I’m Gary Bembridge I’m here in Barcelona
I’m staying at the Eurostar Grand Marina Hotel, and it’s a great hotel. It’s
located very conveniently sort of halfway between the cruise port and the
famous Ramblas area. So it’s a pretty good location in all respects. So the
hotel itself is billed as a five-star hotel. It is a pretty big hotel, and one
of the things that I do like about the hotel a lot is the rooms. The rooms are
absolutely enormous. I was staying in Room 720, so obviously up on the seventh floor. As you come to the room you can see it is huge! So there’s this very long
passage that is all done in wood. It feels very sort of chic. And just on the
left hand side, as you come in, is a dressing room with hanging space area which also has the mini bar, has tea and coffee making facilities and then also has this storage space and a large safe. Nice big large safe, so you can put things
like laptops and cameras, that kind of stuff in. So that’s a great size. As you head
down the passageway towards the bed area on the left hand side you then have
the bathroom. The bathroom is split into two areas. You have the double basins in one
area (and I love double basins as you probably know if you’ve watched any of
my other videos!) and then in the other area you have the toilet, the bidet and the
bath – which is a stand-in shower bath. As well you also get these branded toiletries as part of the overall package. So let’s go to take a look now at the bedroom
area. So as you can see as you come to the bedroom it is a nice big space. You have two beds you know together. So there are two
individual beds (so kind of twin beds) but in my case there are in sort of a double
bed configuration. Very comfortable beds as well. Across on the side you have the
dressing table /workspace area. The great thing is on the positive side there are
lots of plug sockets – but they’re all low down! So unlike sort of more modern hotels where you’ve got things like USB charges
and plugs which are up on the desk so it’s very easy to plug in chargers and laptops and those kind of things. You have to scrabble down on the floor to plug those in. So there are lots of plugs but they’re not as conveniently located as they could be. You also have a balcony. Now I didn’t actually face
outside, I’ve faced into a courtyard. On the positive side though, while I had no view it was very quiet and very peaceful. So there you are, this is room 720 at the Eurostar Grand Marina Hotel. It’s really in a great
location. It’s a quiet part of Barcelona but it’s within walking distance to the Maritime Museum and the Ramblas, and it is walkable to the port. But if you’ve
got things like suitcases or whatever and you are so sailing in, or sailing out, you
probably do need to get a taxi here as it’s probably too far to walk. So tI
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