.) (Episode 12) Everyone, listen up. As of today, Lee Do Hwa… isn’t a member of A3 anymore. – What? – What? – What? – Do Hwa? Really? I’m looking to add a new member. – What? – Do Hwa is out? Hey, Ban Jang. Do you want to be a part? – Seriously? – No way. Then you? You? Okay, do you want to be a part? Hey, curtains. Yes, you. What’s your name? Do you want to be a part of A3? – He must be insane. – No way. – Really? – What? Nam Ju. We need to talk. Nam Ju! Hey, Nam Ju! – Come on. – Do Hwa is gone, then? Did you and Do Hwa get in a fight? If it’s because of me, it’s a misunderstanding. What misunderstanding? Do Hwa and I are just friends. – I… – Hey. Do you think you’re a big shot… just because I associated with you a few times? – What? – Why do you care… if Do Hwa gets kicked out or not? Do you like him or something? – Is that why? – No, it’s not like that. Never. I… Stop it. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Man, that really hurts. You can try to talk it out with Nam Ju again. He won’t remember, and he’ll repeat the same lines again and again. Oh, the same goes for Ju Da, I guess. But still, I like her. I feel much better after telling you that. Do Hwa, what’s going on? You’re so slow. My feelings change several times a day. Isn’t it scary? What? The fact that this is a world of comics. Depending on what the writer intends, this romance comic can suddenly turn into a dreadful one. The genre can change just like that. Even the main characters can become extras in a blink of an eye. What is it? Is it because you were kicked out of A3? Don’t be bothered. It’s such a cheesy… Does it hurt a lot? You’re so slow. When one thing changes, other things change along with it. That’s why it’s driving me crazy. No one knows what will change. But there is one constant. – What is it? – My feelings for Ju Da. Gosh, that was awesome. It was perfect! I’m going to keep liking her even if it’s in the shadow! That’s right! Even the writer can’t change the way we feel! – What’s with him? – I know, right? What should I do? – I got 8 questions wrong. – 8? What? (English) I got eight questions right. – There’s no difference. – Don’t be ridiculous. What? You aced it? – What? – He aced it? – What? – What is it? How should I say this? From the moment I saw you, I knew we’d click. We’re both good-looking too. Don’t we have so many things in common? What? But you got zero percent in English? – What? – No way. – Are you from the Joseon period? – He aced it. I didn’t know such a handsome guy… – went to our school. – “went to our school.” – Who is he? – “Who is he?” What was that? Can… Can you hear me? Sae Mi goes head over heels for any good-looking guys. I bet she has a weaker heart… – than you. – You’re right. Do you want your heart to become weak as well? – Who is he? – Come here. It’s that guy… whom Nam Ju suggested as Do Hwa’s replacement. Haru. Stop it. – Come here. – Let me go. It’s marvelous. During my past 20 years here, I’ve never seen such a student. I feel such deep sorrows in the melody. I didn’t know such a handsome guy… Yes, he’s been a student here for a long time. Hey, what’s your name? Oh, my goodness. That touch… That texture… Have you learned this before? No, I just let my hand lead me. Unbelievable. – I… – Yes, he’s a handsome guy. wish there were more guys like Haru at our school. He’s so handsome. – What? – Nam Ju will forever be… my first love. But for the other female students, there should be more handsome guys. Everyone, attention. Look at Haru’s painting. How should I explain this? – “Haru”? – In these leaves, there is a beat, a rhythm, – and a soul. – Beat, rhythm, and soul. “Help me, please!” “Please don’t pick me!” Doesn’t it seem like the wild orchid is screaming? – Yes. – Right? – Yang Il! – Yes? Yes? Are you enjoying yourself? Am I enjoying the weed? Beat, rhythm, and soul. Beat, rhythm, and soul. What are those? (Haru) Isn’t it so fascinating? Did the writer intend to write that… or was it our doing? What do you think? Are you hot? You’re sweating a bucket. I’m sweating? I’m not sweating. I’ve always had this. Is it part of your character? It seems to change with the stage. Really? How so? I don’t know in detail but… – Haru! – Haru! – Haru! – Haru! – Have this. – This too. Aren’t you thirsty? Is he your new love? Can you give me your number? I don’t have one. You don’t have a phone? No, Do Hwa gave one to me several times. But once the stage ended, it disappeared with it. – “Stage”? – “Stage”? Yes. Do Hwa gave it to me twice. Why would you bother to explain it to them? – Go away. – Why? – Who gives you the right? – Go. Go away. That was nice. What’s the title? It’s what I feel… for you. What