The Baker hotel opened in 1929 under the management of Theodore Brasher Baker and quickly became a thriving destination resort. Central to the hotel’s success was the local spring water, as it was thought to have healing properties and attracted tourists in droves. Even the veins of the hotel ran cold with the mineral water which was pumped into each of the 450 rooms Eventually with the advancement of modern medicine the notions surrounding the therapeutic properties of mineral water faded away as did the Baker hotel It shut its doors in 1972 and has sat wasting away ever since. Now, join us as we venture inside and discover what remains. This video is sponsored by Blue Apron. The first 100 people to use the link in the description will get $50 off their first two weeks. I’m already glad we put boots on. This was the laundry room, got the machines right here. Okay we could go that way, or this way. Okay here’s a stairwell. It sounds like there’s people around every corner. We’re still in like a back maintenance area. There’s the elevator car and everything. That is creepy elevator. What if we set off an alarm? Did you see any motion sensors? No. They’re already long gone. Wow. Which way first? Doesn’t matter. Wanna go back to the dark area? I don’t even know which way is back and the front right now. So this is a counting machine right here. Look at the tiling on the floor. There’s a window right there. Shoeshine stand. And here’s the main elevator bank. You can see where the indicator would have been. Kind of disappointed that it’s gone cause that’s one of my favorite things to see in old hotels. Maybe it’ll be there on another floor. They have like shag carpet on them. Probably to protect against stuff bumping into it. It was probably the style. It’s the main kitchen, which means there’s probably a dining room somewhere on this floor. This probably used to be some kind of dining hall. A lot of water, but here’s the lobby. Holy cow it sounds like a waterfall. Look at the ceiling, it’s covered in drips. Yeah, or that’s just glitter? Is it? I think that’s moisture. I don’t think so. Yeah you’re right, it’s too evenly distributed. It’s f—–g glitter on the ceiling. There’s part of an elevator needle. Well the elevator car is not at the bottom. The main lobby area. Even the chandeliers. Wow. Probably missing quite a bit of glass, but still cool. There’s another staircase on the other side, symmetrically. And the front desk. Yep. Could’ve been an event hall, just a ballroom. The water is coming down hard in that room. These lights are straight up 50’s. This room over here though… It is pouring in here. Wow. They put glitter up in this dome also. Their staircase was not very grand. At least for the main part of the tower. What do you mean? The main staircase goes up more doesn’t it? No, the only other two staircases that go up the tower are this one and the symmetrical one on the other side. They expect you to take elevators. Yeah. Oh wow, it’s more intact than I expected it would be. Yeah, I knew the rooms would be empty, but I didn’t expect the carpet to still be in. So it looks like each room would’ve had a bathroom over here. Closet over here. Here’s what? The walls are striped back here. Probably to signify the elevator. Oh wait, this is behind the wallpaper probably. Original? This is painted in 1957. ’67. ’57? ’57. How do you know that’s legit? You don’t but it’s pretty specific. So from the bedroom over there it connects to here which was a living room kitchen. So this was a full on suite. And then there’s another bedroom over here. These are the climate control units, they’re huge. Wow. These bathrooms look old. So cool. Look they even have a razor slot. That means there’s probably tons of razors behind this wall. [uninitelligible] they’re pliers. Oh. What are you taking pictures for? What are you doing, getting some metal? That’s fine, we’re not gonna bother you. Who are you taking pictures for? Just for ourselves. Pretty fancy camera for yourselves. Yea, just hobbyists. Okay. We’re not gonna bother you so… You’re not part of the newspaper or police or something? No no definitely not. We’re cool. In that last hallway there was a guy and he had something long in his hand, something in each hand, and he was walking towards us really fast- It looked like a metal pipe. A metal pipe? He was probably just scrapping. He was like walking towards us fast, I thought it was a knife or something, so we’re like shouting at him from far away, what does he have? And he’s like, just pliers, but he put something in. And I don’t know… We said we’re just taking pictures and we’re not gonna bother him. He said he won’t bother us. But- He kept questioning us if we were news or police or something. Yea, sketchy, but I think he’s as sketched out of us as we are of him. We’ll just keep our guard up. It’s usually the bottom floor and the top floor that have the most stuff. Mattress fire. Yeah. Well good thing it didn’t catch to the rest of the building. Each floor is really empty so we’ve just been walking through them making sure there’s nothing in it and then heading up to the next floor. Hopefully we’ll find some more cool stuff on the roof though. So these seem to be laundry chutes or some kind of chute. Probably laundry, or trash. But there’s really not that much trash in hotel rooms. Probably laundry. Ho- What? I thought that was something. It’s a mattress shoved down here. I don’t know if you want to go to the other staircase. Is it blocking the whole thing? Now we have to go upstairs cause you f—–g locked us in here. There’s no door handle. Okay. Look at the material of the mattress too, that’s old. This door won’t open, will it… Let’s try the next floor. I got it. That’s some nice finger dexterity. It’s like a lounge up here maybe? Yeah, that’s cool. This room is kind of sketchy. Oh extremely. Look at the chunks of the ceiling. Those are chunks of the ceiling that fell from up there. Wow. There’s still wallpaper up there. It’s a Kraft singles. Oh my gosh. How long do you think that’s been there? Not that long. This shit doesn’t get moldy, it’s not real cheese. Oh, does it really not? I don’t know it’s probably been there for awhile. It’s preserved. It’s another lounge. Yeah. It’s got some cool tiling. This room was known as the Baker suite, and it’s also where then owner Earl Baker was found dead of a heart attack in 1967. Five years later the hotel would close forever. This is a little sketchy. No railings. Damn, we’re really visible though. And the elevators would’ve came here too. Wow. This would’ve been pretty nice. It feels so open to the outside. And you had the balcony there. Great place for a party, until someone gets drunk and goes off the edge. Wow. We’re going up there. There have been several attempts at restoring the Baker over the decades but so far none have been successful. With each passing day demolition becomes a more likely fate but until that time comes there are still those hopeful that it can one day return to its former glory.