And a picture of Sidney Poitier by the bed, okay And we offer two double beds separated or a queen bed. I’m assuming y’all would want the queen bed since (Laughter) We’re not a couple this is a business trip, we’re keeping it very professional what separate yes professional professional professional Every Hotel Ever Dude I’m so afraid to touch anything in hotel rooms Hey, don’t people use those black light things to see how dirty a hotel room is? well It’s funny You should say that because yes, they do, let’s see what we’re working with. Oh, I don’t think you want to do that It’s not necessary. All right, we’re going for it cool It’s a lot cleaner than i anticipated, don’t you think What the f- Why are these towels crunchy? C’mon, we’re gonna miss the free breakfast Excuse me, where’s the complimentary breakfast? Oh, it’s in the breakfast hall to your left But you guys already missed it, sorry. Wait, but it’s at 5 a.m to 6 a.m. Free breakfast. That is correct However, that is only for Gold Card members, you guys are regular guests Which means breakfast goes from 2 a.m to 2:15 a.m. With proof they’ve slept for at least three hours Who has proof that they slept? Who doesn’t? Are you a real doctor? No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night Oh Finally some time from the kids. You know, it’s crazy, we’re literally paying good money to be away from our children Yeah, we’re essentially paying for sex which is technically prostitution Hmm I feel weird about it now. As you should Freeze. Don’t move You’re under arrest for the solicitation of prostitution. What I thought you were my wife. You thought wrong, scum But I loved you! you love wrong, dirtbag! We have children together Guess again, pervert Sarah? Bradley? You disgust me sicko. You’re going away for a long time DAD (Laughter) (Laughter) Noooo Hotel Motel Holiday inn Can’t believe you spent $800 for three nights in this crappy hotel room. Oh Don’t worry, I got this. See I figured out a way to recoup our costs Shampoo conditioner? Yeah, I figure we spend, what? Ballpark big year rounding down roughly $4,000 a month on shampoo and conditioner, and this will get us through the next three weeks So we spend one week a month at a hotel, cutting our costs in half You’re a f***ing genius Should get those, cuz we don’t know if those two go to waste. I want to rent this movie for $26.99 Man, I’m starving, should we just order room service? imagine how expensive that’ll be. Lets just door dine. Door dine? Yeah It’s where you eat other people’s room service. Oh, that sounds good. Leftovers, you eat other people’s leftovers. It’s mostly ketchup napkins (Hiss) No running in the lobby (beep) (beep) (beep) (beep) (beep) Damnit (beep) (beep) (laughing) He only lasted two minutes, I win. I thought he had more in him. Well alright now whose key card you gonna deactivate now? Double or nothing all the same guy? Oh its on! Every Hotel Ever Thank you guys so much for watching this video And if you haven’t yet hit that Bell button, please do so you can actually see the videos That’s pretty nice. To see ‘Every game show ever’ click the box on the left, and click the box on the right to watch ‘You Posted That?’ featuring Sofia, Nygaard, Owen Rogers and Joe Bereta. It’s a good time