I am Traveling Desi, and in this episode of the Switzerland series I will show you Zurich with all expenses involved ! Zurich is one of the biggest cities in Switzerland, and when going from India to Switzerland, most people enter Switzerland from Zurich other than Geneva And so we will start our budget trip from Europes’ most beautiful, most classy and most expensive city ! And as I am in Switzerland this time, you’ll get to see more of it and less of my face ! Finally I am at Zurich airport and I am waiting for the baggage. I checked through the airport wifi that a taxi from here to my hostel would cost 60 Franks or 2800 rupees! So I made a public transport navigation in google maps And learnt that, if I take the S16 train to Hardbrücke station and take the 72 number bus after that, I will reach my hostel in 13 stops ! As S16 train was about to come, I rushed to the railway station in the basement of the airport ! At the ticket counter I learnt that a multi transport airport connection ticket valid for 60 minutes is for 7 Franks. Hence it costed me 2000 rupees less as compared to a taxi ! And on this ticket, you can go anywhere in the city irrespective of the number of buses or trams you change And so, the ticket I bought was also valid on bus when I was to board the 72 number bus . After verifying my destination stop at the bus stop, I got on the bus and after 13 stops, I reached the youth hostel Finally I’ve reached youth hostel, and my room number is 109 and its a four bed dorm. If you’re a family of 4 or a group of friends you can rent the entire room for around 10,000 rupees a night. As I was alone, in this expensive city, this bed cost me only 3000 rupees per night. And if you are a honeymoon couple or only want a hotel at the city centre, 3 star hotels cost around 7000 to 9000 rupees per night And a double accommodation and good airbnb apartment cost around 5000 to 7000 rupees per night . I started my fist day with the free european style breakfast offered by my hostel which included cereal, cheese, fruits, bagels and hams and free coffee is also available which costs around 200 rupees in the city. Its my first day in Zurich, and I am leaving my hostel and going towards the city centre and before that, I’ll just rent a FREE bike . I was in Switzerland in the first half of April, which, budget wise, is the best time to visit it ! The peak season is in summers, that is June, July or August. Months of September and October is also a good time for budget travellers. Because after that, it starts to snow here, and the weather becomes extremely cold. The most expensive city in Europe and second most expensive in the world, in Zurich city you can get a free bicycle by depositing 10 Franks as security fees, and some ID. And this is the best way to explore this city ! But if you’re with kids or family, you can use a public transport pass valid for 24 hours which includes unlimited bus, boat and tram rides . There are various free government run free bicycle rent outlets in the city And you can get their address information on their website . And from on of these, I picked up my free bike, and went to the city centre . As I always say, one should always stat to explore any European city from its centre or historic old town which in most cases is the city hall or the
railway station. And when you come to Zurich railway station, you’ll first see the Guardian Angel. After seeing this angel gifted by an artist on the 150th anniversary of the station when you come out of the station, you’ll reach one of the most posh streets in the world The Bahnhofstrasse ! You’ll get to see the upper class of Switzerland one here because, most of the luxury designer brands stores are available on this road . And if you’re window shopping like me, you can get a glimpse of the latest fashion ! Other than chocolates, sceneries and banks, Switzerland is also know for Swiss watches ! And this street is filled with stores ! Thats because, if you want, you can buy a Swiss watch costing between 4 lakh to 40 lakh from Swiss brands such as Rolex and Omega ! Whether its super expensive luxury handbags or designer jewellery this place can be very risky for honeymoon husbands . Other than Designer stores, this street also has the largest Swiss banks like Credit Swiss or UBS . And so, shops on both sides of this street are the most expensive real estate properties in entire Europe ! And behind me is Paradeplatz, which is the most expensive square here and real expensive is super expensive here because of the 2 biggest Swiss banks UBS and Credit Swiss . And this is a very busy intersection of the city, a lot of trams go zig zag over here, and I was about to be crushed twice ! And later I learnt that the name of this square is Paradeplatz so I had to come back here the next day to get the same shot ! The station is behind me, and after crossing The Bahnhof street we reach Paradeplatz, which is the centre point of this city . And there are big Swiss banks on this square and a little ahead is Lake Zurich . To explore this beautiful lake and its nearby areas, you at least need a day so we’ll come back to it later because on both sides of The Bahnhofstrasse is the historic and beautiful Old Town ! In this historic and narrow pedestrian area made out of cobblestone you can find a