(Welcome to JYPBOB)
Wow, it’s JYP food! – Yes~ JYPBOB!
– This is… You shouldn’t read it as JYPBOB – It’s home food(JYPBOB)!
– [Hwa Jung] Oh, home meal~! [Do Yeon] Oh, that’s why
the logo is a house (Yes, it’s ‘The house you live in’)
[Hwa Jung] Home food~ (Yes, it’s ‘The house you live in’)
[Young Ja] Is the concept of home food? – [Jin Young] Yes
– [Eun I] Wow, that’s awesome (Have you heard of it)
(JYP Home BOB Meal) [Jin Young] The trainees! I saw that they
were always eating junk food! [Jin Young] Since they’re in primary and
middle school, what they eat is important Nothing else really mattered… other than feeding them well! So! There are times when we
can’t get organic ingredients! We use all we can and when we can’t,
we still use eco-friendly products! If we can’t find eco-friendly products,
we use pesticide-free and antibiotic foods! [Kim Sook] You have levels like that? (These are home food visuals) [Jin Young] But the main ingredients
all come with an organic food mark! [K-FOOD MUKBANG] (Unnies’ JYP BOB feast) [Kim Sook] Go! You should go first! [Hwa Jung] Multigrain rice! I’m going to go with multigrain rice (Nervous for some reason)
[Hwa Jung] Oh~ Yes! [Eun I] Oh, that sounds good
I’m also going with multigrain rice [Do Yeon] There’s white rice
and multigrain rice As expected, you’re going with both Of course! We have to go with both! The pumpkin porridge looks good! – I’m going to try the pumpkin porridge!
– Would you like some pumpkin porridge? – Yes, please
– Pumpkin porridge~ Is this how we’re doing it? The food is unlimited, right? – Yes
– We can keep eating? Yes [Young Ja] It’s nicely presented! [Kim Sook] Can you believe this~ (Traffic jam occurs)
[Kim Sook] Should I put it here? [Eun I] Hurry up and get going!? Wow, what’s this!? Wow, this looks really good! (Hottest food these days, soy sauce eggs)
[Young Ja] Soft-boiled eggs! (After filling their tray,
they quickly move on) Wow, blue crab stew! Wow! Blue crab stew! Wow, they even have
blue crab stew! Blue crab stew~ – Wow~ This is the real deal!
– Wow, this is the real deal This is crazy, it’s crazy! Wow, blue crab stew, that’s amazing! Blue crab stew is so rare to
see and it’s only 4,000 won? – Look at this~
– Wow, what’s this!? [Kim Sook] Wow, what is this?
Is it pork belly? The ham they use here
is probably really good quality – I have to try it
– Yes, let’s try it – Wow~
– Wow, what’s this? – [Kim Sook] There are lots of sauces!
– Hey, this is what Young Ja likes! (It’s Young Ja’s love, fried chicken) (Can you see how good the chicken looks?)
[Kim Sook] Young Ja will really like this They’re in big trouble,
nowhere to put the food! [Eun I] I don’t have anywhere
to put it, what do I do? Oh, this is… Oh wow~ So much food,
the table legs will break~ The table legs will break~ (Now that their dishes are full,
let’s go eat) Thank you for the meal, JYP~ Wow, the blue crab stew is amazing This is real home food, isn’t it? [Kim Sook] There are places where you get blue crabs
with nothing but water in them But if you see, these are full of meat [Do Yeon] And they’re big in size too! [Kim Sook] It’s a full meal (Starting off with the soup) (This is it♥) People think (organic food) will be boring
and not tasty, but that’s not true at all! You can’t hold back on ingredients! [Young Ja] The clams and
blue crabs make up the flavor! Why do people think this will be bland?
It’s so good! (Pumpkin porridge)
I don’t know what to eat first (♥Delicious♥)
[Eun I] It’s so good! [Kim Sook] Wow, the pumpkin
porridge is so good! I don’t usually like pumpkin
porridge but this is so good! Wow, wow! Hurry up and try this!
The meat is so delicious! What is this meat!
(So delicious it made her mad) [Eun I] It’s so delicious! Let’s eat slowly and for a long time! – Okay~
– [Kim Sook] Let’s eat till they close! (Everyone, JYP BOB!
Have we sated your curiosity♥?) (Suddenly gets up) (Walks away somewhere) (Is he gone?) Let’s eat while Jin Young isn’t around! (Suddenly gets a lot faster) (Anyone knows why they’re like this?)
[Eun I] Eat up when he isn’t here! If we want to hear him talk later,
we have to eat now! I tried the meat, and it’s tender – [Kim Sook] Really?
– Hey, hurry up and eat! It’s not just meat, there’s also
broccoli and mushrooms! There’s no time to talk right now
Hurry up and eat while Jin Young is gone The soybean paste sauce is really good! (Falters) Jin Young is coming, eat slowly! Jin Young is coming, eat slowly! It’s like a skit You can’t have meat without wine We’re drinking wine~? I suddenly feel like I’ve become Suzy (Momentary silence) So you’re saying this is your pay-off – Yes, this is my pay-off!
– A pay-off! [Hwa Jung] It’s not that I’m like Suzy,
this is just my pay-off! Look at this wine glass~ It’s so sexy! [Young Ja] Look at Jin Young (Suddenly feels like Paris (feat.wine)) Look over here One, two, three!
(Take photos when you still have lipstick) (I’m going to eat all of this) (After taking a photo together
They diligently ate a lot…☆)