It is Kuala Lumpur It is Kuala Lumpur Central All things concentrated in KL Central All things will be based in KL Central KL Central can go Shah Alam From KL Central can go to Shah Alam, Serdang, UPM Serdang, UKM Bangi. You can go anywhere. This place is very wonderful. We walk backpacker Walking across the road should look left and right so that it is not hit by car. I really love window shopping. See people shopping For me, I don’t like shopping because… …all my things have been. Just like walking. See everything. Now I’m at Parkson. KL Central Parkson. I don’t know where I want to go… Just walking.. Just like… Window shopping. At the bottom of KL Sentral there are plenty of tasty food. KFC, McD and everything. This time maybe have SALE. SALE Normally Watson at every place have SALE. I sit here because only here is there a seat I’m really bored My friend… … still shopping. I want to tip Choosing a cheap Hotel and a… For travelers. Or for backpackers. If you guy have Lazada (Mistake) If you have , Trivago Or any application… Travel okay and everything. Everything is good. All you need to select… Need survey.. Don’t go only one website Trivago, Trivago… …, you guys need to check one by one… Every promotion difference The price difference too Actually many cheap hotels Depending on your budgets For me… I’m done check in RM50 for 1 nights At KL Central area For travelers is very good.. This place more SALE… Because before this i see … Kickers shirts… before this RM50 now RM25 only. So I think I want buy one only… Brother, did you have “M” size?? RM20, RM25… Normal price around RM50++ But now RM25 only Must search… I got shirt I got 2 shirt This is nice, simple… So I want to pay now. Okey… Want to take pictures… Look this Uncle… Okey hye… Maybe have promotions right?? I got 2 only. I’m really tired to see… Many more SALE… very best. This Uncle very nice. Walking only but buying Because Cheap Reason RM60 cut to RM20 …so I bought 2 reason when again I want to wear beautiful clothes. I really surprised… the statue I only buy at Parkson. Not able to buy expensive and branded… Just nice. If cheapest why not Wow, have Swarovski … Godiva. If you guys come to KL Normally go to KL Central. Can shopping around this area. This place have more wonderful things… Victoria Secret. The last is KL Central Now we want to go NU Central NU Central have many things More food KL Central more to Shopping More shirt More pants… NU Central more food We want to go This place normally If i want to go hometown Nu Sentral place always I go Nu Sentral place always I go This is the real situation at NU Central Normally University student come to NU Central. Student UPM, UKM, UiTM and any other University student Can come here. LRT, KTM here. So very easy for everyone to travel. So for travellers.. Always ask the people around there.. This is most important This announcement usually means that the area is close. Actually i want to go KFC.. KFC at the top. Can you see this LRT And… Usually this area is for a taxi drop-off for car too. And if you want to use KTM, LRT If you are here, you can ask the guard, garbage hand weep, query counter Assisted police.. okey. Before this eat KFC… Now McD. This’s my Hotel.. Buy some food to eat in the Hotel Room. So let’s go. [music] [music] this is Family Mart Shop at KL Central. what i want to buy? worried about hungry at the Hotel… Before this eat KFC, Now have McD like eating… so must important to buy some food. like nothing. Most people make vlog in a fun place, I creat a video in KL Central only. but it’s okey right? KL is wonderful too. now i done shopping… walk around KL Central. NU Central… now we want to go back Hotel. now, i done buy everything, done shopping… now i’m angry Because my air cooler not working.. so… This Hotel manager ask… i have to move to another room… this room is nice… i have to move to another room… Because my air cooler not working.. i’m so tired to restore my stuff… I’ve sorted Nevermind, this manager say that i have to move to another room… so i have to move to another room like tired… i want to sleep… I’m tired because i’m done take vlog before like this… i think i want to give low rating… so let’s unboxing… opsss… come here. Now this is my room… let’s come this is my room like this very nice… let’s come here. okey… this… ohh have two frame, before this only have one frame. i think this is a big room one before this… Before this,… too small but the price is same. So overall more better. but now… it has shown an hour of 11 nights… Because before this we change room… and i’m so tired… walking before this. But never mind…. I think if i reviews this Hotel i want to give one or two star only… because what…? because i’m so tired to move another room i don’t like move… but overall i like this room because this room more biggest compare another one… Maybe before this is small room,… So i think i pay for small room but i got bigger room,…. i like this… Maybe he know that I’m angry… So they change me the new bigger room one more comfortable… before this only air cooler problem… but overall i like,… now i want to sleep but i want creat some challenge … because i done buy McD… this is new flavour… but i have no feeling right now. but for you guys… i do… After this i want eat this… now we want to… sleep must have this… why you smile… for 2 person for RM50 I think very cheap… i think for 3 person still comfortable depending… if 3 person RM50 1 person is RM15 i think… like this…. for 1 night, for 2 night… the price is different … depending room… because my situation now is i’m so lucky because from small room… …to bigger room but i pay for small room. so i’m feel satisfied. before this is air conditioning problem. now this new air conditioner … …very cool. but actually normal air conditioning is cool now i can’t sleep and time now is 12 a.m. okey.. now 9 a.m. i want breakfast. this is situated around KL Central at morning. now we here around KL Central at ABC Bistro Cafe. i’m eat at Mamak. Want to taste this food. check out and want to walking around KL Central, NU Central too. And then go back home. now tea here. this is ”Roti Sardin” this is ”Roti Telur” my friends drink… Milo Ice my friend is written.. By the way sorry if this sounds not clear. …Because i use smartphone’s camera only. normally if low sound quality. just creat vlog for fun. i just want to look everyone that this place. KL Central, NU Central… eating around this area. i want eat first.. next we walk back. i can ask anything… this is my Hotel area… this is Hotel area… NU Central. besid Hotel is NU Central. i want check out and can go NU Central, KL Central. this place have some food. drink.. people like traveller Want to come KL. This is okey. So we come back Hotel okey… use lif. Now i’m at my room After this we want check out. …and go back home. So if i want come back i can go this. if you want you can book this room. at… no need to ask. this is the Hotel