last night we arrived very late and we are very tired by time we reach by the time I took bath, went out and had dinner. It was already late and there is no power last night in Goa we are very tired so we slept without any problem and i forgot to end the vlog last night You saw the hostel right it is beautiful Monsoon has already started in Goa I am on the streets of Goa look at the water, last night it was completely raining I bought a lock because I have laptop and other stuff in the room we rented this bike from hostel itself 300 rupees for a day Activa 3g these are very beautiful coming in summer and partying is one type of Goa and this one is the other type we searching for the flipflops Let’s go a bit forward and see near the beach last night we saw some flip flops stalls near to the beach we will go there and find out that’s the Dreams hostel, where the movie E nagaraiki emindi was shot I am currently vlogging on the phone Camera is still in the bag so you will have some wind disturbance so finally we are ready and came out for sightseeing we will try to cover beaches today let’s see the first location will be Baga beach we will go there and see the beach view just look at the view in front of me, you will understand the beauty of Goa we are on a random hill just look at the view from here this is Vagator beach those coconut trees and that beach is just insane I don’t know how much camera is doing justice just come to Goa during monsoon from July and August we are lucky we had rainfall today come during July and August and witness this beauty I am getting the Bali feeling we are thinking that from past 5 min that this place looks like Bali or Philippines so the hostel which we are staying is the bucket list Goa as I already mentioned a bed costs 200 rupees and this Activa costs us 300 we are trying to climb the hill on the same bike switched to camera now came to this hill edge we are going to Anjuna beach from the Vagator from Anjuna we will go to Baga we are planning to cover all the beaches today to be frank we are very lucky today because it is raining First I am bit upset because it is continuously raining in the morning but the view after rain fall is just amazing I don’t know how much justice camera is doing but believe me some places you have witness directly Goa is one of those so this is the situation of my helmet there are traffic police every where in Goa Just keep it like a cap will it stay? Goa is just beautiful till now and we came in this bus last night do we have other helmet? we are right now on the most beautiful road wow this looks amazing, we are in forest now stop stop stop there will be snakes here this tree is everywhere look at this fruits can we eat this or not? we cannot eat this how will they leave if this is eatable okay going inside forest in search of Python definitely there will be snakes not sure about Python but Phani take bike and come here we will go back from here if we go that side we will be going to police station again we are actually escaping from police not by doing any crime that helmet is not good and we don’t have papers also we have to go back to hostel for that so we are not going on that route so these are roots of Banyan tree look how big it is, it looks like a tree itself look at these ants they are Forrest ants if they bite we are finished we don’t know how many trees are here exactly look at this big roots all these came from this tree better to leave now or else these ants will bite oh my god look at this, even these are roots better to leave now, even this road looks so beautiful we are successfully out without any bites while going on bike we found this Mango it is very sour in taste do you want to see what is behind the camera?