[MUSIC PLAYING] So there’s four of
us that live here. We all met at uni. We’ve been flatting
for about six months. Our lounge and kitchen area is
probably the most popular place at the flat, because it’s
so warm, but unfortunately, because of the size
of it, it doesn’t allow for us all to
comfortably fit in there. The lounge, at the moment,
has an awesome blue wall. Why would someone
paint their wall blue and then match the
cupboards blue? Our kitchen is really tiny. Once you’ve got four
plates on the bench, you’ve got no more room
to put dirty dishes. All our cabinets, are kind
of scratched and damaged. We just want our flat to be
a place where lots of people can cook together,
watch TV together, just be more of a social place. Can’t wait for the moment
that we look at it and think, wow, this is ours. Like, it’s a student flat, but– It’s a bit more like home. Yeah, bit more like home. [THEME MUSIC] [WHISTLES] Hey, guys. Hey, Stan! How’s it going? How are you? Good. Got a lot of stuff in the truck. Can you guys come and
give us a hand unloading? Sure. Awesome, thank you. OK, guys, we’ve got
some really cool plans for your place today. I’m going to give your
kitchen a bit of a makeover, get rid of that
horrible paint in there. Build you a butcher’s block. You’ve got a very
tiny kitchen, so this is going to be super handy. You can put stuff underneath
it, wheel it around wherever you like. A new table with some trestle
legs, and also a coffee table. But the main thing
we need to get rid of is the paint on that wall. So what do you reckon? Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [MUSIC PLAYING] Bit of a pig sty
up here, Claire. Yeah. OK, so you guys
said that you love sitting around a
dining room table, but your table’s just too big. So we’re going to make a trestle
table that you can actually fold the legs and put it away. Gives yourself a lot more space. We’re just using this
glue-laminated timber that’s straight off
the shelf, one piece. So effectively, all we
have to do for that top is sand that down, put
a little edge on it. I’ll carry on
rebating out our legs. You guys get your safety gear on
and start sanding that top up. Sweet. Sounds good. Sweet. Cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so I’ve cut these
legs, rebated them out. They’re just going to slot
together nicely like that. Throw a little bit of PVA
in around all the surfaces that touch each other,
and we’ll pre-drill a hole and put two screws in each leg. And then we’ll attach
these T hinges, and that means we can
just fold our legs underneath our tabletop. Sounds good. I’ll do the glue. You do the drill? Sweet. Sweet. [MUSIC PLAYING] We should have
done this ages ago. I know. Just finally getting
some painting underway. Stan’s got us to put
on the quick-dry primer before we get the top coat on. I think I’m actually getting
the hang of this now. Are you sure? [LAUGHTER] That’s looking
really good, guys. So I’ve just knocked
up the centre rail. These are just going to hold
our legs locked in place, nice and tight. Easy. Nice. This looks so good, Georgie. Yeah, it worked out well. So you guys have got a
really small kitchen in here with very, very
little working space. So what I thought I would do
was build a butcher’s block so you guys can
have another area that you can prep food
on, or even just use as a serving area. Yeah, that’d be
really good, when we have some left-over
dishes that we haven’t done in a while, as well. [LAUGHTER] I’ll leave that up to you. So all we do is
turn these sideways. You just want to try and
keep that grain as opposite and as random as you can. Kind of like here,
they’re sort of opposite each other, 90
degrees and 45 degrees. And then once they’re
all cut, we then glue that back up again, and
then it ends up like this. That’s amazing. I’ll let you guys take
this out of the cramps. I’ll see you with some sanders,
and I’ll start making the base that it sits on. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right, I think that’s done. That looks epic. Okay, Claire, I’ve got a
really good job for you now. OK, sweet. So I’ve got this
putty knife here. I’ve sanded the edges off,
so it’s not too sharp. Awesome. And we’ll just try
and remove the paint. I think you’ll be quite
pleasantly surprised. I’ll leave you to it, eh? Cool, thank you. So what we’re doing is, we’re
painting blackboard paint on, which is going to help us with
our day-to-day organising. Will be handy to see who’s on
cleaning each week, as well. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right, I’ve just
about finished sanding the top of this coffee table. I’ve just made the base
out of the same materials we did with the trestle table. And the top, I’ve just
made out of decking timber– super simple. Kind of looks a
little bit fancy, but it’s just plain
old decking timber. These are just 15 degrees. They’ve just gone on
either side like that and screwed in underneath. So you give that an oil, and
then we can give it a paint and take it in, eh? Sweet, sounds good. [MUSIC PLAYING] You keep a little
bit of pressure on the back of that drill, it’ll
help it go in a bit easier. And keep it straight, yeah. Marvelous. Shall we have a look at that? Yeah. [WHISTLES] Sweet, perfect. I got given quite a bit of stick
about those funny little legs on there. But you know what? I actually quite like it. Yeah, they look good. It works very well. Are you just saying that? Mm– Do you like it? No, I actually do like it. Do you? Yeah, I do like the legs. OK, let’s get that upstairs. Sweet. [MUSIC PLAYING] We nailed it, eh? Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] It was a massive day, but the
hard work really paid off. The end result looks
amazing, I think. Super stoked with
the end result. Yeah. My favourite piece is
probably the dining table. The fold-away legs
will be super handy when we need some extra room. I really like the
blackboard wall. Mine is probably
the coffee table. Now, when we’re watching
movies as a flat, we don’t have to get
up and get our food. It’s just going
to be right there. The butcher’s
block is real cool. Gives us the opportunity
for more than one person to be in the kitchen. Yeah, and I think if Nicky
doesn’t do her dishes sometimes, then there’ll
be a lot more room space for your dirty
dishes in the morning. Yeah. We just had so much
fun getting out and using some of the tools. Yesterday, we kind of had
this messy student flat, but now it’s kind of
like we’ve moved back into home a little bit. It’s totally like,
what’s the word? Exceeded my expectations. Exceeded my expectations, yeah. I think our friends will be
really surprised that we’ve actually done it ourselves. We’ve all put in the hard yakka. [LAUGHTER]