Okay, so can you get started on putting fries in the fryer? Ah, sure thing. Uh, chicken or regular kind? Regular. Sweet. Styrofoam it is. EVERY BURGER KING EVER Hey, welcome to BK where you can have it your way! Really? My way? I’ll take my whopper but add mushrooms on it.
Oh, we don’t have mushrooms.
Really? No mushrooms? Can I get my whopper as a lettuce wrap? No! Could I get my whopper as a chili cheeseburger? No Okay, fine What can I get ma’am? Well, you can get anything on the menu exactly as written, but no changes Fine. I’ll take a.. Bacon King. We’re out of bacon AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Your grace the chicken fries are falling I figured they would oh Yo, why is this table so sticky? oh, yeah, we should definitely move tables Yo, I’m stuck me too me three Whoa How long you been down there? I can’t remember a time before I was stuck on this floor Hey, did you guys get a cup of water? You think it could push them into my mouth? We don’t have any water all we have are these chicken fries? You think you could wring some of the grease from the chicken fries into my mouth? Oh Sure Thank you! That’s nice (GROSS) BK kids it’s in the game Hey, babe, ah I know fast food is your guilty pleasure and everything. So I figured for your birthday. I get you a Burger King gift card So you’re breaking up with me? what? I guess so Huh? I found a sesame seed on my burger and I demand to know who’s responsible! All right King, have you decided what you want for your last meal? Yeah, can I get um..? Big Mac? What? The king wants McDonald’s for his last meal? Keep it down man But you’re the Burger King But don’t you want a Whopper or something? . F*ck no, I want to enjoy my last meal. I definitely understand that. All right one Big Mac. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, can I also get one of those jack-in-the-box tacos? I’m sorry I’m sorry, they only come in two Oh, that’d be great on both Yes, but what about a burger Queen do you have a place my grandchildren can play it back at McDonald’s as a matter of fact, we do if you go out that front door, you’ll find an empty parking lot It’s better than any play place because you get to use your imagination. But what if it’s not empty. Oh, it’s literally always empty Hi, I’d like a frosty Oh God. Okay. Sorry, I’d like a McFlurry. Oh, sorry. Um, hey, I’d like a blizzard. Oh, sorry I’m hearing in my fries. That’s amazing. He’s like a little onion treasure Yes Hi, can you just kiss me tenderly chicken tenderly? Well, do you want to try some chicken fries? No. Thank you The long pieces of chicken kind of creeped me out. Oh, I got you See we still got chicken rings chicken pies and the Chickasha you guys sell any self-respect Because I’m all out Me too Hi you asked for a manager also known as burger Duke and this rookie is the Burger King machine, whoa How does it work? Oh, it’s really simple so you just take an item from another fast-food chain like this Big Mac from McDonald’s to pop it in and out comes a slightly worse version Whopper whoa, that is so cool. What if I put the whopper in the Two whoppers. Yep, cuz the only thing worse than one whopper is two whoppers Who are you looking at? Oh, no, I meant to do chicken. Oh crap Just the entire menu at Long John Silver’s Arby’s yeah, can I get some beef that’s been sitting out for 20 years? Oh That’s nice, that’s nice that’s nice