This is zhèng dòu located on the third floor of IFC Mall. ‘zhèng dòu’ means ‘feel so good’ It’s run by the son of the owner of the ‘Ho heung ki’. It’s a popular place for Koreans, and there were a lot of locals in Hong Kong. The main menu here is Wonton noodles, Shumai, and Chili shrimp. There is Kimchi cuz many Korean come here, but it looks not taste so I don’t order it. Normally, the waiting line is long, but I didn’t wait around 4:30 p.m. Let’s start with a bottle of Tshingtao It’s the small size of Wonton noodles. It’s about as much as a large cup noodle. The soup is a little salty and has a lot of shrimp flavor. There’s a plump shrimp in the Wonton. Chili shrimp is a favorite menu for Koreans. This is Shumai, Dimseom with shrimp. Dim sum’s too full to split. Bill (HKD) : Chili shrimp 175, Wonton noodles, 45, Shumai 44, Tshingtao 42, tea 7, service charge 31.3 Total 344.3 HKD This is Ho heung ki at Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1. The owner is the father of the president of Zhèng dòu and the disciple of Mak Woon Chi, master of Wonton noodles. If you press people on the touchscreen below, and you get a number card, When it’s in order, the monitor shows numbers. Keep the carrier separate from one side. Ho heung ki got one star of Michelin guide. There are fewer tables. So one or two of you will join someone else. Wonton noodle is the main menu here. but I ordered Congee and dim sum. This is Congee with BBQ pork The piece of meat is too big for me to scoop it up with a spoon. Hagau looks chubby. Steamed bread with meat is also sweet, delicious. There is plump shrimp in the Hagau Meat and chewy bread go well together. It tastes a little bit like black bean sauce Bill (HKD) : Congee 68, Hagau 50, tea 5,steamed bread withe meat 40, service charge 16.3 Total 179.3 HKD