We find TimePayment very quick and easy. We use the online program. We place the
information as required on it, and sometimes we get an answer within
moments, actually. TimePayment has helped us grow by providing us an opportunity to look at businesses
that we weren’t unable to look at before, because of your a broad spectrum of types of products that we can offer, and the types equipment we can cover. You folks have been much more lenient than others and in
order to do business equipment that may not have
been considered by others. And with that, it has helped us grow by penetrating markets we wouldn’t
have been able to get to before. And TimePayment gives me a tool that other folks do not provide, and that is
they will consider the start-up business, they will provide a product
that we can sell, at a cost that make sense. It would be advantageous to any brokers to consider
TimePayment as a partner. Absolutely.