Everyone is filled with excitement in anticipation of the holidays I am really looking forward to this part This part is the part I was most looking forward to in this trip For this part below, I chose a night flight Finally I’m here I always wanted to visit the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong They have unlimited har gow, wonton noodles and fish ball pho. I even want to eat them now by just thinking about it But the one in Hong Kong is so expensive. I can not afford it at the moment Let me try the one in Heathrow first Let’s get started and see what food I can find It’s almost christmas. Most food in the buffet section is very christmasy They have christmas pudding, mince pie, turkey and this one I forgot the name. Pigs in blankets The cutlery looks so strange especially the knife. This part is so short. I don’t know how to use it. So strange. The turkey is so firm. It would taste better if they cut it thinner. But I thought there would be many asian food in the cathay pacific lounge like the Singapore airlines lounge They have congee, char away teow and fried noodles But it doesn’t have them The food in the buffet section is mostly British If you want asian food, you need to go to the noodle bar Oh Its very Hong Kong like. Chinese mix with western The design of the lounge looks just a like Hong Kong-style diner, especially with the booths I have just ordered something from the noodle bar and I’m waiting for it now Let me try the har gow Actually there are har gow in Hong Kong but I don’t know why it is more exciting while having har gow in the lounge why would they stick to each other come on come on! let me try it first The filling is ok but the skin is a bit slimy It doesn’t have a whole prawn in it. I’m a bit disappointed with it Spring roll. It tastes normal Let me try the dan dan noodles which I looked forward too the most The soup is so thick. There’s loads of peanut sauce with the noodles It’s more like a dry noodle dish with peanut butter If you like peanut butter, you will probably like this The peanut butter is so so so so so thick I’m regret a little that I have ordered this. It might make me too full Luckily, everything is a small portion I have arrived in the British airways lounge. It is so dark here. There are only a few sandwiches It is not just because it’s in terminal 3. Terminal 5 is also similar. I cannot stay in BA lounge anymore. It was packed. And we are now in No.1 lounge You can have made to order food here You can pay to access it and it costs £40 But I don’t think it’s worth £40 Climax today-Qantas lounge! The brand new lounge is made for its new route, London to perth It uses 787-9 dreamliner It takes around 17 hours It is the second longest route in the world This lounge has two floors Downstairs is a restaurant and Gin bar Their original plan was to open in march This was delayed, delayed, delayed, Constant delays Its been open since 28th November The new lounge is very attractive Not many people have used it so it still looks new Not many know about it so its quite empty No matter you’re working or eating, its comfortable The nicest little thing they have is the scones Even BA doesn’t have scones and Qantas lounge has them Let me try whether they are tasty or not. The scone is a bit hard and dry. It looks like what Americans call ‘biscuits’. It would be better if its not that dry, then I would not stop eating them. Because my favourite british food is scones It makes me full of happiness and it feels posh to have scones in the lounge Let me try the soup The serving bowl of the soup I forgot the brand It is very popular and heavy It uses that one I almost cannot lift up the lid Let me try it first It is as thick as baby food It should be a creamy soup and of course not taste like its from a can I don’t normally visit the toilet but this is new of course I have to come and have a look see Ok lets have a look of the toilet Theres a circular mirror, its hanging by a belt And heres normal stuff I appreciate the use of marble in the toilet again Although its a tiny toilet its been made to a higher class Heres the whole body mirror Please click like and subscribe if you like this video If anyone has a lounge they recommend Or you know any lounge you want to see, please leave a comment If theres no issues then the next video will be a travel vlog Where I’m going now will be a secret If you don’t want to miss it, click the notification bell please I’ll will see you guys in the near future, bye bye~