Penang From the grand opening It’s been 23 years now My name is Ken Lim Chinese name is Lin Wei Teng Before I came to the U.S. I was a high school student My parents was doing well with their restaurant that was 1991 Because Chinatown was so complicated There was a lot of Triads and wasn’t safe So my family decided to go to Flashing, NY Because there are a lot of Taiwanese immigrants and we opened a really really small 800 sqft restaurant at that time in the U.S. The market for American Chinese food is already oversaturated Because Malaysia is a halal Country So the meat we use must be halal certified For other fresh ingredients Like chicken Beef and vegetables I get them at Restaurant Depot a Jewish wholesale depot a lot of other restaurant would go there as well One of the most popular dish at Penang In China, its called Indian bread Its made with flour and egg whites Stir into a dough after that part is done we’ll let it rise for about 3 hours When the dough is ready We will divide it into smaller pieces Let it sit for another 30 minutes Then we will stretch the dough into a thin sheet and throw up in the air down against the cooking surface After its really thin We would fry it on the griddle It smells and taste great fresh off the griddle It also comes with a Malaysian curry stew In the curry stew There is chicken and potato We use a curry powder to marinate the chicken and potato some chopped onions as well as five different kinds of spices all of which are used to make the dipping sauce When we serve it to our guests The guest would use the bread to dip the curry with the chicken and potato Ken: She’s competing to be a star of a popular American Tv series ??? Guest: What Tv series? The second most popular dish is Crispy Golen Yam Ring Use Taro Mash it into taro dough Make it into a bowl shape Stir-fry fresh scallops Shrimp chicken and vegetables like broccoli and green peppers When we serve it we would add cashews on top Its a very pretty dish that also taste great So when you first walk into Penang you know its very nostalgic the first thing you notice is the intricate bamboo and woodwork It kind of takes you back To like a traditional village in Penang It makes me think of the memories when we were living in Malaysia this is a place for us to experience that authentic favor The food reminds me of home and makes me think about the meals my parents used to make for us and what it tasted like My goal is to provide a taste of Malaysia to everyone that walks into this restaurant and for my customers to feel like After they had this wonderful Penang flavors its like actually being in Malaysia the same feeling