Whose mess is this? Does anyone else want
to come to the pool? It’s a great day for a swim. Why does he look
better than all of us? I know. [laughter] Things have been heating
up here at Paradise hotel, and we’re not just
talking about the hookups. Check out what you didn’t
get to see during our latest episode on Fox. Oh, spin the bottle! Ready? Yeah. I think I finally want
to see you guys kiss. See David and I kiss? This week, the
rest of the guests saw David and Kendall drop some
PDA during a pretty serious game of spin the bottle. He was ready for it! Give it to me. Finally. Now, that intensity might
have surprised everybody else, but we can show you how this
little romance developed, starting with David revealing
his feelings to Kendall after a bit of an awkward moment. Literally, how many
times have you told a girl, I love you, or–
– My mom. You know, every day. Hans, can you take one
thing seriously for one– Hans, are you serious? Wait, how many did you say? No, he never answers
things directly. Does that mean I win? What are you talking about? I mean, you’ve said
it more than I have. So that’s great. I mean, I’ve said it. Doesn’t mean I meant it. Oh. That was the
worst possible thing you could ever say to a woman. That was, like, such
a douche statement. I’m gonna go to the restroom. Kendall? The next day,
our two new guests, Kyle and Jair, selected Kendall
as one of their double dates. But privately, David told us he
was perfectly fine with that. I’m secure. I’m not scared. These guys are schmoes. Woo! OK, love birds. Love birds, back in paradise. Kendall might have played coy
about her date with the others, but check out what
we captured when she reconnected with David. Hey. Hi. What’s going on? How were the guys? They were cool. Vibe with anyone? I mean, they’re both cool. Yeah. They both were, like,
cool guys, but– I don’t know. I missed you. I missed you, baby. Baby? Yes, ma’am. Well, you’re so sweaty. Tonight, when
we go to bed, I’m going to give you a massage. I’m gonna kiss you
up to your shoulders. To your lips. Then leave you the
hell alone, because I know you love your sleep. Know how to make a
girl’s fantasy come true. Now, that’s what
I call room service. Check out all new
episodes of Paradise Hotel Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Thursdays on Fox.