Lounge Music Mix 2014
Enjoyed Mix Enjoyed is based in a sleepy town called
Soldridge in Hampshire. He makes electronic music; colourful, accessible and BIG. The tunes come from
a love of the House/Italo/Electro background that spawned 90s stadium dance legends Underworld and The Chemical
Brothers. Some bring in more poppy song structures and touch on the SMD/LCD/HotChip sphere. Others range
across through the Daniel Avery and Fort Romeau’s dancefloor gold into the more interesting end of
poppy territory (Sky Ferreira, Charlie XCX). In the last year, he’s just got better and
better and received nods from Rob DaBank, Dummy, Guardian, FACT and more and Enjoyed has reworked
Hot Chip, Kisses, TVOTR and Yumi Zouma and, oh yes, Mark Morrison. He has released
a number of EPs and is now working on his debut album. Enjoyed will be playing
live this summer. http://www.enjoyedmusic.com/ lounge music october 2014 lounge music lounge music mix 2014 lounge music 2014 mix lounge music mix mix lounge music mix 2015 lounge music mix 2016 enjoyed enjoyed remix enjoyed mix shoes off shoes off remix shoes off mix enjoyed mix podcast dj mixes remix dance edm enjoyed shoes off lounge lounge mix lounge dj lounge mixes lounge music lounge tracks lounge podcast lounge 2014 lounge mix 2014music production degree music