Tonight, inspired by the movie Game Night, we are staging an epic surprise for a random bar trivia team. They have no idea what’s going to happen. Hey guys. Hi, how are you? Hi, are you here for the trivia? yeah! So, we have a special. Give me your drink orders. – okay
And I’ll send it to the back. So uh, we’re actually starting pretty soon. So if you want to head to the back. – oh yeah. – okay. [audience applause and theme music] Ladies and gentlemen, this is Game Night! With your host, Alex Martindale! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Game Night! How are you guys doing? Ahhh!
this is crazy. Is my drink still coming? We’ll talk about that later! So you guys are our challengers. You guys are going to face our defending champions-
“none of your quizness” Are you ready to have some fun? The winner will go home with a thousand dollars! Let’s start the game! This word can describe both a group of Cobras
and a holder for a group of arrows. It’s called a quiver. It’s what I do when I see a bunch of Cobras,
and it’s correct! Next question. Jupiter? It’s correct! Grand Central. Pretty confident huh? Pretty wrong! Actor from the new movie Game Night, Jesse
Plemons was born in this US state. Which has a similar population to the entire
country of Australia? California. California. Incorrect. Next question. Robert Frost? Errr- that’s correct! A lie detector. Polygraph test. It’s correct! Gabriel García Márquez. It’s, Gabriel García Márquez! That’s tied. Guys, it’s a tie game. Oooh. So now we are entering the final round. And your question is-
The star of the new movie Game Night, Rachel McAdams was born in this Canadian Province
also home to the city of Toronto. Alright, here we go. What did you put down? We put down Quebec. Incorrect. Challengers, what is your answer? Ontario. That’s correct! Which means you’re the winner and the champion! Unbelievable! You win the coveted one thousand dollars! Tonight’s game has been brought to you by
the movie game night in theaters February 23rd. Goodnight everybody. This was so much fun. We loved every minute of it. It was so insane-
Can we do it again? Yes, we want to do it again. Please!