At some point you will probably need to
replace one of your hood canopy lights or at least just the globe, which is this
glass piece, maybe the cage the optional cage that goes on here, or the
actual fixture itself. We have several styles of these on the website. This is a
very common type you’re gonna see in most hoods. However there
is an option such as this hood was to purchase the LED flush mount.
They’re very bright, they look nice they really illuminate this area very nice.
There’s nothing hanging down to potentially get broken when the filters
are being taken in and out, but when purchasing a hood package you do have
the option of the traditional style or the nice flush mount LED. They’re both up
to code, they both work just well. The LED is just a little bit higher of an
upgrade. It’s a very even light without any hot spots, so surprisingly enough it
doesn’t cost that much extra.