Hello! everyone. Welcome to our channel. Today, we have brought momo challenge video for you guys. We hope that you guys will love this challenge. Our previous videos panipuri challenge, cold drinks challenge… You guys loved those videos. Thank you so much for your love. Thank you very much unlimitedly. We hope that you guys will love this video also. There is red button in our channel… Press that button to subscribe our channel. There is bell icon by the side….press that button also… We found that many guys haven’t turn on notification… So, many of you… Might have missed to watch our videos. So, please please please subscribe our channel… and please hit like and comment in our videos… and share our videos…we are your own brothers!!! Now, we are going to start our momo challenge… I have eaten first in our previous video, panipuri challenge… Today, my uncle will be eating first… So, let’s see how many he’ll eat… So, I’m eating first today and… we have 1 and half plate momo for each… And who will be eating this momo within 2 minutes… he will win this challenge. Person eating less will loose this challenge So, we have… Chilli and hot water for looser. And for winner, we have… Obviously, we have two dairy milk chocolates. Two dairy milk chocolates… Who is going to win…. You will know after starting this challenge.. So,to use timer, we have mobile… We have 2 minutes for the challenge. We had set 2 minutes time in our previous video also. Again, we are setting 2 minutes time for this challenge. Who will eat more, let’s see… Today, my uncle’s turn first. 3…2…1…go Ok, stop now. Omg!!!in 2 minutes you have eaten…1..2..3.. 4..5…10 momos Are you feeling hungry??? Look at him, he had eaten 10 momos in 2 minutes. So, guys I have eaten 10 momos in 2 minutes… So, to win he has to eat… 11 momos. I’m giving him dairy milk now cuz I know I can’t win this challenge. I’ll eat this chilli But, you have to see the challenge. My uncle has eat 10 momos. Now, It’s my turn to eat. My goal is… to eat 11 momos. So, my nephew has to eat 11 momos to win this challenge. If he doesn’t eat 11 momos then… Obviously it’ll be drawn or he’ll loose. So, now it’s my nephew turn. If, it was possible, I would eat even this plate also but that’s not possible. You might get pain in your stomach. Let’s begin… 1…2…3… Start. Eat slowly, it might stuck in your neck. Where are you looking? You can’t look to timer. Omg!!! so guys my nephew… Within 1 minute and 50 seconds… Has finished eating 15 momos. And I was able to eat only 10. Were you sitting empty stomach from morning? You can’t say like that… You were not like that hungry person… So guys, today’s challenge winner is… My nephew Rajesh. I’m the winner of today’s challenge. And we have our another winner!!!… A huge round of applause for him. He will eat two chilly now… And there is hot water to have with. I don’t know where smoke will come out from him now. Guys my uncle is getting punishment today. He ate only 10 momos. I ate 15…that was unbelievable… He betrayed me today… He’s telling I betrayed him today…he did not anything from morning… I had eaten food in the morning. We have 2 chillies in punishment today… These chillies are too much spicy and hot water as well. You might have experience of eating chilly with hot water… and know how it feels. I’m giving this chilly to him. Take… My god!!! Thank you!!! Clap for him… In punishment time. Sour…Chilly’s taste sour?-No, I’m saying spicy. He finds it delicious… You might know looking at his face. In our first video also, he got punishment. And in our second video, we both got punishment. In this challenge also he got punishment. So in next challenge who’ll get punishment, don’t forget to watch our next video… This is called- Dairy Milk. I’m feeling to spicy… My nephew is eating sweet chocolates. I’m not so much selfish. I’ll give it to him also. Take… Thank you!!! I think we forgot some thing to tell… Oh! we forgot to tell subscribe our channel. Please do subscribe our channel and share with you friends… To those who love momo and share with those friends also. Please press the subscribe button and… Then press bell icon. And stay safe at your home… And like our video. Jai Nepal…So, stay safe stay happy… Until our next episode…till then… Babye… see you next friday.