all those movies Ocean’s eleven now that’s a good example you know you recruit these guys because this guy was this and that guy I mean it’s a cool concept but no it really would ever happened that way for Anthony crew shield he pulled off the perfect crime almost I planned out an armored car robbery where I dressed in blue shirt blue hat safety vest and a wig basically to look like a city worker and before the crime happened I posted an ad on Craigslist and I don’t know how many people showed up to the bank but I requested that they wear a blue shirt blue hat safety vest so everyone looked uniform and on Tuesday at 11 o’clock on September 30th Oh eight they bring from our car pulled in and there was 1015 people in one corner and then another six or seven people in the other corner then there was one person that was on his own as soon as they wheeled in the money I came in from behind and pepper sprayed the armored car drivers took the money ran across the highway and stripped off all of my clothes threw it on a ground and am known for escaping on an inner tube because it was like separating there was a little stream that went underneath a freeway I could go underneath the stream on the inner tube come out the other side and even though distance-wise they’re very close in order for a vehicle to get from here to there it would probably be about 15 20 minutes so when the police showed up at the scene here there was 16 of 17 of these people all dressed in blue shirt blue hat safety vest and matching the description the purpose of that was just to create enough confusion just to buy me a little bit of time so I did actually get away I was actually caught before the crime even happened about a week prior to the crime I wanted to know how long it would take me to get from the bank down to the river on the inner tube across to the other side of this this freeway during that time run it was a hot day for Seattle so I took off the the shirt blue hat and I was wearing different clothes on you can I put these items behind a dumpster by a grocery store a homeless man he started saying hey I know what that is you know you know what’s the wig for I get my items I go back to the car and I drove off and I sat in the car and I just remember thinking jeez and in little Conn so I had magnetic dealer plates purchase bogus and I I remember thinking I’m not doing anything illegal I don’t need to put these on they just sat there and I remember looking at him after I saw that homeless man of mine and why didn’t I put these things on and 2008 when the market crashed I had been buying and flipping properties and it was like you couldn’t lose didn’t matter what I buy by the time that like the whole deal closed maybe I’d made $50,000 just because the equity was rising that fast well then all of a sudden I had all these properties even though I had interested buyers in them I couldn’t sell them no one could get along anymore I kept thinking okay I’m gonna get out of this eventually someone can do it alone but then they were like requiring it went from 0% down they’ll give anybody alone overnight it went to like okay basically 25% well who the hell’s got 25% down my point is is I was unable to sell any of the properties that I owned at the time pretty soon you know my savings totally depleted my wife and I were having another baby at the time and you know being like the man I guess you know in my head it’s like all my value came from like providing the week later the robbery happens and the difference here was that normally when people are like watching about a bank robberies most the time people are like oh you know scumbags isn’t that but that was a different time it was literally a day after the 700 dollar bailout of the banking system by the government the banking system that got this money interest-free it’s not like they’ve failed out all of the people that were losing their home some people were pissed really pissed off and that changed like the public perspective of all of this and it created like this thing when they couldn’t catch you know whoever this guy that did this was and people were like rooting for whoever it was to get away what do you got the Holy Grail the Union depository and they say it cannot be hid I got to make a big cake well gems it is then yeah it’s gonna be kind of hard to do a mission without the cheat codes though that’s the thing is is it makes the game fun or for like it’s kind of like real life you know you get the cheat codes and it’s like oh I can get this faster I can get that I have all this money and then it totally like to deflate for the game like fundaments though okay let’s get this done for us to enter glasses hidden camera it’s like yeah well you can record whatever you’re looking at but guess what they’re recording you too you don’t think they’re gonna look back thank you sir thank you sir thank you which I’m all on well exactly it’s a good idea just long enough so she remembers me yeah look at me remember this face I’m gonna take a look around think about it come back to you baby I’m gonna go look around think about it then I’ll come back baby she’ll never remember that I’m on the roof wait I’m on the building of County here why did I go into the store and the dude already knew that was in there why did I know the reason for committing this crime is because the dude does the money for the guy 2.5 million and he has no insurance yeah they’re all talking tough here but you know what since the feds come knocking throwing 20 years at you guess what all your homeboys will sell you out in a heartbeat there’s two ways I see of doing this we go in smart or we go in loud and dumb well you know the more stuff you got and the more complicated it is like in my crime you know anytime that you involve too many things it’s a lot of things that could go wrong nothing ever goes right but because I would like to try to do it smart select personnel with that in