Sharer’s it may be dark outside but uh
that’s because we’re about to go somewhere super special we can spend the
entire night there let’s get in the car and let’s go let’s do this I’m so
excited oh and it is dark out and there’s like no cars in the parking lot
that’s because it is late sheriff there is nobody around we know what that means
we got this whole place to ourselves check this place out
oh and this place is empty Sharers they are wrapping things up they got someone
vacuuming up it’s the end of the closing night and looks like we’re gonna have
this whole place to ourselves check it out we’ve got arcade games here this is
so cool and you’re kicking we can play oh my goodness they have so many arcade
games whoa what is this Jurassic Park thing oh we could play this all night
long and that’s not only insurance check this out we are at a trampoline park
also has a trampoline park it’s sick obstacle course look at this thing it’s
like a ninja warrior obstacle course whoa can I even stand on this whoa now
all we’re missing is just Carter and Liz where our Carrter and Liz. Carter Liz oh my
gosh I see Carter and Liz and guess what they’re doing shirts just guest Carter
you guys are snacking you made it to the trampoline park oh yeah you ready to
bounce oh yeah I’m ready to play please you ready to do backflips yes yours last
time we were here we tried to teach those how to do backflip it worked
pretty well I don’t know I don’t remember
it’s uh scary well tonight’s a new night and we have the trampoline park all
night long so we can do what everyone we can play games we’ve got arcade games
here this is so cool we can go on the trampoline you gave in to the Ninja
Warrior course is smarter I don’t think you’re doing it right I hope that you’re
gonna make it yeah let’s go do this lesson fun let’s go let’s go let’s go
let’s go let’s go time to bounce let’s do this oh they have cotton candy – OH
oh my goodness yeah shares major shout out to launch trampoline park we’re
gonna have the best night ever at the strip we park you ready gets to stay
started yeah let’s do it so funky come on let’s go let’s go let’s
go let’s go come on let’s go let’s go oh please Carter come on do it flips time
the warmup do a foot share smash that like button for Carter do backflips
let’s see is you got to get more air I’m a double bounce to you
double bounce let’s do a flip come on you got it
oh yeah lift it a little flip here I gotta warm up I got two flat first
backwards the day I’m warm I’m ready to go oh and where’s
Carter going what is this it’s like an extreme dodgeball of course whoa yeah
it’s like it’s a halfpipe trampoline what is this I can’t even get up whoa
this is like a halfpipe trampoline this is crazy
go going oh nice oh yeah whoo go flip flip
flip cheers we gotta try it where you bounce on this one and you flip over
this halfpipe wall and you land on that side you think I can do it or do you
think you can do that I’m gonna try to clear the middle let’s do this regulated
ya know he was so close common hot strike Steven let’s see if he can do it
again doing this let’s see how far you get
oh my gosh Liz come on all right try it again Liz and go to Oh almost
here goes Carter and go oh so close so close so close card is going again for
round number 2 will he do it oh so close so close whiz is going again let’s do
this 3 2 1 go come on come on and go oh oh that was a hard hard ball cheering
stuff on it check this out we’re gonna bounce our way over here but
this is so cool they have like an air pit and we could do like multiple front
flips on this check this out what do you think called I would fly off yeah this
is like a big air foam pit thing where you can front clip into I think I could
do two and a half front flips let’s try it okay even it’s about to flip it
oh he’s right here at ninety plus since you possibly can backpack front flip and
the number slips whoa you ready shirts let’s do this
ready Carter yeah I’m ready alright here we go whoa that was crazy
so many flips it’s hard to count it went so fast yours roll that into replay so
it looks like I did true front flips and now Carter’s up Carter how many that you
can do I’m just gonna try one good all right do one good front flip you ready
for it here we go and three two one front flip
go whoa whoa he landed it those awesome part inspired me I’m gonna try to do a
dead Swan a dead Swan I don’t know why that’s called a Jets
one but that look pretty crazy yeah now is let this turn lands you’re off to do
a flip something cool three two one go go go go oh listen it I think that
counts as a front flip let’s replay that go go go oh this is it yeah they look
good looks like they actually did a front flip
yeah quarters here – okay shears we did the halfpipe triple he goes Carter and
go oh so close so close so close we did that airbag tripling now it’s time to
move on to the Ninja Warrior obstacle course bucardo looks tired Carter get up a guy
did the Ninja Warrior course we’re here all night let’s go let’s go to Ninja
