Hotel del Luna spoiler alert! The final episode of Hotel del Luna got finally aired! I honestly thought of a sad ending But also was hoping a happy ending So it was a depressing final episode for me. First of all, the tie between Ku Chan-seong and Jang Manwol which I had been talking about every time got revealed in the final episode When Jang Manwol was in a critical crisis previously, Ku Chan-seong and his dad found her and saved her life And I suppose she was being taken care of by them for a while. When I first watched the show, I found it weird that Ku Chan-seong’s dad appeared to be a thief in the current world. Also found it confusing that he didn’t appear to be a bad guy Now that I think about it, it was the paste bait to tell us about Jang Manwol’s past but I didn’t know it at the moment. Afterwards, Jang Manwol stays with Ku Chan-seong’s dad’s gang And grows up to be the gang leader, I suppose. When they first found Jang Manwol, They wouldn’t have just left the young child only after saving her life. If they did just leave, Ku Chan-seong would’ve been like “Nooo.” And Ku Chan-seong in the past also went abroad to study just like he did in the current world And become to be separated from Jang Manwol, I suppose. In this episode, Jang Manwol lost her memory about Go Chung-myung at Yudo Bridge And came back to Del Luna keeping the memory about Ku Chan-seong as she promised him. However, as God Mago started brewing new alcohol to find an owner of the new hotel, And says no one will come to Del Luna anymore since Del Luna energy is gone. Jang Manwol can feel that it is actually the moment for her to leave so she started preparing for the breakup. She always left her photos at the moon thinking that people around her are just people who are passing by Without leaving any photo of herself with them. But she finally starts feeling about how precious they are. So she takes photos with them hoping to remember at least those people who she’s with at the last minute of her life. But these photos go missing as well. Jang Manwol’s life goes more miserable after the flower at Wolyeong water fell off than her life when she was trapped in Hotel del Luna for 1300 years. As she said she never knew she was gonna be in love every again, Her life finally began to look like it was gonna be like other humans’ life But the setting where she had to go back to the afterlife leaving everyone behind with the hotel closed Was even more cruel than not being able to die for 1300 years. Even if they said her time was not over but just paused… Why won’t they just let her live her life as a human for the time left for like 1300 years as the flower at Wolyeong water fell off? If I were Jang Manwol and knew the ending to be like this, I wouldn’t have visited the moon in the first place. But apart from my viewpoint, Jang Manwol was such a strong person in the show. It shows how she cross the Yudo bridge after saying bye to Ku Chan-seong Then she smiles as she looks back. There was only one time before when she smiled like this. Just as she smiled when she was happy in the past, she lets everything down like her sin, burden and relationships Then she leaves for the afterlife after crossing the Yudo bridge losing all her memory in this world. She would’ve reminisced all her past while crossing the bridge. As she felt how she was losing her memory one by one, The last memory of hers which she never wanted to lose and keep forever would’ve been left for the last. And she also would’ve looked back on the path she’s gone through. She didn’t look back at all even when she was saying bye to Ku Chan-seong, But she looked back before she had to leave her very last memory And I think the last happy memory Rather than regrets and sadness made her smile. I think the character with the most detailed description in the show was Ku Chan-seong. The show’s description over the character was even worshippable. God Mago gave him several chances. He gave him the chance to live as a normal human with the spiritual eyes closed But he didn’t finally eat the pills with the thought that Jang Manwol needed him. In the 15th episode, he also sent Ku Chan-seong back to Joseon dynasty to find Wolyeongcho To give him a chance to live with Jang Manwol happily during the time left for himself. When we see how Ku Chan-seong looked back on his way to the last Wolyeong water, it pretty much seems like he was agonizing a lot too But Jang Manwol had 200 more years to live And even if himself stayed in Joseon dynasty with her to fall in love with her again Himself as a human would die soon and Jang Manwol would be left alone with tremendous sorrow. To Jang Manwol who still had her grudge about the past, He wouldn’t have wanted to leave her another burden just for the sake of himself. When we see the last breakup of Ku Chan-seong and Jang Manwol, We can see Ku Chan-seong who was trying so hard not to cry hugging Jang Manwol And secretly crying when she couldn’t see his face. But he still just secretly wipes away his tears to show her everything’s alright To let her leave with comfort. He wouldn’t have wanted to be remembered with his crying face to Jang Manwol for the last memory. Ku Chan-seong is such a person. Rather than to see other people getting hurt and sad, He’d rather endure all the pain and pressure by