my as ever the better they are the bigger the cut it’s ridiculous picking somebody you don’t know I think to do something that you know the chances of one of these guys getting caught like it’s this dude a drunk is he gonna go yeah they’re talking about driving and composure the stuff they should be asking about it’s like you know how solid is this dude been has he ever done time before well because it will increase my odds of getting away I’ll go with Christian felts but that dude is a snitch you ever seen like five pesticide people come in and these guys have never met before yeah this is so unrealistic all those movies Ocean’s eleven now that’s a good example is you know you recruit these guys because this guy was this and that guy I mean it it’s a cool concept but no it really wouldn’t it would I don’t think it’s ever happened that way it comes down to like loyalty really and Trust at the higher levels of you know that type of stuff from my experience all right we’re actually the people that were like more trustworthy than a lower-level person the guys that are in it for like the long haul I guess they don’t you know you’re screwing people over all the time they’re not gonna have any I’m not gonna stay in business it’s no different than any other business yeah you can get a quick lick on somebody but then you know in the long run you’re gonna end up losing money and the people that are willing to screw people over for nothing are the ones that are gonna stay as like a low-level whatever so if I miss though it just creates a smoke a smoke signal for cops about it like this I mean I always say that I told them to fix that cut I’m AC good yeah bought the guns before you going come on Oh 500 what is it I’m gonna sue this day I made 5 5 mil yeah that’s another thing it’s like anything you try to steal like an item so if someone steals a painting or whatever that’s another unrealistic thing if AZ owes dude 2.5 what is he gonna sell this for so I stole four point nine five mil worth of jewelry that all be able to sell for about 30 grand uh-oh lost my crew if someone’s willing to get into a tunnel today most likely would have already gotten away we’re all good here I mean really we should just be dropping off all this it’s on don’t get rid of these freaking outfits man okay we’re free they send 50 cop cars but no choppers Lester’s waiting for us at the lockup okay let’s go see Lester stood there do you have a buyer lined up or what where are we meeting its warehouse it’s like you got the money to buy a warehouse that’s right unless we want you to stop by the house a little later on we’ll celebrate right yeah in reality one of those guys that you did it with would have been like an undercover cop hi spaz yay because of the homeless man and what he saw that day during a trial run I was eventually sentenced to six years in federal prison for armored car robbery it was considered a non-violent type of robbery only because I did not use a actual deadly weapon I signed for five but the judge ended up giving me an extra year because of those people that I brought to the scene of the crime dressed the way I was I basically put them in danger you know I spent seven months in solitary confinement and I still don’t really know the reason why I went insane I mean I really did and it was like I was fighting and I had this rage in me and it was just like well no I I finally just took accountability like hey Nancy you know you only have you to blame you’re the one that got you here you know I just kept thinking about my kids and how they’re growing up without a dad you know that was one thing that I just could not accept I’d started drawing pictures you know just little pictures or whatever and if they liked del mo I draw pictures of Elmo like saying happy birthday or whatever it was and then these pictures got more and more in depth in the way I looked at it was like okay well they may be able to look back 10 years from now and say you know what my dad made a mistake but one thing I do know is my dad loves me because even though those drawings suck you put my drawings weren’t very good there was no doubt that I put a lot of effort into it that’s how everything kind of started and when I was released after the seven months I was transferred to a prison in Florida and when I came out of there I was never this I mean I really I didn’t talk to anybody all my time was spent on basically making these books for my kids and then it was just like wow you know it brought me a piece finally I was like doing something that wasn’t for me and I fell in love with it and I came home and I tried to get a lot of these you know these works I guess published I was laughed at you know pretty much made a fool of I’d stay up until like 3:00 in the morning like trying to learn these programs on how to get my paper illustrations into like vector illustration took like five years but it was some luck I all of a sudden you know hit a best-seller my kids were an elementary school and you know parents of their friends there was no hiding from from who I was what I did the number one instincts we all have is to protect you you know you are young so of course you know of course that they’re gonna be cautious around me I don’t blame them for that just knowing that it didn’t make it any easier because as much as like I I hadn’t changed no one knows that you know that all they know is my past so yeah wouldn’t playing this game of course I look back and I’m like hey I used to be involved with this kind of stuff and guys an organized-crime and it’s like you know when I think back to that it doesn’t seem real but it was really I mean I am just blessed to have been given a second chance to be able to see my kids grow up you know go to eventually someday see you know them get married and then all these first things that I’m still a part of and I value my time I value my time with them so much because I lost that time