lot of local galleries and restaurants ! And in this area, you can also take your postcard perfect zurich picture shots But the main highlight are the two main and historic churches of Zurich. The first one is The Fraumünster Church,, some parts of which date back to the middle ages But unfortunately, I cannot show you this from the inside as photography isn’t allowed inside ! And the second is quite famous, made in 1220 with twin towers “Grossmünster Church” And you can go up its tower to enjoy the best views of Zurich by paying a fees of 5 Franks. And its quite a view ! From its rooftop, you get a full panoramic birds eye view of the historic old town After enjoying this view for a while, you can go to the next famous location over here After a five minute walk from the city comes the lindenhof hill park where the locals come to play chess, and tourists come to enjoy the finest views of Zurich city. Other than enjoying chess with the locals, this place is known for the free views of the city And then I refilled my water bottle from here. And before ending my first day, I got on my bike and crossed some beautiful bridges of the city went towards my final destination . Alongside lake Zurich, there are a lot of parks, where you can go to relax after a long and tiring day and you are accompanied by some cute ducks in this scenic, quite and natural environment . As lake Zurich is very huge, you can bike on the bike trails alongside the lake and enjoy the greenery, cleanliness and well kept natural beauty ! And lastly, in Zurich, you can see lot of swans increasing the beauty of its lakes . And then the sun was about to set, and I bought a 24 hour transport pass at 8’o clock in the night so that I can go back to my hostel, and I bought this pass in the night because this was going to be valid till the next evening, till I leave Zurich Alright guys, its my second day in Zurich, and I am going towards the city And after exploring the city for half a day, I’ll be renting a car because renting a car and train travel is somewhat costing me the same because train tickets are very expensive . And on my second day, using the 24 hour pass that I bought last night I got on the tram, and left for my first destination for the day . I have a few reasons to go to the university The first is Polybahn Included in the transport pass this funicular takes you on a joy ride straight to the campus of University of Zurich After taking the funicular, I am now at the university campus and enjoying a free and beautiful city view . Nothing short of stunning . And this is the second reason, Picture perfect free views . Whenever I go to such a big city I always tend to see its university, because I didn’t get a chance to study in one But I dream of studying History at the McGill University in Canada and eventually become a history professor and for that I have to do a P.hd which takes a lot of time,
and that’s my dream actually. If somebody would ask me what I want to do in my life, I would say professor After the university, I got on the tram and visited some more attractions like Zurich City Hall, Zurich Opera House, and after my last round of the old town I headed towards lake Zurich for a boat ride. The day bus ticket also includes boat ride and the boats here operate like buses to go up and down from a location and if you’re ticket is valid in zone 110 ice, the centre=, you can take free boat rides . And in this boat, if you want, you can take a round for 90 minutes for 5 stops, get off at the first stop, hangout for a while and then take the return boat As I had less time, I got off at the first stop, i.e. Zurichhorn park After a small boat ride, I have reached this beautiful park which is also alongside lake Zurich . And in this park, I saw locals of all age groups . And the special highlight here, is a Chinese Zen garden . And if you’re with kids, do consider this place . After spending some time here and enjoying some amazing views, I will go to the airport and pickup my car . I then got on a train to go to the airport from the nearest station to the park . So guys, these were my 2 days in Zurich in which I explored most of central Zurich now it was time to go back to the airport and rent my car and to go towards my next destination Lucerne ! But before that, lets discuss all the expenses in Zurich . Airport connection ticket for 500 rupees. 2 luxury Swiss chocolates for 150 rupees. A hostel for 6000 rupees for 2 nights . Haldirams meal, bread and breakfast for 1000 rupees for 2 days One transport pass valid for 24 hours for 600 rupees. Entry fee for Chinese Zen garden for 350 rupees. Sim card for 700 rupees. Entry fee for the church tower for 350 rupees. And the bike was for free and you have to return it the same day else you’ll have to pay a night charge of 10 Franks . And in the next episode, I’ll discuss car rental and a detailed comparison of Swiss pass and will cover topics such as car insurance basic rules, renting websites, and my full booking details . And if you have any question regarding any of these, please leave a comment so I can include it in my video. Until then, I will wait for your likes, share and comments And for more episode every week, please hit the subscribe button and the bell icon. Until next episode, goodbye from your Traveling Desi !