is it? “Pleasure of Love”. I like you, Ju Da. – Me too. I like you. – “Me too. I like you.” – We’re friends. – “We’re friends.” What? Did you see us? She said we were friends for the seventh time today. This time, it was a romantic version… like the ones you often see in romance comics. But Ju Da won’t remember. Still, I can’t hide my feelings. She’s so beautiful. Dan Oh. (VIP Movie Ticket) Hello? Are you okay? – I saw the story. – What was it? Why does Kyung keep doing that? “Kyung”? Did he bother you again? I liked it better when he did. But now, he’s saying that he likes me. That’s great. I know it was part of your character, but you liked him for the past 10 years. How about you accept his… – No, it’s way too late for that. – Right. – You said it too late. – I did. You made a mistake. – Right? – Yes. Dried Squid Fairy! You’re either at the cafeteria or the library. You should go out and enjoy the sunlight. Why are you here? Didn’t you tell me not to bother you? (Dan Oh, it’s all right. Go to the treatment room.) (I think you need to prepare yourself.) My time is limited. It’s so boring. I admit that I was rude to you. This is my apology gift. They’re my dad’s favorites. I stole them. Italy. – What? – They’re from Italy. They’re top-notch. Forget it if you don’t like them. You can’t take them back. Since you gave them to me, I’ll use them well. Did you read how chaotic it got? Yes. The stage changed, and people remember Haru’s name. They remember him? Yes. Didn’t you know? He even has a name tag now. Are you sure about that? Look, he’s not here. That can’t be. He was on stage too. See? I’m right. They say good things happen in bulk. The story changed, Haru got a name, and the others remember him. I don’t want to hear it. You’re trying to scare me again. Anyway, I’ll take it that you’ve accepted my apology. (VIP Movie Ticket) Gosh, it’s begun. It’s Baek Kyung’s time. Dan Oh. Hey, Kyung. Do you have plans today? Plans? No, I don’t. Why? Take it. What’s this? It’s a movie ticket. I know what it says here. I’m asking you out on a date. What is this? Do you not want to? No. I’m just a bit worried. About what? Actually, I don’t know how you really feel. You said you didn’t like me because I was sick. And I think you only said… what you said at the party because I broke off the engagement. Should we not go to the movies then? No. From now on, you will never… want to break off the engagement. Kyung. (VIP Movie Ticket) My gosh, you’re making me cringe too! Goodness! I’ll go because this is part of the stage. You’d better not be late. My gosh. Hey, Haru! “Stage”? You came home early today. It looks like you had a good day today. I came from a meeting with Chairman Eun. Kyung, I heard that you did a fine job this time. Why don’t we speed things up to become Chairman Eun’s in-laws? What do you mean? It looks like Kyung publicly… announced that he was going to officially date… Dan Oh at Nam Ju’s birthday party. Pardon? You should’ve done it sooner. We’re dining out tonight. I have plans. – Plans? – With Dan Oh. – Give me my wallet. – Okay. – Honey. – Take it. You should learn to be extravagant if you’re a man. Give me some water. Okay. Kyung. Did you mean what you said… at Nam Ju’s birthday party? Why? Do you feel insecure now that Dad complimented me? And that I might steal your spot? It’s not that. It’s just that I like Dan Oh. Your mother won’t like that. What if Dad hears you? I hope you meant what you said. Dan Oh is really kind. Who are you to butt in my business? Darn it. I just thought… Dan Oh might be part of our family. Family, my foot. Are you… my family? – Of course. – Hey. Stop talking nonsense. Got it? Darn it. (I came from a meeting with Chairman Eun.) (Why don’t we speed things up to become Chairman Eun’s in-laws?) This is your first date. You should dress up. Come here. As for this white dress, the back is see-through. And the front is see-through for this one. And this one is pink. What do you think? These are the best three options. Let me take photos. Let me see. All right. Wait. Okay. Look over here. 1, 2, 3. Gosh, you look so pretty. Another one. 1, 2, 3. Smile. Take a look. I bet you’ll look pretty. You’ll totally look pretty. You look pretty, right? Hey, what is this? My gosh, you look so pretty in those! It’s perfect. All right. Let me put some here and here too. Don’t you look pretty? Dan Oh. Listen up. When you eat the popcorns, make sure you brush his fingers as much as you can. – Brush his fingers? – Yes. When you drink Coke, have only one straw. – One straw? – You got it, right? An indirect kiss. The moment he sees you, he’ll go crazy. It’ll be over for him. Let me see you, Dan Oh. (VIP Movie Ticket)[VIU Ver] MBC E12 ‘Extra-ordinary You’