Warrior course all without him no Carter let’s go come on cheers I think we’re
losing Carter it’s nap time for it all right let’s go let’s go so we’re at a
trampoline park means there’s no we’re walking from this point on you only can
bounce and you get one bounce of her trampoline to make it all the way to the
trampoline park follow my lead take us out ready one bounce okay one go time to
follow 100 well that’s kind of hard Liz good luck come on Liz you got it go one
and up Oh all right we’re almost there we got one
two three four five six more to go I think yeah I’m gonna go I’m going this
way okay maybe more walking I’m going from
here go Carter go and bounce and off T safe
my turn bound and up whoa okay Liz oh nice okay almost there we’re getting
closer three more trampolines we got to make it
all go to there and then we make it there go let’s go let’s go 1 2 3 n nice
party you’re up okay here I go I’m going on this one first ready go
Oh Carter almost and almost lost come on Carter Oh party might be stuck ladies
I’m coming for you one two I made it well let’s come back we’re going this
way obstacle course is right here Carter come on yeah one two three four
where you going whoo okay okay we made it
chairs we are now at the obstacle course at the end there’s genius oh yeah that’s
the cheese if you make it to the cheese you win the first round I have no idea
how you’re gonna do this this looks so hard
oh wait Liz apparently says the rules here is to start on the other side we’re
on the wrong side ha ha this is how you start all right you got it Liz come on
Oh Liz you got it come on make it past the cheese
I don’t know Liz I don’t know what’s in there I don’t know how you gonna get
past the cheese come on climb through the hole come on Liz Liz this actually
looks a lot harder than I thought oh my goodness come on Liz you got this you
got to make it all the way across keep going keep going keep going keep going
you got it Liz keep going yeah it looks super hard girl now you got to make it
to the ropes eat mama Liz you got this go go go whoa
careful Liz you got to use your upper body strange cool is you doing it cart
is there waiting for you come on Liz you got this upper body strength just
climb you got it go go go go go whoo don’t fall this don’t fall you got it
keep going keep going come on Liz you got this keep going keep going make it
to the swing net corazon and you’ll be halfway there
come on Liz you got this you made it now Liz you got swinging crunches metal bars
I don’t even know how you’re gonna do those things but uh good luck
you got this list come on three two one go Oh what is what are you gonna do come
on cardi gave you a push come on Liz go oh
there you go there you go Liz and I don’t know what you’re gonna do now now
grab the other things somehow and walk across make it past level one there you
go her feet are on the yellow rings you got
it Liv cheers Liz almost at the end come on Liz you got this come on fight you
can do this you are a ninja warrior keep going keep going
don’t lose come on don’t give up now you’re almost there you’re almost there
you got one more set of ropes to go and then you’ll be at the landing come on
Liz come on come on yeah you definitely don’t want to let go you’re right it is
a little further come on Liz you got it you got it keep going come on Liz you
got it put your foot in there you got it you got it you got it come on so close
so close talk about don’t give up keep going keep going keep going come on
you’re almost there you’re so close you’re hovering over top of the finish
line you just gotta make it to dry lands come on Liz you got this almost there
Tagg Liz nice necklace nice necklace let’s go you got this whoo just swing it
swing it on ready come on come on Liz you got this yeah there’s completed
level one that was level one shares this super complicated thing with like these
things way up high is level two oh and shares partner is
coming through on level one corporal Carter I don’t think you’re
doing it right I don’t think you’re gonna make it come on you almost made it
all right shares Liz made it cards didn’t make it it’s up to me you think
I’ll make it smash like button even think I’m gonna make this so shares Liz
successfully made a level one quarter uh fell halfway through yeah that counts I
made it almost all the way so now I’m gonna do level two why not let’s do
bubble – I’m skipping level one I’m going to level two you think I can do
this Liz okay okay next part looks super hard
yeah I might fall right away share this might be the end of me okay
see because in it oh my goodness I might fall right away that was so hard
even maybe next time we’ll come back and you can try again that was so hard
shares these cheese plates are like impossible if anyone else how to do
these cheese plates comment right now alright here’s well there you have it
we’re here all night so if any other crazy awesome ideas for this trampoline
parts come with them down below and until next time, you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace!