hi guys so I’m here today with DES and
together we want to show you this amazing resource that we had opportunity
to stay at so far we’ve had an amazing time this is literally one of the most
beautiful places that I’ve ever stayed what do you agree yes I agree definitely
one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen so definitely we want to show
you guys the Hanging Gardens of Bali and this is just going to be a quick video
tour and hopefully you guys can enjoy it if you have any questions feel free to
drop a comment and I will be sure to answer any questions you might have so
right here is the lobby this is the main entrance of the Hanging Gardens when you
arise they have a traditional welcome ceremony you get a tumeric and ginger
and orange drink along with a dipped strawberry and a dip dip snakeskin fruit
which is only here in Bali they sit down with their brochure and they explain to
you all the things that the resort has to offer and then after us they give you
some time to relax you leave your bags with them and then they take you over to
the supercool quality system that’s actually elevated and it literally can
reach every single floor that that is in the resort also at the
lobby of the Hanging Gardens they have a map where all their trees are located
for example they have an avocado tree they have a jackfruit tree they have
tangerines what else bananas everything you think of coconuts and the cool thing
is that a lot of their breakfast items some of the items from their bars they
actually pull a lot of the fruits and their juices are freshly made from this
tree and like I said we’re in ubud we’re in the middle of a jungle literally this
place is a jungle and they built this beautiful resorts within the jungle so
this is okay so we’ve made it that’s seven flights down from the lobby you’re
gonna come right into the next level which is called the boutique and it’s
called that because there is an actual Hanging Gardens boutique here and they
have artifacts and different art pieces that are available for purchase by all
guests and visitors and we have already been commissioned to give you guys a
sneak peek tour just to be clear if you are not staying at Hanging Gardens it’s
not open to the public so the resort is not open for you to just come in and
visit if you’re in Bali you actually do have to be staying here to get these
perks so right this way so the boutique we definitely stopped
here on our first night it has so many things to offer between accessories
artifacts and pieces for your home clothing things that you might have
forgotten to pack they’re all here in the boutique shops I want to say that I’ve seen several
things in here if not all things in here that are custom in Bali and that are
made by Balinese and they’ve all been very beautiful including these little
straw bags I’ve seen these drawbacks in like every
market and even though it looks simple and it’s like hand-woven and it’s super
unique to Bali I believe now I know what you’re thinking how expensive as
expensive as this boutique in this beautiful place but believe it or not
there are a lot of things in here they’re very affordable so if you have a
price point and you’re trying to not spend so much you can definitely find
something to take back with you as a souvenir from the shop so when you’re
going through the markets and the different cities in Bali you’re
definitely going to be able to find a lot of artifacts and pieces native to
the different villages but I can say from personal experience of being out
this since we’ve been here everything in this shop is probably like so like
pristine so it’s the best of the best and it is all handmade here in Bali
every single piece so from the artwork and artifacts to individual straw and
beaded purses wallets all the paintings the final room ever going to get more to
this as we continue to tell you about Bali but all jury in Bali is handmade
and what in this handmade from like the very beginning stages so the metal
itself is broken down molded bent and cut by hand and then it’s also melted
and burned in order to make the color and if you could just take a look around
every piece in here has been handmade here in Bali the amount of detail
structure and my creativity that went into this process is absolutely amazing alright guys so now we’re at the bar at
the Hanging Gardens and if you come over here you can see that there’s a bar a
full-service bar down here you have lunch at any time of the day there’s a
lot of the meals here at the hanging garden at complimentary so you can get
complimentary breakfast complimentary tea complimentary lunch there’s very
little that you actually have to pay for once you actually come in here one of
the biggest attractions here at hanging garden is the pool so it’s a two level
infinity pool there’s an infinity pool up top as well as the bottom and it’s
panoramic view of the jungle what’s really unique about this pool it cost
ten million dollars to construct and it looks like slate but it’s actually made
from volcanic ash and from the mountain side from when they went into
constructing the entire property so it’s not slated it’s anis rawr Mandy and it
naturally creates this very smooth structure of multi-dimensional levels
and carve up colors if you just put water over it so it makes that infinity
effect even more amazing and picturesque it’s definitely probably the most
Instagram bubble and social media posts of many places that I’ve seen for the
venue so we’ve made our way down over at the spa right now so the saw um operates
12 hours a day it’s open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
and they ask that you make a reservation but it’s not it’s not required um if you
can just take a moment to listen to nature so that’s literally what you’re hearing
here this Spa has everything that you need from a traditional balinese fast
that it’s that they call the Bali bath to you know your regular Swedish
massages full-body massages manicures pedicures for individuals and for
couples and it can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half so this is
the Riverside spa area so you’re getting a massage literally outside in the
element listening to natural sounds and it’s set up for a couple here or it can
be individual so it’s going to be a place to get your traditional massages
for either 30 minutes to an hour or an hour and a half all right another thing you can do is
that you can take a walk down to the river this is probably about ten flights
I think great place to come back
here by the river is there any peace definitely beautiful so definitely if
you guys come down to the Heckman garden check out this river for sure
tons of things to do you don’t even need to leave
the Hanging Gardens too so hope you guys enjoyed this video if
you liked it please subscribe feel free to drop any questions in the comment next one