“Haru’s Name Tag”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-So this scene on the stage… is about Kyung running away after seeing me like this, right? Where are you meeting her? At the theater. Driver Kim, take us to the theater first. Once you see her, set up a meeting with Chairman Oh’s son. Okay. The meeting has to be at Chairman Oh’s house. – Okay. – Chairman Eun hasn’t been… that cooperative lately. He’ll only do something when we please that girl. Is it certain that she likes you? Yes. Then, push forward… to marry her. – Marry her? – Why not? You officially started dating her. I don’t think I can marry her. You said I could quit pretending to like her… once the business wrapped up. – What? – How far… are you willing to exploit your son? Am I even your son? You, brat. Get off. Get off the car immediately! Hello? Hey. I’m not going to the theater. – What? – I’m not in the mood for movies. Don’t wait for me. Darn it! How could he consistently be so rude? I found you. By the way, why did you come here? Kyung was acting a bit weird. He was? Why? Just because. Why does he have such broad shoulders? I think the screen got flipped because we’re in the shadow. Right. When you eat the popcorns, make sure you brush his fingers as much as you can. When you drink Coke, have only one straw. You got it, right? An indirect kiss. Darn it. Why did you say something like that, Sae Mi? Why are you two together? Why are you here? I thought you were waiting for me, but you watched the movie. That doesn’t matter. You stood me up. Of course, it matters. I’m your fiance! Don’t talk to Dan Oh like that. – What? – She may be your fiancee, but she’s also my friend. Dan Oh, let’s go. Why are you two together? Why are you here? I thought you were waiting for me, but you watched the movie. That doesn’t matter. You stood me up. Of course, it matters. I’m your fiance! That’s odd. He was supposed to stand me up in that stage. Why did he come back? (Push forward to marry her.) (I’m not going to the theater.) (Crying) I keep fading away. She’s different from you. There are levels to extras. You’re the only one… who’ll disappear. What is this? You must be highly interested in Dan Oh. You do know that she’s my fiancee, don’t you? Man, you little jerk. This is interesting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. – 2, 2, 3, 4… – It’s so cold. I can’t even go in. Why was I brought here? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I’ve been looking for you. Why didn’t you come to the movies yesterday? Something came up. I see. Why are you here? Why? I came to see you swim. Keep the towel on you. You might catch a cold. Okay. Haru. Let’s go play over there. I’m dressed like this because I’m supposed to be weak, but why are you in your uniform? You’re right. I think the writer made a mistake. The writer is quite sloppy at times. Exactly. Hey, what are you doing? It looked like you were having fun. Let’s go. I’m trying to hang out with my fiancee. Stop bothering us. Why do you keep bothering us? – Oh, no. – My gosh. – Who is he? – Kyung! – Kyung. – What happened? He pushed him in. Let’s go. What was that? Gosh. Guys, let’s all do a race for some ice cream. One person from each class can be the representative. – Let’s do it. – Sure. The swimmer for our class is… You just saw me swim. – Me. – Nam Ju! – Hi, Nam Ju. – Nam Ju. – It’s Nam Ju. – Really? That’s amazing. Then who wants to swim from your class? I will. Guys, shouldn’t someone else volunteer? Hey, anyone else? No, I’m going to do it. You can do it. I won’t let you win. It sounds as if you let me win before. On your mark. And 1, 2, 3. – Lee Do Hwa! – Lee Do Hwa! – Lee Do Hwa! – Lee Do Hwa! – Oh Nam Ju! – Oh Nam Ju! Oh Nam Ju! Hey, it’s Haru. – Lee Do Hwa! – Oh Nam Ju! What? What’s with his name tag? Why is his name gone? Why? What’s going on? – Hey! – What is it? This way. – Go over there! – Go! Hey! Go over there! What’s going on? What about Haru? Where is he? Mom. Mom! Mom! Mom… Mom… Dan Oh. Everyone who was by my side ends up leaving me. What do you think will happen to you and me? This is Haru’s seat. What are you talking about? I’ve always been sitting here. That can’t be true. This seat is for number 13… Yes, it’s for number 13, Park Mo Beom. It’s me. Anyway, are you okay? Where’s your uniform? Goodness. Hey, you look… Hey. (Seuli High School Student Photos) (Number 13: Park Mo Beom) No way. Where’s the book? Haru is gone. It didn’t get twisted. Everything ended up coming back to its place. Where’s the comic book? It’s not here. At this rate, the next one will be… (“Secret”) Are you… looking for this? (“Secret”)