Hello everyone ! I hope you are well. I am back at “porte de Versailles”, where
was the Paris Game Week, the Salon du Chocolat, and this time I’m at Equip Hotel Fair. where is all the suppliers
for the hotel and catering industry. It goes from design to cleaning products.
There is really everything. And what interests me today is talking about ecology. How does it go when we want to pollute less,
when we are a big hotel with hundreds and hundreds of
rooms to maintain, with sheets to wash, with food, what do we do
when there are leftovers for example? Well, that’s the questions I’m going to ask
to the people I’m going to meet. Here we go! – So hello.
– Hello. – So you’re the general manager
of the Denantes brand? – Yes, I’m the managing director of the Denantes brand,
we actually distribute any textile article for laundry, hotel,
the community, the retirement home. – And then if I saw well, you have an ecological
approach to try to have a better impact? – We have an ecological approach yes to the extent that we have launched
a new article under the reference “Be Eco”. The particularity of this linen is that it requires
much less water during bleaching. It means that to whiten a bed sheet,
to give you an example, it is necessary to use 6 liters of water per sheet.
But we with our approach and our concept, we only use 3 liters of water. The second point is that we use much
less whitening agents when bleaching. So much less chemical agents and so … a point and a step to preserve our planet. – It’s really interesting, I hope
that there will be more and more brands, more customers who will work with you.
– That’s what we want. So we have this approach with
bed linen but also for toweling. – I have one last question because it’s true
that actually as a customer, as an individual when you go to a hotel you aren’t
necessarily aware of this kind of problem. Is it something that starts to happen?
Are you aware of it? – Yes of course ! It’s starting to happen. We have an approach and a speech
to keep with our customers. But I would say that the speech makes that
it represents an interest for one and all it is ecological on the one hand
but economic on the other hand. And indeed it’s starting to pay off today. – That’s great, thank you very much!
– It was a pleasure. – Hello!
– Hello Madam. – So you work at SM France?
– Yes quite. – So you sell furniture to hotels, restaurants. And if I understand correctly you make wood materials
who are kind enough to the environment? – Absolutely we use 100% recycled wood
for the manufacture of our wood panels. – I guess that’s not the case
from all providers. – Not at all. We have other products that are products that use
a lot of resin, as well as kraft leaves. The carbon impact is a lot
more important on other systems. Let’s say we use wood, which is wood
pallet quite often, that we will reuse, grind, to reintegrate into our molded laminate panels. – In fact it’s wood that is destined to be
thrown or burned, and you reuse it. – That’s it, let’s say we’re going to imprison
CO2 in our panels. – It’s very interesting, thank you very much.
– Thank you Mrs. – Hello.
– Hello. – So you belong to the group Adova,
you are a factory manager, are you? – Yes, my name is Hervé Le Puil,
I am the director of the factory from West Bedding Hotelys to Fougeres. We have three brands dedicated 100% to the hotel industry
in Fougeres. The three brands Dunlopillo Beautyrest by Simmons and Treca Paris. – And suddenly most materials
or even all materials are recycled when the mattress is returned, it is no longer usable? – So indeed the material
is completely recycled. The entire waste that
we have in the factory are recycled, whether it is wood, plastic film
that we re-compact. We then sort the mosses. They are re-crushed, re-compacted,
felts are re-used to dress the sommiers. So that’s about the product as such,
I would say today it’s zero defect er zero defect forgiveness, zero waste
on the product ex factory. And then in a subsidiary we work with companies
which take back the bedding directly from the hotels. And these products, which are the bedsteads and mattresses
we deliver, are also 100% recycled – And how does it go if we are particular
for example, and we buy bedding? Is it possible too?
to have them recycled, to send them back? – So that’s it, the subsidiary today it is not
100% effective for the individual, because it’s a process
that we have with professionals. You have to know that in France this step, it is not
not yet 100% committed with the individual. Indeed when you are particular
you buy a product … and today he calls the city, the dump, and that’s
actually one of the problems as an individual. – That’s pretty crazy because when we see
how effective your recycling is, the customers should know that the good thing
to do when their mattress is no longer valid it’s to send it back to the factory for it to be,
that it becomes another mattress in fact. – Actually what you say,
you are absolutely right. – Now, there is a big job in France
but it takes time. We see it, we see it. Each of us has garbage cans at home,
and we see that the sorting is not already done correctly. After there is an approach with the communities,
the cities but it will have to actually for all of us, our children
and our grandchildren who will arrive bah working on this axis so
to make the planet green and we have actually less
CO2 emissions thereafter. – Well thank you very much. – Thank you for your listening and
your attention and to have come to the Adova booth. – It’s a pleasure. – Hello.
– Hello. – So you represent the Green Care brand, you supply hotels in particular, and then also
communities in organic cleaning products? – All that cleans, we have a solution for.
