Episode 1 Going to India Lufthansa senator lounge Munich airport Shower and Toilets To be continue after Intro To taste the dishes And drinks Travel with me Season 1 India China Subscribe! Thank you! Food Lufthansa senator lounge Munich airport Breakfast time Egss, bacon etc Drinks The Bar Hmm, Maybe one sparkling wine? Brezel, eggs and bacon Good work Drinks are available as well! Lot of different options Class of Champagne Dessert are available as well Lunch time One sausage have to eat and have to drink one beer. Lufthansa A350-900 to Mumbai LH766 from Munich, duration 7 hours 20 minutes Seat 2 D It is in the first corridor Champagne Nice legrooms Something salty to eat, yeah One more class of champagne To Mumbai Eating time, again… Indian vegatarian curry and class of white wine Indian bread Roti Chees platter And coffee plus cognac And one bottle of German beer Dinner time. Chicken with rice Always have to drink class of red wine Delicious Good boy, Almost done And one espresso have to drink… Soon we will arrive to Mumbai Now we are arrive in Mumbai airport Next I will going to Hotel by hotel taxi. Its take to drive to hotel in this time abiout 10-15 minutes. Sometimes its take 1,5 hours. In night time traffic is not so bad In day time traffic is totally differents Sometimes it is good when you got some upgrades Now I received it. It is a little bit bigger room if I compare it in European hotel rooms Here is workstation and couch I received some welcome letter. They said that ” welcome to Holiday inn” It is a nice bed Then to check what is there Bathroom and here is bathtub And big mirror And shower I think I can manage two night in this room only problem is that soon I have to start my work and I do not have so many hours to sleep Next episode Next episode Indian breakfast on next wednesday in 6 pm in finnish time Please subscribe comments and likes Thank you so much We will see in next week Please check my 360 video channel. You will find it from youtube and channel name is “matkaveijari” Thanks for subscribes