himself. He’s someone like a deep-rooted tree stronger than the Wolyeong water. In the 16th episode, he got asked if he wanted to cut his connection with Jang Manwol but he even turned it down. Because he believed that he would someday meet her again to be happy with her as long as their ties are connected. This hope of Ku Chan-seong got showed right before the epilogue. Kim Seon-bi who’s jogging in the park with the lovely weather. Meanwhile the scenes of the mistress having her time with her pet, Ji Hyun-joong enjoying his time in his school uniform, and Jang Manwol meeting Ku Chan-seong again appear. There are a lot of talks about whether this is a dream or a scene of their next lives, I think it’s Ku Chan-seong’s imagination. The book he was reading at this moment is ‘Being and Time’. I have to talk about this book to talk about the ending, but it’s a very hard book with a lot of things in it, and also I can’t guarantee that my insights on the book is entirely correct, so I’ll just briefly tell you my opinion. Firstly, the key of that book ‘Being and Time’ is a principle called ‘Dasein’. It is an addition of time to something that’s called human in the past. So, it means it exists currently. And it’s an expression of my existence in the current point of time, in terms of temporality. Please hang in there for a second even if you don’t know what I’m talking about and want to turn off the video. I’ll take some examples for you to understand better. To return to the context, the temporality here is not the past, present, future, but 3 other principles called ecstasy, outside-of-itself, of futural projections. The last few words that cause headache would be, time is infinite, but temporality is finite. That’s our lives. To explain it simply, Manwol in front of Chan-seong is a being in the present that’s put into Chan-seong And the moments of her living and suffering, until she appeared before him, is the past of Manwol that came to him. But as her time flows and del Luna closes, she will leave him. That will make Manwol a dasein for Chan-seong, but if the meaning of dasein called Manwol is present in Chan-seong’s memory, it means that they will transcend over the principles of temporality and being, they are forever being together. It’s a sad ending if you think it is, but with these philosophical meanings, and the last bit of smile of Manwol, you can think it as a happy ending. But the last prologue was a huge disappointment for me. It’s not about the ending being sad or happy, but for the viewers who would have watched the drama with this kind of bitter hearts, Kim Soohyun’s appearance at the end, for me, was like I am forced to erase Ku Chan-seong and Jang Manwol from my head. To be honest I don’t think there will be a season 2, so if there’s no season 2 confirmed and they write this kind of epilogue, I don’t think the writers themselves love their characters. As a lover of American dramas, one drama which I think can never be criticized in terms of characterization is Orange is the New Black. In this drama, every character is significant. Even if they get retired from the drama, we can feel the love for them from their writers. Of course, the writers can’t do such for every single character in every single drama, but at least what I felt at the end was this. Forget everything and be amazed by Kim Soohyun. Expect a lot for season 2! Something along the line. Of course it was cool. And I appreciate that they didn’t forget these 3 of the hotel at the end. Although Ji Hyun-joong’s story was a bit flat, Kim Seon-bi’s story was very impressive. The fact that he wrote ancient fictions such as Heungbu and Choonhyang stories, is a very innovative idea that can even be used in movies. But remember what Manwol said? Do you trust his words? It was a good story, not so serious, del Luna-like. And at the last episode, I just had to applaud for the mistress’ story. I never knew the abolition of thee system on the head of family would be in the drama. Let’s not consider the political views. The story where from her point of view, she could never expect such thing during her time, but the fact that it was taken to be a part of her story, really deserved some applause. By the line which goes, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’s my child, she realized. Her real spite was not to curse Mayor Yoon, but to seek redemption for her daughter. Right. The drama ended. Thank you so much for the viewers who watched the reviews. It’s not a bombastic kind of reviews, but I felt pleased as many people liked them. It’s my second time doing a series of reviews after GoT, I guess it would be great to do such series for every decent drama. I prefer dramas to movies as they are longer. I watch every single drama at least for 2 episodes, and till the end for those I find them fun, so I do watch a lot. I also like to talk a lot on the topic of dramas, so please leave your comments if there happen to be any drama that you want to talk with me. I’m not sure with which drama I’ll be back, but I’ll make sure I’ll review Signal season 2, so don’t unsubscribe because del Luna ended. I hope I can talk with you for other dramas. It’s time to finish off. I was so happy to watch Hotel del Luna with you. I’ll be back with a new, good drama. That has been Uppercut. Thank you.