So hotels, restaurants, communities, hospitals, we will have an answer to all these targets
in the end, with ecology. And above all, green bio-sourced products and
raw materials of plant and renewable origin – And so if we are in a green approach
a little bit, there are hotels to favor? I understand that it was a lot
4-star hotels 5 stars, Or are there any accessible things? – Then ecology will not be limited to an elite. So it is true that luxury hotels have
an obligation and a willingness to advance on this subject. But today many hotels on
more limited star ratings, 2 or 3 stars, take the plunge to work also
on this type of product anyway. – And at the packaging level, since it’s
products that respect the environment, I imagine that the packaging itself is respectful? – So packaging is a job
that we do very closely since the product must respect the environment
but the packaging must be as well. Since they must be made from materials
recycled and recyclable raw materials. And if the raw material is of origin post
consumption, the famous yellow bags so that we have it at home, it’s even better. – I just chat with people
of the cocktail brand “The cocktail company” who are actually suppliers to the bars
which mainly provide … in syrup, alcohol, straws, that sort of thing. And I really asked about the straws,
because in fact there is a law that will pass in 2020 who will ban the sale of all that is straw in
plastic and then also plates, disposable cutlery. And suddenly they are really in this
dynamic to test new products. So they test the straws for sugar
and cardboard straws. But there are also bamboo straws and straws
in metal that start to arrive in bars. So it’s very interesting to see this
dynamic to try to pollute less. It was really nice. They did not want
answer my questions and interview them because they had little problems with
journalists in the past. But I hope I have transcribed what she told me. – So hello.
– Hello. – So you’re part of the group …
then there is Priméal, Vitamont, Léa … – Yes it’s enough provided. But in fact we do
part of the Léa Compagnie Biodiversité Group who will group the brands
on La Rochelle, Léa Nature, both of the Jardin Bio food
and So’Bio cosmetic brands. And then there is another group also with Ekibio,
My gluten-free life, Priméal, Bisson which are marketed from 07 so in
Eastern France and distributed in Bio stores. – And when you’re Bio, do you
it necessarily means that we have products who will be respectful
environmental, recyclable? – That’s the goal, it’s the goal. Both in
products themselves as containers. We are trying to work
thoroughly for it to be … some compostable products or others with
products that can be recycled easily. Yes that’s the goal. – And you told me about how
it happens when there are leftovers. Because you also have bulk product? – Yes quite. That was
a question I had been asked a … now who has become a very good customer and
a good friend too, participative supermarkets. I do not know if you know the concept.
And in fact he had been doing our trash. It was really anecdote. And then he asked me
“But what are you doing, I had seen that you made small piles of loose grain.
Why are they not edible? ” I explained to him that they had moths inside,
so not necessarily marketable. And in fact we bring them after in a
farm pigs and donkeys, a rookery. And like that we give them our leftovers to feed
a little more greedy and organic animals. So here it is, it stays local, in short circuit,
and then everyone finds his happiness. And it’s organic for everyone, so that’s the main thing.
– It’s great thank you very much! – Hello.
– Hello. – So you work on the Danone stand?
– Yes exactly Danone Professional exactly. Here. – Okay so these are products
really for catering, hospitality. – Yes all products are at destination
commercial and collective catering. So the hotel business, all that is also catering
corporate, all that is also bar, cafe … all that is bakery, pastry, and (?). – And it’s all new I guess because before,
this kind of structure was not necessarily interested with plant milks, for example.
– So it’s all new. We bought WhiteWave two years ago.
So these are ranges that we are implementing today, which will be distributed to all
traditional distributors from January 2019. The vegetable alternative part to yoghurt
she is already distributed at Métro. In particular the formats 500 grams. Here. Today we know that everything that is alternative
vegetable is a true background trend. And today Danone, being the leader of the category of
dairy products, had to come up with solutions. Here. – It’s great to see that just starting
to arrive in large distributions. And can you tell me what are the
majority brands or restaurants or hotels who are interested in that? It’s really general?
– We are working with hotels We work as well with people
like Accor, like Logis, So here are all the big names in hotels. But also there is everything that is catering society
so to people like Elior, Sodexo, or Compass are very interested in this type of alternative. Here. – It’s very interesting, thank you very much.
– You’re welcome. The Equip Hotel trade fair closes. We are scheduled to meet again in 2020 because in fact
it is only one year out of two that this show takes place. And it’s really impressive
the infrastructure that requires because we are in the same place,
we are Porte de Versailles and bah … there was the Salon du Chocolat
there was Paris Game Week at the same place but each time it’s huge stands
they put up for just a few days. It’s really a great experience.
And for once it’s really a trade show which is for professionals
of the hotel and restaurant industry. So it’s a world I do not know at all
but I learned a lot of things. I was able to interview people who were doing bedding,
suppliers or people in the restaurant business. I could enjoy a little bit too,
as for the Chocolate Show. I hope it interested you,
that you have learned a lot. I will put you the name of all
the people I interviewed, of all the brands that I could mention in
this video, in the description bar. If you like the format do not hesitate to make me
comments, to make me returns on this video format. There will be others
reports that will arrive on the channel. On this I wish you an excellent day or evening.
And I’ll see you soon. Ciao!